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Colleges and universities prepare for students’ return in stages starting this month

by StudyMalaysia on July 13, 2020 | Top Stories

Colleges and universities prepare for students’ return in stages starting this month -

If you’ve been waiting to get back to campus, the good news is that Ministry of Higher Education has given the go-ahead for universities and colleges to resume face-to-face teaching and learning as early as this month, July. However, this will be carried out in stages and will primarily involve four categories of higher education students:

  • Up to 30 per cent of local students in private higher education institutions
  • Year 1 to Year 4 public university students who need to undergo clinical or practical training; or those who need to carry out their lessons at workshops, laboratories or studios, including those who require special equipment; and those who need to sit for professional board examinations.
  • Year 1 to Year 4 public university students who do not have internet access or who lack a conducive study surrounding for online learning
  • International students from both public and private higher education institutions, including new students

Key points to note:

  • Public and private higher education institutions are given the flexibility of determining the most suitable learning modes for their respective programmes so do check what your college or university has planned for you.
  • Social distancing protocols and good hygiene must be practised always so do prepare yourself for a different experience when you return to campus.
  • Group activities on campus are allowed with a cap of 250 people and subject to the adherence of social distancing protocols and venue size – if you’re part of a student body or club, do bear this in mind when organising any events.
  • Sports activities are allowed but do refer to the guidelines issued by the Youth and Sports Ministry and the National Security Council.
  • If you need assistance in organising student accommodation or transportation back to campus, you should contact the student affairs department of your institution.
  • International students will need to register with Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) before entering Malaysia; they will also be required to be screened for Covid-19 and undergo a 14-day quarantine – do find out the updated protocol from your institution.

The Ministry of Higher Education also expects that the full intake of students at colleges and universities to resume in October 2020.

Source: MOHE press release, 8 July 2020, ‘Kemasukan semula pelajar institusi Pendidikan tinggi ke kampus secara berperingkat’

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