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  • British Public Universities Undergraduate Scholarship 2024

    Deadline: 14 February 2024 (Submission of Online Application Forms); 21 February 2024 (Submission of Printed Application Forms)
    In year 2020, Kuok Foundation started offering a Scholarship on a yearly basis to assist ONE Malaysian student to undertake up to four years of undergraduate studies at selected British Universities. Please refer to the attached announcement for mor...
    14 February 2024 (Submission of Online Application Forms); 21 February 2024 (Submission of Printed Application Forms)
  • TAR UMT Merit Scholarship 2024

    Deadline: Ongoing
    The TAR UMT Merit Scholarship is awarded to outstanding Malaysian students in the form of tuition fee waiver of up to 100%. Candidates who meet the scholarship criteria will be automatically offered the Merit Scholarship (Terms & Conditions Apply...
  • IGBIS Full & Partial Scholarship

    Deadline: 29 February 2024
    As part of IGBIS’s commitment to providing highly motivated and talented students with an exceptional educational experience, IGBIS also offers full IB DP and CP Academic Scholarships to students who are proficient in English, demonstrate outstandi...
    29 February 2024
  • Nexus IB Diploma Scholarship 2024/2025

    Deadline: 8 January 2024
    Nexus International School is proud to provide learners with the opportunity to experience an outstanding international education in a culturally diverse environment. We are pleased to offer Full, Partial and Boarding Scholarships for the August 2024...
    8 January 2024
  • Skim Bursari BP40 khas Yayasan Sarawak

    Deadline: Ongoing
    Kini dengan Skim Bursari BP40 khas Yayasan Sarawak, pelajar Bumiputera Sarawak boleh mendapatkan pendidikan Australia bertaraf dunia dan ijazah Curtin yang diiktiraf dunia dengan yuran pengajian yang setara dengan yuran IPTA. Skim ini memberi peluang...
  • MARA - Graduate Excellence Programme (GrEP)

    Deadline: Ongoing
    MARA offers education loans in the form of convertible loans for Post Graduate levels (Master’s Degree and Doctor of Philosophy) at leading Institutions of Higher Education locally and abroad to outstanding graduates in fields that have a significa...
  • University of Bath - Scholarships for international undergraduate students

    Deadline: Ongoing
    We offer scholarships aimed at overseas students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement.
  • PMG Scholarship

    Deadline: Ongoing
    PMG Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship program for undergraduate students pursuing PHARMACY fields. It is designed to support and encourage students in their pursuit of higher education and provide job guarantees to them.
  • GREAT Scholarships 2024

    Deadline: The deadline to apply for a GREAT Scholarship varies according to each institution. For details on individual institutions’ deadlines, please see the institution page.
    GREAT Scholarships offer students the opportunity to receive £10,000 towards their tuition fees for a wide range of one-year taught postgraduate courses in the 2024-25 academic year at universities across the UK.
    The deadline to apply for a GREAT Scholarship varies according to each institution. For details on individual institutions’ deadlines, please see the institution page.
  • HWUM MBA Scholarship by Edinburgh Business School

    Deadline: 15 December 2023
    Exciting news! The Edinburgh Business School awards scholarships for their Heriot-Watt University Malaysia campus MBA programme. Submit your application by 15 December 2023.
    15 December 2023
  • HWUM MBA Scholarships - Shaping Entrepreneurial Women Scholarship

    Deadline: 15 December 2023
    The 30% Club Malaysia and Edinburgh Business School are delighted to announce that for a seventh year, a scholarship to attend the part-time MBA programme at the Heriot-Watt University Malaysia campus will be offered to an entrepreneurial woman. The ...
    15 December 2023
  • Malaysia Australia Colombo Plan Commemoration (MACC) Scholarships

    Deadline: 15 December 2023
    This scholarship will provide financial support to Malaysian students who commence an undergraduate or a postgraduate program in 2024.
    15 December 2023
  • Malaysian Nurses Association - Study Loan

    Deadline: Ongoing
    Interest free loan is only applicable to life members of Malaysian Nurses Association (MNA) (life member for minimum of 2 years).
  • Utrecht Excellence Scholarship for 2024-2025

