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What now after the World Cup?

by StudyMalaysia.com on July 5, 2014 | Top Stories

Tips on how to 'kick' your grades back into shape

So you've been watching the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ matches night after night – mamak sessions, hanging out at a friend's place (the guy with the biggest TV) and endless discussions about slides, bites and penalties. And as the World Cup draws to a close, you are seized by a feeling of panic and doom. No, it's not because your team lost but you just realised your exams are just two weeks away. You can't recall what happened in class over the last three weeks. And when was the last time you did any studying? Dude, let's not even go there.

But fret not! Here are some sure fire ways to help you cram for the coming exam.

top-stories-after-worldcup.jpgPlan, plan, plan – just like football, you need a plan and strategy. Draw up a study schedule from now (yes, now!) till your exams. Which subject is your weakest? Be sure to spend more time on topics you have been struggling with. Be realistic with your schedule – you may think you can study all night long the way you watch matches, but really? We don't think so.

Fire up your brains – you may think it's weird but studies have shown that physical activity helps increase brain activity. So when you're feeling a little sleepy, take a walk, run up and down the stairs, or better, walk and read your notes at the same time. Add exercise to your schedule, even if it's only for 20 minutes a day.

Make it count – have you ever felt that nothing seems to get into your head even after reading your notes or books for hours? If you find your mind wandering, try to read out loud. It's harder to 'dream' when you're reading aloud. Next, try interpreting the facts in your own words. Read a paragraph or section, and then close your book. Now summarise and repeat what you've read in your own words.

Make a cheat sheet – no, we don't mean cheating but imagine if you could take a one-page cheat sheet into the exams. What would you include on the page? When you're done, carry this cheat sheet with you everywhere (except to the exam hall) and read it often – when waiting for the bus, before you sleep, when you're taking a dunk, while you're eating, etc.

Beat boredom – we know you can think of a hundred other things you'd rather do than study. Why not make it more bearable by studying in a group? Get one or two buddies to study together – be disciplined (no footy chats and no sneaking time off to watch replays!) and chances are you could be covering more ground than when you were studying alone.

Ask the teacher – there's no harm in picking your teacher's brain, the trick is knowing how to do it.

Don't say: "Teacher, please give me some exam tips. I'm desperate!!!"

Do say: "Hi teacher, you look lovely today. Do you have any suggestions on what to focus on for the coming exams?"

Need more motivation? What would be your greatest reason to ace the coming exams? Think about which reason would motivate you the most, write it down, stick it on your wall, and repeat it like a mantra….

  • Your parents will stop nagging at you for all those late nights watching football (yeah, you showed them!)
  • Here's your chance to impress your other half
  • Here's your chance not to embarrass yourself in front of your other half
  • You're learning more and becoming a better student
  • Better grades means better opportunities for internships and jobs
  • Your own reason

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