Who's Who in Malaysian Education (Volume 1)
- The Inspiring Stories of Institution Founders and Leaders


"Who's Who in Malaysian Education" is a book that carries the inspiring life stories of founders and pioneers of private educational institutions; leaders of private institutions such as its CEOs and Principals; and the Vice Chancellors of public universities.

Volume One of this book begins with 24 celebrated personalities and readers can look forward to discovering more in subsequent volumes. Their accomplishments and life experiences are a source of motivation for many. Readers will be treated to a collection of colourful stories, with unexpected twists and pleasant surprises along the way.

The cross-section of leaders covered is unique in breadth of backgrounds and diversity across the continuum of educational experiences. Every brief but significant chapter offers key biographical information as each personality reveals and asserts their definitions of history and realities in the sweep of educational history. These personalities have helped to develop the education industry and create the education markets and other associated businesses. They have also created jobs and brought revenue into the country and more importantly, created more education opportunities

This book also chronicles the development of education in Malaysia through the life stories of these industry's celebrated educators.

Who�s Who in Malaysian Education (volume one) - The Inspiring Stories of Institution Founders and Leaders is available at all major book stores @ RM28 per copy.

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Volume 1


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