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General Information on Malaysian Higher Education

Higher Education Articles

Read about theMalaysian Education System, Private Higher Educational Institutions.

Private Education Routes

Read more about The Private Education Route To Bachelor's Degree and Professional Qualifications, Pre-University Studies, Certificate & Diploma Qualifications.

Public Higher Education Routes

Read on article such as Public Universities, Route To University Degree Foundation & Diploma, Bachelor�s Degree Qualification For STPM Qualification holders, Polytechnic And Community College Route To Certificate & Diploma Qualifications For SPM Qualification Holders.

Technical & Vocational Training

Find out about Polytechnics And Community Colleges : Certificate & Diploma Programmes For Spm Holders.

English in Malaysia

Read about Learning Of English In Malaysia and the Malaysian University English Test (MUET).

Miscellaneous Useful Topics

for additional information, do not miss the Quality in Education and ISO 9000 article, The Open Certification System, Academic point calculation For SPM & STPM, Tax Incentives for Private Education Institutions and more.