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STUDY in MALAYSIA HANDBOOK (3rd International Edition)

Challenger Concept (M) Sdn Bhd, 2 October 2002

STUDY in MALAYSIA HANDBOOK (3rd International Edition)
-Bigger than the earlier editions
- More interesting write-ups
- Most-up-dated information and data

Objectives of Study in Malaysia Handbook

The Study in Malaysia Handbook  (3rd International Edition), one of the popular annual publications of Challenger Concept (M) Sdn Bhd, is the "one and only" comprehensive handbook of Malaysian education institutions targeting at international student market.

The book also complements the Government’s efforts in promoting Malaysia as a choice study destination to international students by promoting the vast international standard education that is available here. The Study in Malaysia Handbook (SMH) also contains numerous interesting articles that promote Malaysia as a tourist spot, and projects the country as ideal foreign investments in the education and other sectors.

This publication is recognized as a useful and effective printed publicity tool and it has gained the confidence and endorsement of various Governments' Ministries.
New Features in the 3rd International Edition (compared with previous 2 editions)

  1. Book with many languages
    In this 3rd edition, to enhance the internalization of this English language publication, a summary of the Malaysia profile and education system are written in 4 different national languages i.e., in Arabic, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia and Vietnamese. To reach out to a greater audience in the international market, the foreign language version of Study in Malaysia Handbook is now online and can be accessed via the following websites:
    - (Arabic version)
    - (Chinese version)
    - (Indonesian version)
    - (Vietnamese version)

    In addition, the latest information found in this Study in Malaysia Handbook is being updated in the most-sought-after online Malaysian education resource, which currently receiving close to 2 million hits per month.
  2. Postgraduate Studies
    In meeting the demand for post-graduate studies in Malaysia by international students, a special section of the book has been dedicated to Master’s and Ph.D programmes offered by some Public Universities, Private Universities and Private Colleges. To further promote post-graduate study opportunities and support the Government’s effort to increase the number of post-graduate students, both local and international, into Malaysian universities, the following website is under our construction and is expected to be launched by next month:
  3. More Interesting and Current Write-ups
     To keep abreast of the latest development, new chapters are included and existing chapters are updated :
    • Profile of Malaysia: Provides comprehensive facts on a Nation on the Move with its Fascinating, Fast-track Development
    • The Education System of Malaysia: Gives an overview of the System, types of institutions and higher education options
    • Education Authorities in Malaysia: Focuses on the Department of Private Education of the Ministry of Education (JPS)
    • Ensuring the Quality of Malaysian Private Education: Focuses on the National Accreditation Bard (LAN)
    • Routes to Getting a Degree: Admission requirements for Bachelor & Postgraduate Degrees
    • Affordable Education: Gives education cost comparisons and living expenses vis-à-vis other countries
    • Learning English: Talks about the courses available and convenience of picking-up the language since it is widely spoken in Malaysia
    • Entering Malaysia: Provides information on Immigration procedures and requirements
    • Associations of Educational Institutions: Provides interesting information on associations such as MAPCO, NAPEI and PKIBM
    • Profiles of Institutions: Briefly details the history, facilities, recognitions, programmes, etc. of the public and private education institutions
Profile of Study in Malaysia Handbook (SMH)

SMH is in its 3rd edition. This first of its kind publication was launched in 1999.

Since the SMH is an international edition, it is also widely seen as a marketing tool to promote Malaysia regionally and internationally as a "Centre of Educational Excellence". Through well-presented write-ups, the Handbook showcases the excellence of Malaysian education, with quality that is assured by the Government. The articles also promote the uniqueness of studying in Malaysia because of our rich cultural heritage, and the comparatively affordable costs. In this context, the SMH is also an anticipated publication by investors looking for viable education-related partnerships in Malaysia. The SMH is complemented by the highly popular website, which records an estimated 1.9 million hits per month.

"We have done in-depth research when writing the articles and updating the data with the aims of providing current and reliable information to the readers," said Mr MH Tan, Managing Director of Challenger Concept (M) Sdn Bhd, the publisher of the Handbook. "This high quality book is dedicated to the Malaysian education industry, and Challenger Concept is proud to be able to complement the Government’s efforts to promote our education internationally,quot; added Mr Tan.

