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Career Guide
Career GuideChoosing a career can be an overwhelming decision particularly when you do not know where to start. This section provides a step-by-step guide to exploring career options that will be the best fit for you.
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  • Scholarship / Fund / Loan
  • Permohonan Bantuan Khas ANIS 2024

    Deadline: Tarikh Pendaftaran Bermula Dari 17 Mei 2024 Hingga 31 Mei 2024
    Bantuan khas ini dibuka kepada pemohon yang mempunyai tanggungan anak OKU dengan tujuan untuk mengurangkan bebanan kos perbelanjaan dalam menguruskan anak-anak OKU.YAWAS mempelawa pemohon yang berkelayakan untuk memohon bantuan ANIS bagi mendapatkan ...
    Tarikh Pendaftaran Bermula Dari 17 Mei 2024 Hingga 31 Mei 2024
  • UTAR Top Achiever Scholarships

    Deadline: Ongoing
    UTAR offers bond-free scholarships of up to 100% tuition fees to help bright students to pursue their tertiary education. Upon successful admission to UTAR, scholarships will be given automatically to the eligible students. At the same time, student...
  • APU Malaysian Scholarships & Merit Awards 2024

    Deadline: 19 May 2024
    As part of APU’s long term mission & vision, we consistently aim to provide access to world-class education to a broad spectrum of Malaysian students. As part of our continuous efforts to provide better opportunities to pursue higher education ...
    Expiring Soon
    19 May 2024
    Expiring Soon

    Deadline: 5 June 2024
    The CIMB ASEAN Scholarship is a highly selective, full scholarship for exceptional students from ASEAN countries in which CIMB has a presence. We are looking for individuals fueled up to go beyond the ordinary.
    5 June 2024
  • Australia for ASEAN scholarships

    Deadline: 30 April 2024
    Australia for ASEAN scholarships are prestigious international awards offered by the Australian Government to the next generation of leaders from ASEAN member states and Timor-Leste. 
    30 April 2024
  • BPMB Award of Group's Undergraduate Scholarship (BAGUS)

    Deadline: 15 Julai 2024
    Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad (Bank Pembangunan) komited untuk memupuk bakat muda Malaysia yang akan memainkan peranan penting dalam memajukan agenda pembangunan negara melalui program ‘BPMB Award of Group's Undergraduate Scholarship (BAGUS...
    15 Julai 2024
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