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  • Post Graduate Promotion for School Teachers

    Deadline: Ongoing
    The Government Employee Scholarship is awarded to candidates enrolling into Master or PhD programs.
  • Sports Scholarship for Active National Sportsman / Sportswoman

    Deadline: Ongoing
    The scholarship will be awarded to the successful applicants during the Special Award ceremony, which will be held in December of each year.
  • Foundation to Degree Scholarship

    Deadline: Ongoing
    The Foundation to Degree Scholarship is awarded to candidates enrolling in the Foundation program with a requirement that they must pursue a Degree program with City University.
  • City University High Achiever Scholarship

    Deadline: Ongoing
    City U High Achiever Scholarships are freshmen scholarships provided to identify and support outstanding Malaysian students who demonstrate academic excellence, high intellectual capacity, sound character, strong leadership potential and a passion fo...
  • City University High Achiever i-Scholarship

    Deadline: Ongoing
    City U High Achiever i-Scholarships are freshmen scholarships provided to identify and support outstanding Malaysian SPM students who demonstrate academic excellence, high intellectual capacity, sound character, strong leadership potential and a pass...
  • MAHSA University Scholarships

    Deadline: Ongoing
    MAHSA University hereby offers the MAHSA University Scholarship to the Student subject to the terms and conditions stated hereinafter.
  • 2024 Elena Cooke Education Fund

    Deadline: 2 weeks after the announcement of the 2023 SPM/STPM results (whichever is later)
    The Elena Cooke Education Fund is looking to grant scholarships to secondary school students from families with a household income of less than RM60,000 a year.
    2 weeks after the announcement of the 2023 SPM/STPM results (whichever is later)
  • PTPTN Education Financing Scheme

    Deadline: Ongoing
    The PTPTN Education Financing Scheme was established to provide more opportuinities for students to pursue higher education at local institutions.
  • Skim Pinjaman Pendidikan PTPTN

    Deadline: Ongoing
    Skim Pinjaman Pendidikan PTPTN diwujudkan bagi tujuan untuk memberi pinjaman pendidikan kepada pelajar yang mengikuti pengajian di Institusi Pendidikan Tinggi (IPT) tempatan.
  • Biasiswa KFC

    Deadline: 31 Julai 2024
    Program Biasiswa KFC ini ditawarkan khas kepada pelajar dari keluarga B40 yang layak dan telah menerima tawaran untuk melanjutkan pengajian di peringkat Ijazah Sarjana Muda daripada universiti awam tempatan untuk meneruskan pelajaran mereka di perin...
    31 Julai 2024
  • Shell Scholarship Programme - 2024 - Malaysia

    Deadline: 17 June 2024
    Shell Malaysia is inviting all students eager to pursue a career in the energy sector to apply for the Shell Scholarship Programme. Applications are now open for students seeking higher education opportunities.
    17 June 2024
  • Permohonan 3 Program Penajaan Bagi Lepasan SPM 2024

    Deadline: 9 Jun 2024 (Ahad) jam 5.00 petang
    1. Program Khas Jepun, Korea, Perancis dan Jerman (JKPJ) 2. Program Penajaan Nasional (PPN) 3. Program Khas Lepasan SPM Dalam Negara (LSPM)
    9 Jun 2024 (Ahad) jam 5.00 petang
  • Star Education Fund Scholarship Awards 2024

    Deadline: 10 June 2024
    The Star Education Fund is an initiative by Star Media Group in collaboration with some of the best education institutions in Malaysia to provide higher education opportunities to deserving young Malaysians.
    10 June 2024
  • Sin Chew Daily Education Fund

    Deadline: 09-06-2024 (Sunday), 11:59pm
    Objectives: To aid the poor and /or needy students to further their tertiary studies by helping them to obtain free diploma /degree courses pledged by participating educational institutions locally.
    09-06-2024 (Sunday), 11:59pm
  • Great Eastern Supremacy Scholarship Award

