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MBBS (IMU) or Medical Degree from Partner Medical Schools (PMS) in overseas

Offered by: International Medical University (IMU)
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Exam BodyInternational Medical University (IMU) or Partner Medical Schools
Course Duration5+0/ 2.5+2/ 2.5+2.5/ 2.5+3/ 3.5+2/ 3.5+3 Yrs
Part Time/Full TimeFull Time
Fees490,000 or 722,400 - 1,030,470/Course
Fees (International Student)543,500 or 749,150 - 1,057,220/Course
FacultySchool of Medicine
Conducted entirely in MalaysiaYes
Awarding CountryMalaysia
Level of StudyBachelor's Degree Level
Field of StudyMedicine & Healthcare
Course Description

So you are thinking of taking up Medicine, but you are not sure? You heard from friends that studying Medicine is tough, it is a long course, and you have to make many sacrifices: and so you are undecided. Well, Medicine is tough. To take up Medicine, you not only need good grades, you also need to be convinced yourself that it is your career choice. That choice is yours, not your parents’ or anyone else’s, as you need total commitment, tenacity and determination on your part to carry on till you become a doctor and beyond.

What we do in IMU is to help you achieve your dream. We’ll make you a good, technically competent and more importantly a caring doctor. The 8 IMU outcomes make it explicit that we’ll help you do just that. We emphasise professionalism and ethics, and we strive to maintain the high ideals of Medicine as a noble profession. The science of curing a disease or lessening physical pain is not always the most important aspect of the doctor-patient relationship. Patients come to visit doctors for many reasons, and sometimes it is for emotional support and kindness, for empathy, for openness with someone they can trust and respect. In time to come, when you become a doctor, you will always be a doctor: because of the special and unique doctor-patient relationship through most harrowing and fragile moments, and through life and death. Medical students and young doctors always remember the first baby they deliver: the joy they share with patient and family; the first death they have to certify: the heavy heart to break the news and to comfort relatives who have lost their loved one. Whether you are a small time country doctor or a big time consultant in the premier hospital, you are sure to make a difference in the lives of those you touch!

Yes, Medicine is a life changing career. It is for those who are fully committed to take up the challenge. I can assure you that you’ll not regret that decision!

Entry Requirements
A-Levels BBB or ABC in Biology and Chemistry and Physics or Mathematics
STPM BBB or ABC in Biology and Chemistry and Physics or Mathematics
Australian Matriculation 80% aggregate or TER / UAI / ENTER/ ATAR 85 (including Biology and Chemistry and Physics or Mathematics)
NCEA Level 3 80% in Biology and Chemistry and Physics or Mathematics
Canadian Grade 12/13 85% aggregate in 6 subjects (with average of 80% Biology and Chemistry and Physics or Mathematics)
Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) B4 in 5 subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Additional Mathematics)
Australian University Foundation Programmes 80% aggregate or TER / UAI / ENTER / ATAR 85 (including Biology and Chemistry and Physics or Mathematics)
Indian Pre-University Average of 75% in all subjects (with an average of 70% in Biology, Chemistry, Physics/Mathematics)
Ministry of Education Matriculation# cGPA 3.50 (and attained 5Bs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics or Additional Mathematics and another subject at SPM/ O-Level)
International Baccalaureate (IB) 33 points with a minimum of 2 science subjects / Mathematics at Higher Level (HL) and 1 science subject at Standard Level (SL) and attained a minimum score of 4 each in Biology and Chemistry and Physics or Mathematics
American High School Diploma with Advanced Placement (AP) Not applicable
Foundation * # cGPA 3.50 (and attained 5Bs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics,
Mathematics or Additional Mathematics and another subject at SPM / O-Level)
Degree BSc (Hons) 2nd Class Upper / cGPA 3.30
Diploma Diploma in Health Sciences – cGPA 3.50 and provided duration is not less than 5 semesters or 2.5 years in the same accredited institution and attained 2Bs each in Biology, Chemistry or Physics and 3Cs each in English, Mathematics/ Additional Mathematics and another subject at SPM/O-Level

Biology, Chemistry, Physics / Mathematics are compulsory subjects.

# The duration of this programme must be a minimum of 1 year in the same accredited institution.

* IMU does not accept any foundation in science courses from other colleges/universities for its dentistry programme except for foundation in science by IMU.

Foundation in Science qualification from other colleges/universities will be considered on case by case basis for admission into the Medicine & Pharmacy programme. In addition, it is only applicable for application into the IMU local programmes and not for all credit transfer options. Student with IMU Foundation in Science can apply into the IMU programmes with credit transfer option (except for medicine & dentistry), upon meeting eligibility of the required entry requirement of the intended programme.

English Language Requirement

Applicants are required to have this at the point of entry:

IELTS Overall band score of 6.5
Those who opt for the overseas option must achieve an overall band score of 7.0 (Not less than 6.5 for individual bands)


  • The entry requirements and English requirements are subject to change.


Intake Months

February and August 

All fees are in RM (Ringgit Malaysia) currency unless stated otherwise.

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