UWC Malaysia Scholarship 2019

Sponsored by: UWC Malaysia
Deadline18 January 2019
Organisation TypeScholarships for Oversea Studies
Fund TypeScholarship
Study Local or Abroad?International

A two-year scholarship offered by the UWC Movement for students to pursue the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma at United World Colleges overseas.

UWC full and high partial scholarships are aimed at those meritous applicants from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. All applicants are chosen on merit, regardless of ethnicity or religion. However, with the opening of new colleges across the globe, the funding for full scholarships is spread more thinly.Applicants from private and international schools will not be considered for full scholarships or high partials, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

UWC aims to provide access to more students from across the socio-economic spectrum, and consequently, the National Committee wishes to see the UWC ethos resonate in all applicants and their families. If you can afford to make a partial or full contribution to UWC, you are advised to indicate such on the application form. The individual colleges and the National Committee may initiate financial assessment on the grounds of demonstrated need.Non-disclosure or false statements have resulted in the withdrawal of places in the past.


What does the scholarship cover?

It covers tuition, food and boarding fees, and most textbooks.

It does not cover:

  • Air tickets from Malaysia to the country.
  • Travel cost during long winter and summer breaks.
  • Pocket money.
  • Visa application.
  • Medical insurance and medical examinations (some colleges only)
  • Graduation fee ( applicable only to certain countries).
  • Room deposit (usually refundable, some colleges only).
  • Miscellaneous other expenses.

In cases of demonstrated hardship, some colleges may offer help with airfares and/or pocket money. This is decided on an individual case basis and is by no means guaranteed to be included with every full scholarship place.


Eligibility Criteria

All applicants who are citizens of and resident in Malaysia must apply for admission to a UWC through the UWC Malaysia National Committee, which selects applicants to represent Malaysia at the UWCs.

Generally, there are three requirements to be met when applying to the Malaysian National Committee. An applicant must:

  1. Be a Malaysian citizen
  2. Have completed or is completing Form 5/Year 11 (SPM, IGCSE, MYP or equivalent) in Malaysia
  3. Be over 16.0 and under 19.0 years of age on 1st August in the year of entry to college

If you are residing in Malaysia but do not possess Malaysian citizenship, applications to UWC should be done through the National Committee of your home country. If the above do not answer your eligibility concerns, please contact UWC at [email protected].

All national committees use the same five core UWC selection criteria:

  • Intellectual curiosity and motivation
  • Active commitment
  • Social competence
  • Integrity, resilience and personal responsibility
  • Motivation to apply to UWC

Anybody can apply to UWC. They are looking for students who want to become a change-maker for a better world - independent of whether they are able to contribute financially to their studies.

Today, over 9,500 students from more than 155 countries are studying on one of the UWC campuses. Over 65% of UWC students selected for UWC through the UWC national committee system receive a full or partial scholarship, enabling admission to a UWC school to be independent of socio-economic means.



Applications for entry to UWC in 2019 are open. The deadline for submission is 18th January 2019. The application form is attached HERE

Students are selected based on a competitive selection process, via written application, personal and group interviews. UWC Graduates are involved throughout all selection processes.

Due to a change in deadlines from UWC International, all candidates will apply with Mock/Trial or Predicted/Forecast exams results, as well as 2 years reports.

Interviews may be held in January, February and March. Exact dates will be confirmed later in the year. Application forms should be available for downloading in September or October.

After the application form submission deadline, successful candidates will be invited for individual interviews. The final shortlist will be drawn from these candidates who will be invited (by email) to the final round of group sessions; discussions and activities.

Scholarships offered yearly to Malaysia for the IB Diploma program in UWCs worldwide vary from full to partial scholarships.

For more info on the scholarship, please visit UWC FAQ.


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