    Deadline: 15 August 2024
    The Great Eastern Supremacy Scholarship Award is one of the leading programmes in the insurance industry. Every year since 1998, we have been the platform where almost a hundred deserving, talented, young Malaysians can pursue their dreams.
    15 August 2024
  • Yayasan TM - Future Leadership Scholarship Programme

    Deadline: 3 June 2024
    Supplement your further education studies with financial aid so that you can focus on learning. Full Scholarship programme for high-achieving Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) leavers or equivalent to pursue undergraduate studies in higher education ins...
    3 June 2024
  • Yayasan UEM Global Scholarship (Undergraduate Overseas) 2024

    Deadline: 9 June 2024
    Yayasan UEM provides the opportunity for Malaysia’s youth to pursue undergraduate studies at renowned universities, both at home and abroad. As our aim is to nurture a holistic and successful individual, our scholarships not only cover academic tui...
    9 June 2024
  • Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) - Kijang Scholarship 2024 (Undergraduate)

    Deadline: 27 June 2024
    The Undergraduate Scholarship  is awarded to eligible individuals who have received offers to pursue or are currently pursuing undergraduate studies in Economics, Accounting, Finance, Actuarial Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Data Science, Law�...
    27 June 2024
  • Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) - Kijang Scholarship 2024 (Pre-University)

    Deadline: 9 June 2024
    The Kijang Scholarship is awarded to eligible individuals to pursue pre-university programmes at BNM's approved pre-university colleges. This scholarship provides tuition fees, subsistence allowance, as well as related scholarship allowances.
    9 June 2024
  • Kuok Foundation Berhad - Scholarships & Study Awards 2024 at Malaysian Public Universities

    Deadline: 18 June 2024 (Online) | 25 June 2024 (Printed)
    Applicants who are applying for or currently pursuing a first degree full-time and on-campus at any one of the Malaysian public universities are eligible to apply. This means students doing off campus / twinning / franchised courses / distance learni...
    18 June 2024 (Online) | 25 June 2024 (Printed)

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Scholarship Explained

Financial Aid Providers

In Malaysia, the sponsors of financial aid come from various categories. These include scholarships and loans offered by the government, non-governmental organisations, the private sector, government-linked companies and trade associations.

Types of Financial Aid

Higher education is one of the most important investments you will make in your lifetime. With the increasing cost of education, planning ahead is essential to finance your education. So what are some options you can explore? Here are some common ways students seek financial aid.

  • Scholarships
    Scholarships are monetary awards given based on academic or other achievements and are non-repayable, which means you won't have to pay the money back. Scholarships are awarded by the government, non-government organisations, corporations and independent foundations.
  • Bursaries
    You may have heard people using the terms 'scholarship' and 'bursary' interchangeably, however, bursaries are usually non-competitive and automatic, and often based on financial need without emphasis on academic standing.
  • Grants
    Grants are similar to scholarships and also don't have to be repaid. The difference is that grants are often need-based while scholarships are usually merit-based. Grants are also given to students who carry out academic research projects.
  • Education Funds
    Education Funds are Scholarships or loans provided by the Government / foundation / private educational institutions / financial institutions to reduce the burden of financing a student's education expenses, whether locally or overseas.
  • Tuition Fee Waiver or Discount
    Many private higher education institutions in Malaysia offer partial or full tuition fee waivers or discounts based on merit (e.g. academic, sports, leadership roles). Recipients are often required to maintain a minimum CGPA to continue enjoying the tuition fee waiver.
  • Unit Trusts & Insurance Schemes
    These are typically investment schemes that parents undertake for several years to secure financial funding for their child's higher education.
  • Loans
    Loans are financial obligations that must be repaid. Loans are mostly provided by private sector or government bodies.

Financing for Higher Education

The cost of tertiary education does not come cheap, but it is a lifetime investment for your future. Therefore whether your parents can afford your entire or partial cost of tertiary education, you are advised to go through this pathway in order to be competitive in your career advancement. If your family cannot afford the cost, you may work while studying part-time or look for some forms of scholarship, study grant, loan or other sources of financial aid to help you to pay for your education.

Read the article on Scholarships & Study Loans for Higher Education here.

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