In this context, SMH for the first time shows how is targeting its promotion of Malaysian education to specific countries. Mr Tan said that through Challenger Concept’s associated company Webway E-Services Sdn Bhd, they have launched language-specific websites targeting students in the Middle East, China, Vietnam and Indonesia. These websites contain the useful write-up and data from SMH but is written in Arabic, Mandarin, Vietnamese and Bahasa Indonesia respectively so that students in these targeted countries can easily digest the wealth of information from the SMH. Since their launch a few months ago, these websites have recorded thousands of hits from potential foreign students. The websites are;;; and
The SMH is now available at leading bookshops at RM33 per copy and is also on sale online through StudyMalaysia International Online Network.

The current edition of the SMH is 344 pages thick, and is packed with detailed information on various education matters. There are 6 public universities, 6 private universities, 3 foreign university branch campus and 41 established private colleges that are represented in the directory, thus offering a huge choice of institutions from which international students can pick which one offers them the best for their particular need or interest. In addition to the courses available, the directory also provides relevant information such as the profiles, programmes and accomplishments of these institutions, so students can get to better know their track record and reputation. Testimonials from past and present students add to the information package.

The SMH also contains various useful and in-depth write-ups, such as how the quality of Malaysian education is maintained; admission requirements for different courses; the pathways to getting a basic or postgraduate degree; etc..

SMH has been designed to be very user-friendly, and is divided into various sections for easy reference. These include the Profile of Malaysia section, Course Directory section; Education write-ups section; Addresses section; and Messages of Support section.

The Profile of Malaysia section is an extremely comprehensive overview article on Malaysia, which provides everything any foreigner would be interested in knowing, whether they are planning a short or long-term visit. The article covers interesting and recent information on numerous aspects – from the Malaysian economy to our rich cultural heritage; and from the transportation system and modern amenities to our world-acclaimed architecture and infrastructure.

Highlights from the sections include:

  • Course Index: Gives a full list of courses available, arranged by Areas of Study
  • Course Directory: Lists the courses available at the various types of institutions, for example, courses at public universities; private universities; branch campuses of foreign universities; private colleges; etc.
  • List of Approved Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia
  • Quick Search Index
  • The Education System of Malaysia: Overview of Education System and Higher Education Opportunities
  • Education Authorities in Malaysia: Department of Private Education of the Ministry of Education (JPS)
  • Ensuring the Quality of Malaysian Private Education: National Accreditation Board (LAN)
  • Routes to Getting a Degree: Entry requirements for First & Postgraduate Degrees
  • Affordable Education: Cost comparison expenses vis-à-vis other countries
  • Learning English: Courses that are available locally
  • Entering Malaysia: Hassle-free Immigration procedures for students
  • Associations of Educational Institutions: MAPCO, NAPEI and PKIBM
  • Profiles of Institutions: Academic strengths, facilities, programmes, etc. at public and private education institutions
  • useful contact to locate the various types of educational institutions in Malaysia as well as addresses of MATRADE overseas Trade Commissions, Overseas mission of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism Malaysia Overseas Offices for the benefit of international students
  • Letters of Congratulations and Endorsements of SMH from the Minister of Education; Minister of Culture, Arts & Tourism; Minister of International Trade & Industry; and Deputy-Director General of Education, Private Education Department
Widely Use of Study in Malaysia Handbook As an Gateway to Malaysia

As it has done in previous years, Challenger Concept is also giving complimentary copies of this indispensable guidebook on internationalized Malaysian education to various authorities, including:
  • the Ministry of Education for its international road-shows
  • MATRADE missions overseas, to help in their ‘selling’ education as a foreign exchange earner and promoting Malaysia as a country for foreign investment
  • the Culture, Arts and Tourism Ministry to help promote Malaysia as a place to visit and stay
  • various Embassies and Overseas Mission to promote the hassle-free entry requirements when coming to study in Malaysia

As background information, Challenger Concept was formed 10 years ago, and is the pioneer publisher of educational and training directories.

Our print publications comprise:
EDUCATION GUIDE MALAYSIA, first printed in 1993, and geared towards the local student market
, (International Edition), first printed in 1999, and geared to the global student market
, first printed in 1995, and geared towards the human resources training needs

Our online publications comprise:; launched in December 1998 and provides online resource for Malaysian and foreign students; launched in 2002 and written in Arabic text for the Middle-Eastern market; launched in 2002 in Mandarin to target overseas Chinese students; launched in 2002, in Vietnamese for Vietnamese students; launched in 2002, in Bahasa Indonesia for Indonesian students to come study in Malaysia; re-launched in 2000, providing information on skills and re-training courses for school leavers and working adults as well as employers looking for suitable courses to train their employees
Press release issued by Challenger Concept (M) Sdn Bhd.
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