    Deadline: 1 February 2024
    The Utrecht Excellence Scholarship for 2024-2025 offers a remarkable opportunity for international students to pursue master’s studies at Utrecht University, one of Europe’s premier research institutions. This fully funded scholarship is availabl...
    1 February 2024
  • KWBTSM - Study Loan

    Deadline: Ongoing
    KWBTSM grants educational study loans to deserving students who are financially disadvantaged and currently enrolled in tertiary educational institutions. These study loans are repayable through monthly instalments commencing from a month after the s...
  • AMMA Foundation - Study Loan

    Deadline: Ongoing
    The AMMA Foundation was established in 1980, as a Company limited by guarantee and not having Share Capital. Its principal objective is to assist needy Malaysians to pursue their studies at approved institutions of higher learning in Malaysia. The Fo...
  • ECM Libra Foundation - Study Loan

    Deadline: Ongoing
    The Foundation offers the Study Loan to selected and deserving students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are pursuing their tertiary education.
  • Daikin Malaysia Group Scholarship Program 2023

    Deadline: 30 November 2023
    Daikin Malaysia is now open for application of our Scholarship program for the year 2023.
    30 November 2023
  • Reach Oxford Scholarship

    Deadline: For 2024 entry applicants who apply by the 7 February 2024 scholarship deadline, the selection process will be undertaken in March 2024.
    Students should note they must apply for admission to the University before they can be considered for a Reach Oxford Scholarship. The University is unable to consider any scholarship applications from students who have not been offered a place at Ox...
    For 2024 entry applicants who apply by the 7 February 2024 scholarship deadline, the selection process will be undertaken in March 2024.
  • MCKL Excellence Award Scholarship 2024

    Deadline: 1 December 2023
    Enquire with MCKL's counsellors for more info on how to attain a full/partial scholarship. 100% Scholarship with our Excellence Award.
    1 December 2023

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Scholarship Explained

Financial Aid Providers

In Malaysia, the sponsors of financial aid come from various categories. These include scholarships and loans offered by the government, non-governmental organisations, the private sector, government-linked companies and trade associations.

Types of Financial Aid

Higher education is one of the most important investments you will make in your lifetime. With the increasing cost of education, planning ahead is essential to finance your education. So what are some options you can explore? Here are some common ways students seek financial aid.

  • Scholarships
    Scholarships are monetary awards given based on academic or other achievements and are non-repayable, which means you won't have to pay the money back. Scholarships are awarded by the government, non-government organisations, corporations and independent foundations.
  • Bursaries
    You may have heard people using the terms 'scholarship' and 'bursary' interchangeably, however, bursaries are usually non-competitive and automatic, and often based on financial need without emphasis on academic standing.
  • Grants
    Grants are similar to scholarships and also don't have to be repaid. The difference is that grants are often need-based while scholarships are usually merit-based. Grants are also given to students who carry out academic research projects.
  • Education Funds
    Education Funds are Scholarships or loans provided by the Government / foundation / private educational institutions / financial institutions to reduce the burden of financing a student's education expenses, whether locally or overseas.
  • Tuition Fee Waiver or Discount
    Many private higher education institutions in Malaysia offer partial or full tuition fee waivers or discounts based on merit (e.g. academic, sports, leadership roles). Recipients are often required to maintain a minimum CGPA to continue enjoying the tuition fee waiver.
  • Unit Trusts & Insurance Schemes
    These are typically investment schemes that parents undertake for several years to secure financial funding for their child's higher education.
  • Loans
    Loans are financial obligations that must be repaid. Loans are mostly provided by private sector or government bodies.

Financing for Higher Education

The cost of tertiary education does not come cheap, but it is a lifetime investment for your future. Therefore whether your parents can afford your entire or partial cost of tertiary education, you are advised to go through this pathway in order to be competitive in your career advancement. If your family cannot afford the cost, you may work while studying part-time or look for some forms of scholarship, study grant, loan or other sources of financial aid to help you to pay for your education.

Read the article on Scholarships & Study Loans for Higher Education here.

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