Heriot-Watt Women in Engineering Scholarship 2018

Sponsored by: Heriot-Watt University Malaysia
Deadline13 August 2018
Organisation TypePrivate Higher Educational Institutions
Fund TypeScholarship
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Founded in 1821, Heriot-Watt were the first Mechanics’ Institute in the world. They were also the first institution in Scotland to admit women into STEM programmes. Since opening doors in Malaysia, they've made it possible for women in ASEAN region to gain access to quality teaching and learning in the field of Engineering. Committed to widening access, and reducing the gender gap in this field, they have developed this scholarship especially for girls who want to pursue a career in Engineering.

Applications are open for the following programmes:

  • MEng Chemical Engineering with Oil and Gas Technology
  • MEng Mechanical Engineering
  • MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • MEng Civil Engineering
  • MEng Petroleum Engineering

The scholarship is for 100% or 50% of tuition fees at the Malaysia campus.


Selection Criteria

This scholarship is open to female students with academic results of at least 2As and 1B in relevant subjects in their A-Levels with a strong passion to pursue Engineering. Application will be assessed based on the applicant's academic achievements, involvement in extra-curricular activities and leadership roles. Applicants will also need to include a personal statement (of 500 words) stating:

  • Your interest in the Engineering field of choice and why
  • Future career aspirations

An interview will be held with the selection committee consisting of representatives from the University on 17 August 2018.


Deadline for Applications

Close on: 13 August 2018.


General Terms and Conditions

  1. The University has sole discretion in awarding scholarships and reserves the right not to award a scholarship or to withdraw a scholarship, in whole or in part, for non-compliance with the terms of the award.
  2. The scholarship recipient must be enrolled as a full-time student for the entire length of the programme (except for postgraduate studies where part-time is permitted), register for all courses according to the University schedule, pass each course registered for at the first attempt and complete the programme within the original time frame stated in the offer letter - as the scholarship does not cover extensions or deferment (unless in extenuating circumstances – then specific prior approval must be obtained).
  3. Scholarships are awarded in the form of a tuition fee waiver only.  This excludes any other charges such as registration fee, international student fees, ancillary items required as part of your studies including, but not limited to books, graduation ceremony, final award/certificate,   accommodation, student visa processing, sports, living and other related costs, which shall be borne by the student.  For the avoidance of doubt, any costs for re-sits and other related costs including extensions (if any) must be borne by the student.
  4. The value of the scholarship granted (for all schemes) will be deducted against the full tuition fees payable on a semester by semester basis.
  5. The scholarship cannot be offered in conjunction with any other discounts or scholarship provided by the University.
  6. The scholarship is only awarded for study at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia and is not transferable to other Heriot-Watt University campuses or locations.
  7. The scholarship is not transferable to another programme of study and is neither transferable nor exchangeable for cash or other alternatives.
  8. The scholarship recipient shall not be holding (concurrently) any other full or partial scholarship from external parties (unless in extenuating circumstances – then specific prior approval must be obtained). This excludes EPF withdrawals or loans from external financial agencies.
  9. Forecast examination results can be considered for the scholarship application, if official finalised results are not available at the time of application. All applications will be considered and the scholarship may be awarded conditional on the achievement of specified results. Proof of finalised results must be provided within two weeks of their official release or the University reserves the right to rescind the conditional award of the scholarship.
  10. The official results must be equal to or better than the forecast results submitted for the initial scholarship consideration.  Should the official results not equal or better than the forecast results used in the award of the scholarship, the University reserves the right to withdraw or reduce the scholarship award.
  11. The scholarship recipient shall be a student ambassador and promote the good name of the University.  In addition, the recipient is required to comply with all the University terms and conditions of admittance, all regulations and policies from time to time in force.
  12. Scholarship recipients who are found guilty of academic or disciplinary misconduct will have their scholarships terminated.
  13. The University reserves the right to involve scholarship recipients in interviews, advertisement, photography or other publicity activities for the purpose of promoting the University.  The scholarship recipient assigns to the University any intellectual property or other rights that are created as part of this promotional role.
  14. In the event that a scholarship recipient decides to discontinue studies (without completion of the programme), the scholarship will be forfeited and the recipient is required to reimburse the amount awarded during the completed period of studies.
  15. The University reserves the right to terminate the scholarship offered to students.  In such circumstances, the full tuition fees will be payable by the student, from the date of termination and for the remainder of the programme.
  16. The University reserves the right to make any amendment to the terms and conditions and inform the recipients accordingly either in advance or later. 


How To Apply

Please complete the Scholarship application form and submit it, along with   relevant documents, to:

Scholarship and Financial Aid unit
Student Support Services

Heriot-Watt University Malaysia
Level G East Building, No. 1, Jalan Venna P5/2,
Precinct 5, 62200 Putrajaya
Tel: +603 – 8894 3615


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