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Why Study at TOA?

"In our opinion, The One Academy is acknowledged as the most exceptional international creative art institution!"

"We concur that The One Academy's creative education and industry-driven teaching methods that had produced extraordinary graduates with professional standards for the international creative industry! Well Done!"

The One Academy (TOA)

Strategic Location

When it comes to providing an international quality education, TOA believes that a recommended location should come with good infrastructure, wide amenities & conveniences and a reference hub strategically surrounded by a balance of tranquillity and thriving creativity.

The One Academy (TOA)

State of the Art Facilities

The One Academy provides international industry-standard facilities so that students can experience and explore the variety of state-of-the-art-media, properties, techniques and surfaces to develop their cutting edge skills.

The One Academy (TOA)

Advanced Curriculum

In order to maintain the rising creative & digital industry, The One Academy continues to host international masterclasses & talk series, bringing students and local animators together to meet with the world’s best in each field: To be the best, you need to learn from the masters.

The One Academy (TOA)

International Profile

The One Academy leads by working closely with international universities with formal affiliations to ensure a promising future of international quality.

The One Academy (TOA)

Industry Recognition

The One Academy is recognised by the professional industries and is highly recommended by big industry players! Today, our students have joined renowned international & local companies to serve the creative art & design industries with their professional skills.

The One Academy (TOA)

Career & Result Oriented

The One Academy is all about career & result oriented with students’ award-winning works & graduates’ career success on local and international level while reflecting the academy’s true ability in delivering the real outcome YOUR achievement!

Diploma Programmes

The following Diploma Programmes offered are full-time 3-year courses that prepare you to be proficient in both industry training and theory training.

Providing top notch professional art and design education is our aim, and we make sure our students come away with skills and knowledge that will last them for their whole careers. Their work delivers clear messages, creatively solves problems and is vivid proof of why The One Academy graduates are trusted throughout the industry to provide solid, stunning results.

Digital Media Design

Digital Media Design

An innovative learning environment to develop knowledge and skills in various digital media curriculum ranging from time-based media, online media, interactive media, user experience and interface design to digital fabrication and production.

Advertising & Graphic Design

Advertising & Graphic Design

The opportunity to engage in more industry-driven briefs with the focus on professional design practices, branding, advertising strategies and various creative content published in both print and digital media.

Digital Animation

Digital Animation

Develop creative and artistic senses, foster own ingenious techniques, build own demo reels by screening different genres, styles, formats and animation approaches while working side-by-side with mentors at an industry-oriented environment.



Create intriguing illustrations for commercials, publications and entertainment in animation, video games, films and theme parks, bringing out the truest artists in them.

Interior Design

Interior Design

Learn the best of both residential and commercial interior design ranging from site study, space planning and interior concept development to lighting and furniture design.

Fine Arts

Fine Arts

A monumental programme that centralises on the importance of concrete fundamental fine arts studies to help students develop the ability to transfer their ideas into works of art.

Film Visual Effects

Film Visual Effects

Featuring a full spectrum of intensive hands-on curriculum designed to equip the students of the program with the art and science of VFX by bringing Hollywood best-practices into the TOA classrooms.

2020 Diploma April Intake

Sunway / Penang Campuses

Class Begins 13 May 2020

Diploma Progression Routes

Secondary education

Diploma Programmes

3 Years

TOA UK Degree (3+0)
(entry to Year 2)

2 Years

Affiliated Degree with Partner Universities

1 - 2 Years



Work in Industry

Note: The completion of a programme at TOA does not give the student an automatic admission to a higher level programme. Admission is determined by the student’s results, and the fulfillment of the conditions and the entry requirements stipulated by the University.



We believe that everyone should have a chance to receive a professional education. That’s the reason we provide administrative aid for financial assistance with tuition fees. We help our students liaise with governmental organizations such as the National Higher Learning Education Fund (PTPTN) & (KOJADI).

Our most sought after scholarship has to be our prominent ‘Top 10 Outstanding Young Artist Award’ which is highly renowned globally. This award is a competition held annually in collaboration with Disney.Pixar and its popular latest animated movie release. Through this competition, we offer the best scholarship to the most outstanding performers to enable them the chance to develop themselves further as young creative professionals.

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Application Process

It's easy to begin your professional education in art and design at The One Academy. We accept students from all over the globe, drawn to us because of our reputation for world-class results. You can apply online right now, or download a form to read and fill out at your own pace.

Here’s how to apply to The One Academy in 5 easy steps and begin your journey into art and design:

Fill in our application form with your academic qualifications.

You can submit it by mail or in person.

Be sure to look up on our entry requirements here.

Prepare these to attach with the form:

  1. Two (2) recent colour passport-sized photographs with name written on the reverse side
  2. One (1) certified true copy of Identity Card (NRIC). [For local students only]
  3. Two (2) certified true copies of Passport on single-sided A4-sized paper without enlargement or reduction (full book; including blank pages). [For international students only]
  4. Certified copies of official academic results relevant to entry requirements
  5. Certified copies of School leaving/completion certificate
  6. Proof of English proficiency
  7. Supporting documents for credit transfer (if applicable)
  8. Documentary evidence (if financed by scholarship/sponsorship/study loan)
  9. Student Hostel Application Form (if you require accommodation). A hostel booking fee of RM400 is required (non-refundable)
  10. Proof of Payment for non-refundable of registration fee RM500 & tuition deposit of RM1500 and EMGS Processing Fees of RM2000 [international students only]
  11. /ol>

Submit a sample of your portfolio:

Submit all the documents / form along with your first payment upon registration.

(An Application Fee of RM2000 / USD500)

Take our English Placement test.

If your application is accepted, you will receive our offer letter in 14 days.If your application is not accepted, we will only refund your tuition deposit of RM 1500/ USD500.

How to Contact Us ?

The One Academy of Communication Design

Headquarter, Sunway

Block B4, Leisure Commerce Square,
No. 9, Jalan PJS 8/9, 46150 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia.
T: +603-7875 5510
F: Direct: +603-7490 7890 | General: +603-7875 5508 Office Hours: 9am - 5.30pm (Mon - Fri) | 9am - 1pm (Sat)

Penang Campus

33 Jalan Anson, 10400 Penang.
T: +604-210 3000 | F: +604-210 3003 Office Hours: 9am - 5pm (Mon - Fri) | 9am - 1pm (Sat)