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B.Eng. (Hons) / M.Eng. Petroleum Engineering

Offered by: Heriot-Watt University Malaysia (DULN007(WP))
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Exam BodyHeriot-Watt University
Course Duration3 Yrs (B.Eng.) / 4 Yrs (M.Eng.)
Part Time/Full TimeFull Time
Fees (International Student)12223USD/yr
FacultySchool of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Conducted entirely in MalaysiaYes
Awarding CountryUnited Kingdom
Level of StudyBachelor's Degree Level
Field of StudyEngineering & Engineering Trades
Course Description

This Bachelor's degree aims to produce graduates who meet the needs of industry now and in the future. It includes a wide range of subjects which are relevant to the industry and meet the needs of the Petroleum Engineering profession.

It will allow you to undertake a wide range of technical and managerial careers across the sector, e.g. reservoir analysis and simulation studies, drilling production patterns, estimation of petroleum reserves, design and implementation of oil field production, construction, commissioning, operation, management to specialist consultancy and advanced research and development.

The degree programme will help you to cultivate the ability to apply your skills to real, practical engineering problems and deepen your understanding of petroleum engineering principles through problem solving, projects and assignments.

BEng students who meet the progression requirements for the MEng programme may transfer programmes at the end of Year 2.


Programme content


First Year

BEng & MEng

  • Mechanical Engineering Science 3
  • Process Engineering A
  • Geoscience A
  • Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists 3
  • Process Engineering B
  • Process Engineering C
  • Process Design A
  • Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists 4

Second Year

BEng & MEng

  • Geoscience B
  • Formation Evaluation
  • Reservoir Engineering 1
  • Drilling
  • Production Technology 1
  • Multiphase Thermodynamics
  • Reservoir Engineering 2
  • Advanced Fluid Mechanics

BEng students who meet the progression requirements for the MEng programme may transfer programmes at the end of Year 2.

Third Year

BEng & MEng

  • Production Technology 2
  • Sustainability, Health and Safety
  • Field Development & Design Project A
  • Energy & Petroleum Economics
  • Reservoir Simulation
  • Field Development & Design Project B


  • Research Project A
  • Oil and Gas Processing


  • Subsea Drilling and Production
  • Pipeline Engineering
  • Industrial Training

Students undertake a compulsory industrial training placement.

Fourth Year


  • Field Development & Design Project C
  • MEng Research Project C
  • Professional and Industrial Studies
  • Well Testing
  • Field Development & Design Project D
  • MEng Research Project D
  • Modelling Management
  • Oil and Gas Processing
Entry Requirements

A relevant first or second class Honours degree or degree qualification, or equivalent qualification recognised by the Malaysian Government, acceptable to the University

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Career Prospects

Petroleum Engineering is a highly specialist course and graduates will find employment opportunities with a number of major energy providers and smaller specialist companies. Specialist topics in geology, reservoir simulation and economics provide graduates with the foundation for further specialist qualifications in these areas.

All fees are in RM (Ringgit Malaysia) currency unless stated otherwise.

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