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Study Malaysia Online Offer Information On Local Education

Jaring Internet Magazine, September 2001

Deciding what and where to study is like choosing a life partner, albeit a decision which will affect the rest of our life, whether we like it or not. The choice of our college and university and the course we pursue will ultimately determine our career path. Therefore, the sourcing of relevant and updated information is vital to make an informed decision. In this day and age of information communications technology, never has the process for information search been easier than through the Internet. For students who are at the crossroad of higher education, Challenger Concept and WebWay E Services offers you a one-stop online directory to Malaysian education via its website, Study Malaysia Online, which was initiated in 1998, recently underwent a major 'face-lift' and the revamped version was launched on 3rd September. Study Malaysia Online provides comprehensive information on various educational institutions in Malaysia, the courses offered, education financing, latest news in the education arena as well as personal biodata of individuals who have made a significant contribution in the local education industry. It features various private schools, colleges and universities, public universities, polytechnics and professional bodies in Malaysia. Students can obtain information on the educational providers they are interested in and check out the courses/programmes and facilities that these institutions offer. The revised website is more structured and user-friendly and allow students to have a more personalised access with a member's log-in feature. Registration is free and comes with a host of benefits such as an EduCart, advanced course search and a feedback column. Other additional highlights which add flavour to the site include sections on Career Guidance, Event Calendar, Hotlinks to the institution's homepage and a monthly "On Focus" column which spotlights a specific institution. Other pertinent sections in the website include edu-financing such as scholarships and study loans, study forum/discussions and current updates on the local education front (edu-news). International students will find relevant facts to help them assimilate information on the different educational institutions and courses offered. At the same time, they can learn more on Malaysia's background and its culture before stepping into the country as well as expected cost of education and living. By: Lusiana Adnin (Source:

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