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Institution Profile

Background of Institution


MCKL was established in 1983 as a private educational institution by the Methodist Council of Education.

The College is the successor to Methodist High School, which emerged as a school of second chances in 1969. The school welcomed many students who had lost their seats in government schools, and prepared them for higher education and employment.

As the student population expanded, the school was later renamed Methodist College Kuala Lumpur. Under the direction of principal Mrs F. R. Bhupalan starting in 1983, the focus then shifted to pre-university courses.

MCKL first offered secondary education (Form 1 to Form 5), Form 6, and A Levels. In 1994, the students at the secondary education level were relocated to a new campus in Sentul, currently known as Wesley Methodist School, to accommodate their increasing numbers. In 1999, Methodist College Kuala Lumpur in Brickfields shifted its focus to A Levels, followed by the introduction of AUSMAT, Diploma in Early Childhood Education, CAT and ACCA, and the American Degree Transfer Program.

The college building was given a major renovation and expansion in the year 2008 with the help of the Methodist Church, who financed the launching fund. The College then raised the remaining renovation funds by itself, and the new building was completed in 2010.

Programme Outline


As of 2020, MCKL offers the following programmes:

  • Cambridge A Levels
  • Australian Matriculation
  • American Degree Transfer Program
  • Diploma in Early Childhood Education
  • Diploma in Social Work
  • Certified Accounting Technician (CAT)
  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
  • Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching & Learning

MCKL is known for its academic excellence and affordable fees, and consistently producing well-rounded individuals who can readily excel in society. The College also offers scholarships ranging from 15% to 100% and provides financial aid to many students who require it.

Its mission, “To nurture a community where excellence, in all its forms, is celebrated; and where individuals come alive to their God-given ability to make a unique difference in the world” is the main driver for its staff and students. They are grounded by MCKL’s ten core values; honour God, respect yourself, respect others, respect property, cherish relationships, cherish nature, cherish our nation, celebrate excellence, celebrate diversity, celebrate volunteerism.

Having close to 200 staff, MCKL conducts a thorough screening process before employing them. The lecturers are required to have at least a degree in related disciplines, and class observations are done every semester to ensure high standards of teaching.

MCKL provides study areas such as the library, dedicated study rooms, and open-air areas for students to enjoy.

The Student Experience


MCKL has various departments to cater to the various needs of its students:

  • Psychology and Learning centre – for emotional needs
  • University Placement Unit – for university options after Pre-University
  • Accommodation Unit – for students seeking accommodation
  • International Students Office – for international students who require assistance
  • Book Corner – for students to purchase books or stationaries
  • Student Services Office – for non-academic services

Orientation camps are organised for new students to get to know the College and their peers better. MCKL also organises inter-cohort games for students to mix with people from other programmes. Lecturers also often take part in these games.

There are many clubs and societies for students to join. These are managed by the students, to facilitate the development of important soft skills. Also, MCKL students are required to go through Service Learning and Character Formation classes in their first semester.

The Service Learning course is an educational experience that requires participation in an organised service activity to meet identified community needs. Students reflect on their service activity through writing, discussion, and reading to gain a better understanding of their course content, broaden their appreciation of the discipline, and enhance their sense of civic responsibility. Students learn through hands-on interaction and experience, and relate these to their course material via discussion and written assignments.


Character Formation is a niche course provided by MCKL, required for most of the programmes. A unique course, it touches barely on academics but focuses heavily instead on fundamental aspects of life. Students will be challenged to rethink their positions and question their values regarding what it means to be human and what it means to be in a community. Topics that are discussed are usually taboo, such as pornography, disability, and racism. Contemporary issues are brought forward in class, and discussions are guided to spur critical thinking and creative problem-solving. The class focuses on changing not the behaviour, but the hearts and minds of students, asking them what it means to live a good life.

Students at MCKL can be assured that the staff are ever willing to help. MCKL promotes a family-like culture and a safe space for students to grow and experiment. Many activities involve both students and lecturers, such as the Orientation Camp, and annual student balls, and alumni from years prior would still frequently visit their lecturers.

Recognition and Accreditation

MCKL has been a familiar face in the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards with student achieving Top in the World and Top in Malaysia in back to back award.

In CAT and ACCA, MCKL students have been consistently achieving Top in the World and Top in Malaysia as well.

All programmes offered at MCKL are recognised by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

Courses Offered

Click on a programme name for full details.

Accountancy Professional Qualification
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
Level: Accountancy Professional Qualification
Fees (Local): FT: Est. 33,000 ; PT: Varies from estimated 10,000
Duration: FT: 24 months ; PT: Varies from 6 months
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Semi Professional Accounting Qualification
Pre-University/Foundation Studies
Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT)
Level: Pre-University/Foundation Studies
Fees (Local): Est. 25,000
Duration: 12 months
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Cambridge A Level
Level: Pre-University/Foundation Studies
Fees (Local): Est. 35,000
Duration: 15-18 months
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Cambridge A Level - German Pathway
Level: Pre-University/Foundation Studies
Fees (Local): Est. 38,000
Duration: 18 months
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Diploma Level
Diploma in Early Childhood Education
Level: Diploma Level
Fees (Local): FT: 24250/Course ; PT: 15500
Duration: 30 months
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Diploma in Social Work
Level: Diploma Level
Fees (Local): 23359/Course
Duration: 36 months
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Bachelor's Degree Level
American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP)
Level: Bachelor's Degree Level
Fees (Local): Est. 38,000
Duration: 12-24 months
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Contact Details

Methodist College Kuala Lumpur

Off Jalan Tun Sambanthan 4,
50470 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan

