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The present pandemic has caused a lot of upheaval in our lives. It is especially trying for students caught in the transition from secondary to tertiary education. Both these students and their parents are facing a lot of anxiety trying to figure out what education pathways best suit these students.

In view of this, Saito University College is extending a helping hand by providing financial assistance to students and parents to tide over this difficult and uncertain period in their lives. With this help, students will be able to pursue their dream courses without worries and interruptions in their education pathways.

Saito with more than 3 decades of experience as a tertiary education provider is an institution worth considering for your education pathway. For the past three decades it has been growing from strength to strength offering a wide range of courses.

To achieve its objectives of helping those who need financial assistance, Saito University College has come up with a three-pronged approach.

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Available Schemes

The Saito Cares Programme (Program Prihatin Saito)

The objective of this programme is to provide financial assistance to students who wish to pursue their studies and also give them a monthly allowance (from RM100 to RM250 a month).

Valid from 15th July 2021 to 31st December 2021.

Those eligible for assistance include:

  1. Students who have finished their SPM or IGCSE or equivalent who will enrol into a Saito Diploma/Degree programme, and
  2. Students from the B40 category whose families are receiving the Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat (BPR) or
  3. Students whose families/parents/guardians have seen a reduction of income, loss of job and/or are in distress (For this category, students would need to provide some forms of verification of their status. It could be either proof of income or written letter detailing their circumstances which can be verified by the Head of Sales)

What students need to do to qualify for this programme:

  1. The student needs to register for the course of their choice and submit all the necessary documents to register for the course.
  2. The student will need to submit all documents necessary to apply for PTPTN and assist Saito’s officers by ensuring their PTPTN online submission is complete and by providing all permissions, documents and input necessary.
  3. Students will also need to go through the Saito new students orientation programme and start their classes.
  4. Students who have satisfied the above criteria will have their allowance deposited into their CIMB accounts in one month’s time. Subsequently the monthly allowance will be deposited into their accounts at the end of each month.

Saito Fast-Forward Programme

Saito is aware that a lot of students are hesitant to enrol now for a course because

  • they will not get the experience of a traditional campus life
  • they will not have the opportunities to visit counsellors, professors and lecturers
  • they are apprehensive about the effectiveness of the online teaching and learning environment.

To address students’ uncertainty, SAITO is giving students greater leeway:


for one academic module for a month.


E-cert will be awarded if the students decide to quit after one month.


to a new semester with all the financial assistance needed.

Saito offers fast-forward programmes for the following fields:

Digital Marketing
Early Childhood Education
Law Enforcement

Personalised Learning

Saito understands that students have different learning styles and their needs are different. Also a lot of students are feeling overwhelmed right now because of the online learning environment.

Saito has developed the Saito Personalised Learning system to cater in every possible way to its students’ needs.

For more information of how Saito personalized the learning to cater to every student's needs, please do call 03-79547200 and ask to speak to a Saito counselor on Personalised Learning or send us an enquiry.

Available Programmes

Fast-Forward Programmes Schemes
Introduction to Marketing in the Digital Era Saito Fast-Forward
Smart Logistics Saito Fast-Forward
Early Childhood Educator Aspiration Programme Saito Fast-Forward
Basic Drawing - East meets West Saito Fast-Forward
Videography – Master the techniques of live streaming Saito Fast-Forward
Digital Animation – Motion Graphics and SFX Saito Fast-Forward
Diploma Programmes MQA Duration Schemes
Diploma in Business Management MQA/FA5714 2.5 years Saito Prihatin
Diploma in Human Resource Management MQA/FA1785 2.5 years Saito Prihatin
Diploma in Graphic Design (A10339) 2.5 years Saito Prihatin
Diploma in Multimedia Design (A9072) 2.5 years Saito Prihatin
Diploma in Interior Design (A8993) 2.5 years Saito Prihatin
Diploma in Logistics Management MQA/PA14545 2.5 years Saito Prihatin
Diploma in Early Childhood Education MQA/PA13751 2.5 years Saito Prihatin
Diploma in Security Management (A6912) 2.5 years Saito Prihatin
Diploma in Law Enforcement Administration MQA/PA11409 2.5 years Saito Prihatin
Diploma in Hotel Management MQA/PA12550 2.5 years Saito Prihatin
Diploma in Culinary Arts MQA/PA12549 2.5 years Saito Prihatin
Diploma in Pastry Arts MQA/PA13112 2.5 years Saito Prihatin
Degree Programmes MQA Duration Schemes
Bachelor of Business (Management) (Hons) (MQA/FA10536) 3 years Saito Prihatin
Bachelor of Business (Digital Marketing) (Hons) (MQA/PA11937) 3 years Saito Prihatin
Bachelor of Human Resource Management (Hons) (MQA/FA8544)) 3 years Saito Prihatin
Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design) (Hons) (MQA/FA11123) 3 years Saito Prihatin
Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) (Hons) (MQA/PA11129) 3 years Saito Prihatin
Bachelor of Education (Hons) (Early Childhood Education) (MQA/PA12897) 3 years Saito Prihatin
Bachelor of Business in Logistic Management and E-Business (Hons) (MQA/PA13028) 3 years Saito Prihatin
Bachelor of Arts in Law Enforcement (Investigation) (Hons) (MQA/FA7540) 3 years Saito Prihatin

Why Study in Saito

Work & Study Pathway

At Saito UC, our Work & Study Pathway is designed to ensure students are future-focused, independent and resilient. We provide students with 2 types of Work & Study Options:

Flexible Work Option

This option is for students who choose to work in areas that are not directly related to their course of study but would like to widen their experience and build an enriched personal portfolio. Towards this end, the University provides a periodically updated list of available jobs via the Student Portal.

Career-focused Work Option

The University provides lists and contacts of employment opportunities that students can apply for, based on their discipline and career choice. This would give the students a feel of the work expectations in their chosen field and allow them to gauge their suitability for that career choice.

All new students must attend a Work & Study preparation session as part of their student orientation and the university is committed to providing support to students who choose either of these options. We will ensure that the class schedules are designed to support the Work & Study Pathway students.

Applied Learning and Work-Integrated Learning

We provide opportunities for students to open their minds and experience learning in realistic contexts and actual workplaces. This helps them appreciate the relevance (Theory in Action) and the value of the subjects beyond just the classroom. This also goes a long way in building confidence and character which will set them apart from the rest.

Applied Learning

Our students will be learning most engagingly as the subjects are rich with realistic and current examples, context-based learning focus and hands-on projects that will enable them to see how the theory and its context is relevant and applicable in different jobs.

Work-Integrated Learning

We design our curriculum purposefully to ensure students learn-by-doing. Students will perform subject-related work while working with industry or community partners and this reinforces the relevance of the subjects.

Students will be appropriately guided, mentored, monitored and evaluated by academic and industry supervisors – this familiarise and prepares them for stakeholder feedback and expectations. Students will enhance life-skills and will step into the workforce with a university qualification and actual industry references.

Good Teaching

We believe that students come to us because we care about them and we understand that transitioning from high-school to university can be daunting. This is our promise:

  • We genuinely care for our students and we prioritise making our classrooms a safe and enjoyable space for growth
  • We understand individual differences and the changing characteristics of the changing generations and take an earnest interest in our students’ well-being
  • We listen and respect all students without bias /alike
  • We are accessible – holding both real-time and virtual office hours
  • We make learning fun - we are resourceful, innovative and use technology effectively
  • We are passionate in our teaching and our discipline - we bring the subjects to life through our personal field-experiences and industry connections
  • We value/believe in openness in communication and we nurture /develop lasting intellectual curiosity.
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