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Institution Profile

Allianze University College Of Medical Sciences (AUCMS)


The ALLIANZE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE of Medical Sciences is an established University College that specialises in Medicine and Allied Health Sciences courses. As Meducationists - experts in medicine, education and professionalism - we are committed to transforming our students into dedicated and passionate medical professionals whose quest is to enrich the lives of others.

Our philosophy is encapsulated in our tagline "Ideas Beyond Science". By inspiring new generations to ally their acquired scientific knowledge with creative insights, they will be better skilled to do their part in trying to make life better for all of us.

ALLIANZE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE of Medical Sciences was established in 2002 as the premier meducationist in Malaysia. We have journeyed through milestones and challenges with our philosophies in medicine, education and professionalism, to bring improvement to lives with ideas beyond science. Our founder is Professor Dato' Dr Zainuddin Md Wazir, a professional cardiothoracic surgeon who is renowned in his field. He has contributed significantly to the medical industry, including setting up a modern heart centre at the Penang General Hospital.

Together with Professor Dato' Dr Zainuddin Md Wazir, various professional doctors who are current practitioners in the fields of medicine and science have also given their support to the growth and expansion of ALLIANZE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE of Medical Sciences. As a team, they are dedicated to the progress of the ALLIANZE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE of Medical Sciences new medical city campus. With belief and involvement of the medical community, we look towards building another chapter of history for ideas and their conception.

We strive to expand the possibilities of medical exploration through our mission of developing ideas beyond science in medicine through both conventional and modern chemistry. Our drive to achieve breakthroughs in this field is encouraged from all parties who work together with us including our students, meducators, partners, vendors and the community in which we operate.

Knowledge improves lives and creates more opportunities for creative ideas. We equip our people with expandable quality education and make sure we share our expertise with everyone who needs it, thus sparking a catalyst for change.

With integrity and ethics, we serve the world and the environment with creative ideas without compromising on our responsibilities. We intend to groom future medical professionals to heal lives through compassionate human touch.

With an infinite flow of life changing ideas, our vision is to be the top meducationist throughout the nation and the world by the year 2015.

We dedicate ourselves to offer medical excellence and life-long learning opportunities for health and health care professionals in Malaysia, Asean countries and other Asia Pacific nations.

Providing ethical studies of philosophies that encompass medicine, education and professionalism, it will be our ultimate achievement to inspire medical science breakthroughs with students who live and learn from their love of life.

Programme Outline

ALLIANZE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Of Medical Sciences offers undergraduate (foundation, diploma and degree) and graduate studies in the following programs :

Degree and Postgraduate

  • Doctor of Medicine-Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (MD-UKM) KPT/JPS/(PA 10615)07/14
  • Doctor of Medicine- Universitas Sumatera Utara (MD USU) KPT/JPS/(A3632) 02/12
  • Doctor of Medicine- Allianze University College of Medical Sciences(MD AUCMS)N/721/6/0007
  • Bachelor Degree in Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics in Collaboration with National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) KPT/JPS/(PA10351)08/15
  • Bachelor of Degree in Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics in Collaboration with University College Cork, Ireland (UCC) KPT/JPS/(PA 11055) 08/15

Diploma Programs

  • Diploma in Medical Sciences KPT/JPS(PA9121)03/13
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy KPT/JPS(A6902)
  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology KPT/JPS(PA8492)03/13
  • Diploma in Pharmacy KPT/JPS(PA6000)12/10
  • Diploma in Nursing KPT/JPS(PA6033)02/11
  • Diploma in Healthcare Management (N/720/4/0006)
  • Diploma in Environmental Health (N/720/4/0005)

Foundation Programs

  • Foundation in Medical Studies KPT/JPS(A5999)09/13

Academic Facilities & Resources

Our new medical city campus at Bertam, Penang is equipped with various facilities and its surrounding grounds. We intend to continue expanding with additional facilities and student accommodation in the future including our new campuses in Kulim, Kedah, Kangar, Perlis, Taiping, Perak and other locations.

Our Future

ALLIANZE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE of Medical Sciences dedicates its life to enriching lives, via the field of medicine. Soon it will be at the heart of a rapidly developing medical centre, where it will offer medical excellence and life-long learning opportunities for health care professionals in Malaysia, ASEAN countries and other Asia Pacific nations. Its ultimate achievement will be to inspire medical breakthroughs from its army of life-loving, k-generation students.

At ALLIANZE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE of Medical Sciences, medical breakthroughs are the result of quality education and innovative technology.Partnerships with top notch academic institutions, agencies and organisations will strengthen its stance as a meducationist, and open more doors for medical exploration. Each day at ALLIANZE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE of Medical Sciences is a constant quest for ideas beyond science.


Quality student residences and recreation facilities provide comfortable accommodation :

  • Student Community Residences
  • Clubhouse
  • Student Centre
  • Sports

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Full loans or sponsorship's from PTPTN or MARA are available for eligible students :

  • Minimum requirement for PTPTN loan eligibility : PTPTN Terms and Condition
  • Minimum requirement for MARA sponsorship eligibility: MARA Terms and Condition

Recognition & Achievements

In line with our growth and expansion plans, we will constantly offer more medical programmes for students. Having obtained approval from the Ministry of Higher Education, and accreditation from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, the knowledge we provide is expandable - students can choose to continue studying with us upon completion of a diploma or work at one of our quality hospitals for hands-on experience.

Address :
Allianze University College Of Medical Sciences (AUCMS)
Waziria Medical Square
Jalan Bertam 2, Mukim 6
13200 Kepala Batas
Pulau Pinang
Tel : 604-5780 898
Fax : 604-5780 868
Website :

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