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Talented Students Shine in The Rookie Awards 2021!

August 27, 2021 | Achievement News

Talented Students Shine in The Rookie Awards 2021!

The Rookie Awards is the world’s largest and most prestigious competition for aspiring creatives in games, animation, visual effects, immersive media, motion graphics and 3D visualisation. It is regarded as the most respected rankings for educational facilities that prepare artists for careers in the creative media and entertainment industries. This year saw a total of 4,104 entries from 569 schools across 98 countries compete for the coveted titles of being the very best.

Just recently, the Rookie Awards 2021 announced the winners of its five main contest groups – Rookie of the Year, Film of the Year, Game of the Year, Career Opportunities and Specialty - Young Guns. In these, The One Academy students had proven their worth and showcased outstanding artistry by clinching a slew of awards and recognitions.

A group of 17 students from The One Academy Penang were crowned ‘Winner’ of the Rookie of the Year - Immersive Media category, for their entry titled “Metres Away”. They are Justin Khaw Jia Min, Khaw Kai Xuan, Yeoh Shuh Hong, Lau Yu Hern, Lee Jie Yee, Chan Sue Lynn, Ng Chong Chun, Nelson Mak Kah Chun, Ch'ng Wen Xin Winni, Lee Xue Li, Chong Jian-Xiong, Lau Hui Ming, Lim Zhi Han, Lee Enhui, Effie Chan Yu Ting, Chong Jun Yo and Khong Yong Ting.

Talented Students Shine in The Rookie Awards 2021!

In addition, students Khoo Yun Ru and Ng Jo Ling also bagged the ‘People’s Choice’ award in the categories of Product Design and Immersive Media respectively, while Leong Zhi Ying was conferred the title of ‘Highly Commended’ and ‘People’s Choice’ for Film of the Year - Mobile category. Furthermore, The One Academy’s students also accumulated a whopping 107 ‘Honorable Mentions’ across all categories.

Entering its 11th year, the Rookie Awards provides an exceptional opportunity for young talents to share their work with industry heavyweights and influencers, receive badges and certificates, connect with other young artists and potentially launch their creative career with some of the biggest names in the industries.

With a judging panel which includes some of the most influential and leading experts in their fields and upstanding members of their respective industries, the winners have been selected by scoring each entrant based on criteria including – creative skills, technical skills, presentation, variety of skills, complexity, raw talent and employment potential.

“It always seems so cliché to keep saying the quality of entries is better each year, but it's happened again. The quality of work submitted to the contest is truly inspiring,” said The Rookies co-founder Andrew McDonald in the results announcement.

Talented Students Shine in The Rookie Awards 2021!

As one of the leaders in creative education, The One Academy always guides and encourages its students to go above and beyond by partaking in various competitions to showcase their talents, boost their morale and gain valuable experience. Huge congratulations to these talented artists and designers for their hard work, talent and efforts in proving that Malaysia has an ever-growing talent pool and is more than ready to take on international-standard projects and elevate the country as a creative hub.

The One Academy is committed to providing the best art education programmes and continues to nurture its students passionately through its “Masters Train Masters” coaching philosophy, which has been practised for the past three decades, by providing diploma and degree courses namely Advertising & Graphic Design, Digital Animation, Digital Media Design, Film Visual Effects, Interior Architecture & Design, Illustration, Fine Arts and Paris Fashion Design & Pattern Making. For more information on The One Academy, visit or call +603-7875 5510 or e-mail your enquiries to [email protected].


才华横溢的学生在The Rookie 2021国际设计奖中大放光彩!

The Rookie国际设计奖是世界上规模最大、最负盛名的竞赛,旨在表彰在创意领域有抱负的创意人士,包括游戏、动画、视觉效果、沉浸式媒体、动态图形和 3D 可视化领域。它被认为是最受尊崇的教育机构排名,以肯定那些为创意媒体和娱乐行业培育新生代美术家的教育机构。今年共有来自 98 个国家的 569 所学校参与,从4,104份参赛作品中竞选出让人梦寐以求的头衔。

最近,2021年The Rookie设计奖公布了其获奖者名单,来自于五个主要的竞赛组别,即年度新人、年度电影、年度游戏、职业机会和特优新人。在这当中,The One Academy 的参赛学生获得了一系列奖项和认可,让他们的努力与出色的艺术作品受到了肯定。

Talented Students Shine in The Rookie Awards 2021!

来自槟城The One Academy的一群学生以参赛作品“Metres Away”获得了年度新人奖——沉浸式媒体。他们是许嘉民、许凯璇、杨淑凤、刘淯恒、李洁怡、陈舒琳、黄崇俊、麦家骏、庄炆欣、李雪梨、张袺豪、刘慧茗、林芷涵、李恩辉、曾钰婷、张君柔和邝嫆婷。

此外,邱筠茹和黄紫玲分别获得产品设计和沉浸式媒体的“最佳人气奖”,而梁芷颖则获得年度电影——移动装置的“高度赞扬”与“最佳人气奖”。此外,The One Academy 的学生还在所有类别中横扫了共107 项“荣誉奖”。

迈入第 11 年头,The Rookie设计奖为年轻人才提供了绝佳的机会,让他们的作品可以被业界资深人士及影响者看见,获得徽章和证书,与其他年轻美术家们建立联系,并有机会与行业中的知名人士合作,开启他们的创作生涯.


“虽然每年总是说参赛作品的品质都更好,这似乎已是陈词滥调,但它确实的又再次证实了。提交上来的作品品质确实令人很惊叹!”The Rookies联合创始人Andrew McDonald在公布成绩中说道。

作为创意教育的领导者之一,The One Academy 始终引导和鼓励学生们超越自我,通过参加各种比赛来展示他们的才华,增强他们的自信并获得宝贵的经验。衷心祝贺这些才华横溢的美术家和


The One Academy在过去长达30年来,持续秉持其“专才培育专才”的教学理念,致力于为学生们提供最好的美术课程,其中的文凭与学士学位课程包括广告与平面设计、室内建筑与设计、数码动画与游戏设计、数码媒体设计、广告插画与电影美术、电影视觉特效、纯美术、ESMOD巴黎时装设计等。欲了解更多详情,请游览、拨电03-7875 5510、或电邮至[email protected]以获取更多信息。

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