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MSU is recognised as the Employers’ Choice University

May 21, 2024 | Achievement News

Management and Science University (MSU) has emerged as one of the Malaysian universities that consistently produces highly employable and well-prepared graduates for the workforce. 

A recent comprehensive survey designed to evaluate the employability rate of the graduates conducted by the Talentbank National Graduate Employability Index (Talentbank GE Index 2024) has identified MSU as one of the universities preferred by top graduate employers in Malaysia. 

Among the specific fields of study at the University that have garnered unanimous support from employers are baking/pastry, beauty and makeup, event management, fashion, hospitality management, and tourism at the School of Hospitality and Creative Arts; counselling, early childhood, and public relations at the School of Education and Social Sciences; finance and Islamic finance, logistics at the Faculty of Business Management and Professional Studies; games design and development at the Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering; nursing and physiotherapy at the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences; and pharmacy at the School of Pharmacy. 

This milestone exemplifies the university’s unwavering commitment to fostering collaboration between MSUrians, industry partners, and the community. It is further enriched by the steadfast dedication of MSU’s faculties and staff, ensuring that graduates are thoroughly equipped with the skills and knowledge essential for thriving in today’s dynamic job market.

MSU is known for its high-quality education, robust faculties and schools, and well-rounded academic programmes. This synergy validates that students are well-equipped for effectiveness in the job market, a fact acknowledged by employers.

As an applied and enterprise university focused to enhance graduate employability, the MSU graduate employability currently ranks at 99% of its graduates successfully securing employment within six months of their graduation on the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) tracer study.

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