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What is the Course-Interest-Test (CIT)?

Course Interest Test (CIT)

This useful CIT interest assessment tool is designed to help students like you explore your areas of study interests, subsequently guiding you in choosing a course that's the right fit for your further studies.

Course Interest Test (CIT)

The CIT consists of 121 quick-check questions that help students like you to identify your interests and abilities in relation to 27 fields of study.

Course Interest Test (CIT)

Derived from the Further Study Workbook – 27 Fields of Study, published by StudyMalaysia Sdn Bhd together with reference to other various sources on higher education course planning, this useful CIT tool has empowered numerous students, instilling them with confidence as they prepare for their tertiary education journey.

Course Interest Test (CIT)

This test helps you discover fields of study you may not have known about previously.

Course Interest Test (CIT)

This tool provides insight into your interests and helps you narrow down the numerous course options available, leaving only those that best suit you. If you're totally unsure about what course to study, this tool can provide you with some course options aligned with your preferences.

Course Interest Test (CIT)

After determining your field of study options, you can then move on with confidence to search for the right course to study at the higher education level.

Why take the CIT?

Exploring your options is key
The CIT helps you explore the 27 fields of study so that you’ll be able to find out which fields suit you best

Making the right decision just got easier
Taking the CIT will enable you to make an informed decision when choosing a course to pursue at college or university

You may discover a career you never thought of before
Because the CIT helps you explore careers by matching your interests and abilities to a particular field of study, this could be your chance to discover career options that you never thought of before

A good match means a higher chance at success
Students who choose a course that matches their interests are more likely to stick with it and finish their degree on time and more likely to be inspired to succeed

The test doesn’t take sides
Here’s your chance to find out what fields of study suit you best based entirely on your own answers, not the advice of others

The Course-Interest-Test is free for a limited time only
That’s right – here’s your chance to take the test FREE during our special promotional period

Who benefits from the CIT

Course Interest Test (CIT)


Planning for further studies? Students in secondary school, particularly those in Form 4, 5 and 6 (or Year 10,11 and 12) will benefit most from the CIT.

Course Interest Test (CIT)


Need to conduct career planning sessions? The CIT helps students explore their options on their own to make your counselling sessions more effective.

Course Interest Test (CIT)


Have you ever wished you could help your teen decide on a career? The CIT can help your child(ren) to discover what fields of study are a good match for them.

Course Interest Test (CIT)

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Course Interest Test (CIT)

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Course Interest Test (CIT)

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