Type: Private College

Tel: 0322741851
Fax: 0322736102

Active Scholarships

  • Scholarship / Fund / Loan
  • MCKL Other Scholarship 2020

    Deadline: Ongoing
    Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL) is offering scholarships to Malaysians who wish to pursue their education with MCKL.
  • MCKL Special Scholarship 2020

    Deadline: Ongoing
    Special Scholarships will be awarded to students in the following categories.
  • MCKL Merit Scholarship 2020

    Deadline: Before the end of the 6th week of the first semester
    Students with excellent SPM/IGCSE results will be considered for various scholarships for the following courses of study.
    Before the end of the 6th week of the first semester

Key Personnel

Ms Angela Pok

Chief Executive Officer , Methodist College Kuala Lumpur

Ms Angela Pok is the Chief Executive Officer of MCKL. She holds an MBA from the University of Southern Queensland and a professional qualification from Tunku Abdul Rahman University College.

She has more than 20 years of management experience in tertiary education, having served in both public and private universities. She was Vice-President of Student Experience at Taylor’s University from September 1997 to March 2017 before assuming the role of Director of Transnational Education and Strategy at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia SPACE (UTMSPACE) from April 2017 to July 2019. At UTM, she was involved in transnational education engagement where she spearheaded the successful implementation of franchise campuses in a few countries, making UTM the first Malaysian public university to offer local degree programmes abroad.

She has always been passionate about providing positive student experiences that enhance student learning at universities and institutions of higher learning. This has led to her appointment as the President of Asia Pacific Student Services Association (APSSA), a role which allows her to enhance liaison and collaboration among student services practitioners of the Asia Pacific region.

Ms Angela has vast experience managing high volume of staff and working with diverse staff of different levels. She specialises in higher education management and administration, leadership and staff development as well as institutional strategic planning.

She has been involved in the strategic planning trainings to a few key groups that include:

  1. Jabatan Pendidikan Tinggi, Ministry of Education, Malaysia
  3. Ministry of Food, Bangladesh
  4. Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, Bangladesh
  5. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Bangladesh
  6. University Grants Commission, Bangladesh

Ms Angela is committed and ready to steer the College and its community to greater heights. Her vision for MCKL can best be summed up as MCKL 4.0: The Institution of Excellence for Life.

Student Testimonials

Ang Guo Weng

Former CAT2019, Current ACCA2020

Before I handed in my admission form to MCKL, I visited many other colleges. I admitted that other colleges might have better facilities and all. Still, I felt something different about MCKL, the way they run the college was not so commercialized, but instead, they often put the students' benefit as their main priority.

Caleb Tay Hong Teng

A-Level Class of 2014

 “My friends said that MCKL students have good character, and I had also heard that many of them have been to elite universities around the world because MCKL helped them to become well-rounded in skills and knowledge. I wasn’t disappointed. The staff were friendly and helpful, and the lecturers really went the extra mile to help us even when we messaged them outside of college hours. Once I’m done with my gap year to get some work experience and social skills, I intend to apply to the US and UK to study Electrical & Electronic Engineering.”

Ms Chin Hui Yin, A-Level Class of 2014

Pharmacy in University College London, UK on a JPA Scholarship

“MCKL exceeded my expectations. The campus was clean, conducive to studying, and it had a good reputation for academic performance. Both the students and lecturers were very helpful to me and my friends when we had trouble finding places or handling our homework. The staff of the University Placement Office also made a huge difference when I applied through UCAS; they gave me a lot of useful advice and I eventually got offers from all five universities that I applied to.”

Ms Olivia Francis, CAT Class of 2014

Joined MCKL for CAT

Olivia received an offer from MCKL to study the Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) programme on a full tuition scholarship with Financial Aid covering miscellaneous fees, and the Elena Cooke Education Fund (under the BBGS Alumni), had pledged to cover her book fees, travel expenses as well as a bit of a meal allowance. Olivia only had to pay for the exam fees.
By the end of the Certified Accounting Technician programme, Olivia became a proud recipient of the Amcorp Study Grant, which covers all expenses for her ACCA Skills and Professional papers as well as cover her travel and meal expenses.Olivia thanks God for opening the doors to her to study accounting, and is glad to have come to MCKL. As far as first impressions go, Olivia liked MCKL, which was also a deciding factor in her continuing her ACCA at MCKL.
“It’s a small college with a conducive environment. The lecturers are friendly and they spend time with us, not just in studies but also motivating us,” says Olivia. “I really appreciate the help ms Guna gave me when I studied CAT.”

Ms. Alice Shin Jeong Sook, South Korea

Business English & Certificate in English, Jul 2006 - Nov 2007

After attending 14 weeks of the course, now I know many words to use for business. The teachers are professional and very passionate people. Mrs. Tan pushes us to learn the proper English.  Their spirit to teach us is very inspiring. Now I can do presentation in English. My classmates are very nice and this makes the atmosphere very friendly. We all learn English together and laugh at each other’s mistakes.

Ms. Bita Bastani, Iran

A-Level, U.K., March 2006 to June 2007

The staff in the student services department are really helpful in getting my student visa. They also provide special information on how to become comfortable in Malaysia. All the facilities are good enough to help me to study better and enjoy my time in the college. I just want to let you know that I'm glad to be a student in Methodist College Kuala Lumpur.

Methodist College Kuala Lumpur Videos

Methodist College Kuala Lumpur - Hang In There!
MCKL staff, students, and alumni got together to make this video possible. Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Strong. We are in this together. Visit our YouTube channel here - Methodist College Kuala Lumpur