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Institution Profile

Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College (KLMU)


The Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College gained recognition as a university college in 2006 from the Ministry of Education due to its dedication in providing affordable quality education.

The institution practises the practicality of hands-on training as a teaching medium where learning becomes experience and has also recognised the importance of technology and its influence on 21st century youths. This led to the institutions' inclination towards multimedia-based conduit as its educational approach to teaching.

With a 20-year history, KLMU is also one of the longest serving private institution of higher learning and has enjoyed steady growth over the years.

Mission & Vision

  • To provide affordable quality education to as many as possible
  • To provide a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical learning in all programmes to prepare graduates for future employment
  • To produce graduates with appropriate technical skills with integrity in addition to possessing an analytical mindset as a workforce capable of independence and teamwork
  • To employ innovation that encourages learning while ensuring that graduates realise their fullest potential with transferable skills and proficiency in their industry

Academic Strengths

Based on the Institution's motto of "Real World Practice", KLMU values Experience integrated with Academic Qualifications. The majority of KLMU's educators, professors and lecturers are recognised for their industrial experience and are familiar with real world practices.

Every instructor responsible for teaching and training students are required to have a minimum of 5 years' working experience. Based on practicality, students are taught to become a part of a competitive workforce rather than a grade application scholar.

To ensure that students receive the fullest educational benefit from KLMU, the institution has discarded the use of whiteboards and has favoured multimedia applications based methods to train and coach students.

KLMU emphasises the use of videos, animations and graphics to coach students. This will further enable the students to visualise the programme concept while providing a better understanding to the subjects.

Programme Outline

The institution covers a diverse range of academic programmes with seven faculty curricula. These include the Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology, Faculty of Business Management, Faculty of Art & Design, Faculty of Media Studies, Faculty of Built Environment, Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism and Faculty of Health Sciences.

These faculties cover almost 50 programmes from certificate to postgraduate levels under the guidance of experienced educators with industrial familiarity.

Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism
The Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism focuses on a service-based industry for hotels, eateries and tourism that offers diploma and bachelor courses in Hotel Management, Tourism Management, Pastry Arts, Culinary Arts, Hotel & Restaurant Management as well as Hotel & Convention Management.

Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology
The Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology offers diploma and bachelor courses in Telecommunication Technology, Information Technology, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Information Technology, Electronic Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

Faculty of Art & Design
The Faculty of Art & Design offers diploma courses in Computer Graphic Design, Multimedia Application, Product Design and Fashion Design. For the Bachelor of Arts courses, the faculty offers Graphic Design and Multimedia.

Faculty of Business & Management
The Faculty of Business & Management courses focuses in training graduates to work in a corporate environment. These include recruitment, event organisation, entrepreneurship and sales. The faculty offers diploma courses in Event Management, E-Business, E-Secretaryship, Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Business Management and Human Resource Management. The bachelor courses consist of Business & Entrepreneurship Development, E-Business, Accounting & Finance, Marketing as well as Administrative Management.

Faculty of Media Studies
The Media Studies faculty offers diploma level courses in Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising & Marketing Communications and Broadcasting & Film.

Faculty of Health Sciences
The faculty offers diploma level courses in Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Technology, Environmental Health, Occupational Therapy, Medical Imaging Physiotherapy and Nursing.

Faculty of Built Environment
The Built Environment faculty offers courses in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design.

Certified Career Specialist Programme (CCSP)
This professional certification programmes cover CCSS (Certified Computer Software Specialist), CBDS (Certified Business Development Specialist), Certified Digital Design Specialist (CDDS) and Certified Computer Network Specialist (CCNS). The CCSP professional programmes are specifically designed for diploma and degree holders. The courses enables specialist training that provide training that includes advanced networking equipment and related software as well a providing exposure to real world practice in commercial computer networking environment.

Academic Facilities & Resources

KLMU has established a myriad of academic facilities and resources for its students which include :

  • Classroom Lectures
    - Lecture rooms
    - Mini Auditorium
    - Conference Room
  • Studio Facilities
    - Photography Studio
    - Film & Broadcasting Studio
    - Graphic Design Studio
    - Interior Design Studio
    - Architecture Studio
  • Laboratories
    - Skills Laboratory
    - Medical Laboratory
    - Physiotherapy Laboratory
  • Occupational Therapy Laboratory
    - Science Laboratory
    - Occupational Simulation Facilities
    - Hospital Simulation Wards
    - Hospitality Training Rooms
    - Practical Rooms for Hotel Operations
    - Culinary Arts Facilities (Training Kitchen & Pastry Kitchen)
    - Student-Operated Cafés
  • Student Facilities & Resource Centres
    - Computer Labs
    - Library
    - Cyberzone
    - Cafeteria
    - Gymnasium

Student Support Services & Student Development Activities

Students at KLMU are nurtured within a multi-cultural environment to prepare them for a successful future. The university invested millions of Ringgit to ensure that the students are familiar with modern technology and equipment to prepare them for the real world.

Student Accommodation Support
KLMU students have commented that the institution's accommodation facilities fulfilled the criteria for conducive living that included convenient transport locations with close proximity to amenities such as shops, a mosque, restaurants, and clinics. Students can reach KLMU and CICT via the Light Rail Transit (LRT), bus shuttle and taxi services with its available transportation points around the accommodation area.

Security at the Hostel Security
Students' security is a priority as it allows students the complete focus in their studies. Hostels premises are manned by trained security guards for 24 hours daily. The hostel accommodation provides students with the opportunity to interact with other fellow students. This encourages the students to develop communication skills and teamwork. Male and female students are housed separately.

International Student Services
The International Student Office is committed in delivering support and assistance to international students during their studies here. Our office has welcomed students from different countries and served various nationalities who became more than just students. We strongly believe in giving our international students an experience they could proudly bring home and to share those wonderful moments with their friends and family. This will further cultivate a good impression in regards to Malaysia and its citizens.

Other services include immigration matters, currency exchange and banking, international student registration procedures and airport transportation.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

The institution STRONGLY believes in the principle whereby "Everyone can study" and thus dedicated itself in providing education accessible to everyone.

Student financial aid is available in the form of loans from PTPTN and MARA.

Under the PTPTN study loan programme, the KLMU Student Affairs Department will assist the students in application and verification of the loan.

The Student Affairs Department is responsible for checking and verification of all financial aid documents. PTPTN will provide the financial resources for students.

The institution has already allocated RM350 million for the purpose-built campus in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur. Scheduled for completion in 2013, this strategically located campus is approximately 10 minutes away from the KL city centre. International learners will consist of 45% of the student population to ensure a global educational experience. The campus can comfortably accommodate 4,000 students as residents at its hotel-styled condominiums.

Address :
Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College (KLMU)
International Student Department
Ground Floor, Wisma Sachdev, 16-2, Jalan Raja Laun
50350 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan
Tel : 03-2694 2300
Fax : 03-2691 0400
Website :

Institution Profile

Courses Available

Courses available. For details, click here.
Areas of Study:

  • Pre-university / University Foundation studies
  • Education (Teacher Training & Education Sciences)
  • Accounting
  • Audio-visual Techniques & Media Production
  • Mass Communication
  • Business & Administration
  • Computing
  • Engineering & Engineering Trades
  • Medicine & Healthcare
  • Medical Diagnostic & Treatment Technology
  • Hotel & Travel

Student Testimonials

Abdullah Muamar Ali Najem, Libya
Diploma in Information Technology

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Key Personnel

Y. Bhg. Dato’ Idrus bin Mohd. Satha

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