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Institution Profile

International University College of Technology Twintech (IUCTT)

Background of Institution

The International University College of Technology Twintech (IUCTT) established in 1994 has a remarkable reputation locally and internationally. From humble beginnings IUCTT has progressively become one of the leading providers of Higher Education in Malaysia.

Armed with a track record of 12 years in the higher education arena, the string of awards received over the past years bears testimony to IUCTT's tacit reputation in the Malaysian education system.

What Makes Us Special?
IUCTT's high-calibre lecturers from local and abroad have minimum Master's degrees with excellent credentials and related industrial experiences from various fields. The pivotal aspect of IUCTT's key success is the small ratio of lecturer to students (approximately 1: 20).

All IUCTT's range of courses are fully recognised, approved and regulated by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia, surpassing the minimum standard and accreditation by the National Accreditation Board (LAN - Lembaga Akreditasi Negara).

A number of IUCTT's programmes are collaborated and quality monitored by prestigious universities and bodies like University of Wales Newport (UWN) UK; Edexcel International which affiliates itself with BTEC-HND UK; Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) UK; Glasgow Caledonian University Scotland; assessed and assisted by Allied Certification Services (ACS) - an International Certification Body of Australia-New Zealand (compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2000, which includes all the Faculties and Centre of Studies and all Administrative and Service Departments in IUCTT).

Programme Outline

IUCTT's courses, ranging from Certificates to Masters, emphasise on practical learning, focusing on seven main areas of study, namely:

  • Faculty of Architecture & Built Environment
    • Bachelor
      • Bachelor of Architecture (Hons)
      • Bachelor of Quantity Surveying (Hons) (*)
    • Diploma
      • Diploma in Architectural Studies (*)
      • Diploma in Quantity Surveying BTEC
      • BTEC-HND in Construction
  • Faculty in Business & Finance
    • Masters in Business Administration
    • Bachelor
      • BBA (Hons.) International Business
      • BBA (Hons) Technology Management
      • BBA( Hons) Marketing
      • BBA (Hons) Finance
      • BBA (Hons) Banking
      • Bachelor of Accounting (Hons.)
    • Diploma
      • Diploma in Islamic Banking
      • Diploma in Takaful
      • Diploma in Accounting
      • Diploma in Technology Management
      • Diploma in Business Administration
      • Diploma in Investment Analysis
      • Diploma in Marketing
  • Faculty of Engineering & Industrial Technology
    • Bachelor
      • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Electronic and Instrumentation Systems
      • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Mechatronics
      • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Mechanical & Manufacturing
    • Diploma
      • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (*)
      • Diploma in Electronic Engineering
      • Diploma Mechatronic Engineering
      • Diploma in Civil Engineering
      • BTEC-HND in Electronic Engineering
      • BTEC-HND in Mechanical Engineering
  • Faculty of Multimedia & Creative Technology
    • Bachelor
      • Bachelor of Multimedia
      • Bachelor of Computer Animation (Hons)
    • Diploma
      • Diploma in Multimedia
      • Diploma in Digital Graphics
      • Diploma in Computer Animation
      • Diploma in Videography
  • Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology
    • Bachelor
      • BSc(Hones) in Computing
      • BSc (Hons) in Business Information Technology
      • BSc (Hons) in Computer Science
      • B.IT (Hons) in Business Information Technology
    • Diploma
      • Diploma in Software Engineering
      • Diploma in Business Information Technology
      • Diploma in Computer Science
    • BTEC-HND
      • BTEC-HND in Computing
      • BTEC-HND in Business Information Technology
  • Faculty of Health Science and Medicine (FHSM)
    • Bachelor
      • Bachelor of Optometry (Hons)


Facilities include WI-FI Campus area that allows students to access the Internet anywhere in the Campus vicinity, Computer Labs, Physics Lab, Language Labs, Engineering Labs, Engineering & Machinery Workshops, Multimedia Computer Studios, Architectural Design Studios, Lecture Theatre, air-conditioned classrooms (capacity 30 students), Discussions Rooms, Well-stocked Library and Resource Centre, Optometry Eye Clinic (Twintech Vision Care or TVC), Prayer Rooms and Cafeterias.

A sophisticated Biotech Lab to conduct practical and research of recombinant DNA Technology, Cell Culture etc, is planned.

Student Support & Student Development Activities
IUCCTT activities include 5 Sports Clubs, 2 Martial Arts Clubs, 2 Recreation Clubs, 3 Faculty Clubs and 3 Arts and Cultural Clubs. The Students Affairs Department and Student Counsellors handles all students' academic and personal matters.

International Marketing Business & Corporate Development
This one-stop-centre for all International Students handles all matters related to International Students like admissions, accommodation, registration, orientation, academic & personal advice and all immigration procedures matters.

Scholarship/Financial Aid
Students can apply for loans from sponsoring bodies such as PTPTN and Bank Rakyat.

Recognition & Achievements

  • 'University-College' status on 13 September 2003 by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia.
  • Some of the Partnership courses with the University of Wales, United Kingdom are audited by quality agencies under the auspices of the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), UK.
  • Many IUCTT's students have continued their academic excellence in UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Address :
International University College of Technology Twintech (IUCTT)
Blok E, Tingkat 5 - 6, Pst. Perdagangan Sri Damansara
Persiaran Industri, Bandar Sri Damansara
52200 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan
Tel : 603-6286 1200/603-6275 1110
Fax : 603-6274 7055
Website :

Institution Profile

Branches / Campuses

International University College of Technology Twintech (IUCTT), Bangi Campus
Jalan Bestari, Taman Universiti
43100 Kajang
Tel : 603-8734 2855
Fax : 603-8734 2844/603-8734 2203
Email : Click here to email

International University College of Technology Twintech (IUCTT), Kelantan Campus
Lot PT 265, Tingkat 1
Wisma Nik Kob, Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra
15200 Kota Bharu
Tel : 609-7412688
Fax : 609-7412686
Email : Click here to email

International University College of Technology Twintech (IUCTT), Sabah Campus
Lot No. 9AF01 - 9AF13, Kompleks Karamunsing
88300 Kota Kinabalu
Tel : +6088-265 282
Fax : +6088-265 284
Email : Click here to email

Email : Click here to email

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