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University of Reading: Provost’s Award 2019

Sponsored by: University of Reading Malaysia
Organisation TypePrivate Sector / Organisation
Fund TypeScholarship
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This scholarship offers the very best, high achieving students the equivalent of a 100% discount on fees. A small number of awards will be available at each intake for students applying to Foundation and Undergraduate Programmes. 

All applicants to the University of Reading Malaysia (UORM) will be eligible to apply for scholarships for the programmes they intend to pursue at UORM Malaysia Campus. These are based on academic excellence and achievement and are open to both Malaysian and international applicants. All scholarships are bond-free.

Students must read and understand the Terms and Conditions entirely before accepting the scholarship offer. 

To apply for a Provost’s Award, students must:

  1. First apply for their chosen programme. 
  2. Students who meet the criteria for the highest High Achiever i.e. entitled to the 30% Scholarship will then be invited to complete a second application for a Provost’s Award, which will include a personal statement about their achievements and why they think they deserve the award.
  3. In reviewing the applicant’s personal statement, the shortlisting panel will consider each application primarily in terms of:
    • the candidate’s academic achievements to date;
    • the candidate’s previous extra-curricular activities and potential to contribute to the wider life of the University;
    • the candidate’s knowledge/understand of the programme he/she has applied for;
    • additional any other relevant factors such as the candidate’s financial circumstances may also be taken into consideration.
  4. Shortlisted candidates will then be invited to the campus for a formal interview before the final awards are made.


Acceptance of Scholarship

  • All students offered scholarships will receive an offer letter together with these Terms and Conditions.
  • You will be advised how to accept or reject your scholarship in your offer letter. If you do not complete the acceptance as instructed, your scholarship may be withdrawn.


Scholarship value and payments

  • Scholarship value - The total value of your scholarship is outlined in your offer letter.
  • Payment of scholarship - The scholarship will be paid directly into your tuition fees account with the University.


Eligibility criteria and conditions of scholarships

  1. Specific criteria
    • To be eligible, you must be applying to study at UORM and applicants must hold UORM's offer as a firm offer.
    • Scholarships are awarded based on established eligibility criteria. You must meet the eligibility requirements to receive your scholarship payment. The eligibility requirements for each scholarship are outlined on the UORM website:
    • You will be reassessed for eligibility prior to each payment. If UORM determines that you do not meet the eligibility criteria or scholarship conditions at this or any other time, your scholarship may be suspended pending further investigation or terminated.
  2. Attendance at UORM’s Event
    • A Scholarship recipient must agree to become an Ambassador for UORM during the course of your studies. This may involve attending student fairs, welcome receptions and providing testimonials.
    • If you attend any events organized by the UORM, photos of you at the event (along with your name and scholarship), may be used for UORM promotional purposes.
    • If you do not wish for UORM to use these photos, you must notify the Head of Student Services in writing prior to the event.
  3. Enrolment requirements
    • All scholarships are awarded on the basis that you enrol as a full time student with the UORM and maintain an enrolled status in your course of study. Your scholarship may be terminated if your enrolment status is inactive at census date.
  4. Scholarship duration
    • All scholarships will be paid for the duration of study stated in your offer letter.
    • The scholarship granted will only cover the duration of your study at UORM Malaysia Campus. The scholarship is NOT transferable to University of Reading UK campus.

Note that students receiving a Provost's Award must maintain a grade A/70% average to continue receiving their scholarship in Years 2 and 3. Please refer to the terms and conditions for further details.



For any enquiries regarding scholarships and other available discounts please contact:

  • Toll free:+1800 18 6867
  • Tel: +60 (7) 268 6205


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