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The One Academy of Communication Design

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Delivering Creative Education Excellence with Just World-Class Results!

The One Academy is a leading art, design, creativity and technology college where students’ achievements and providing quality education has always been our topmost priority. Receiving international recognition for our efforts, we provide unmatched creative education through our “Masters Train Masters” teaching philosophy and an exceptional team of educators.

Facility Hub - Location

The One Academy stands out in a real-world practical learning environment, integrated with an urban atmosphere that is perfect to stimulate the minds of young design students. Nestled in the heart of a cosmopolitan city, it is easily accessed through the main highways.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The One Academy provides international industry-standard facilities so that students can experience and explore the variety of state-of-the-art media, properties, techniques and surfaces to develop their cutting-edge skills.

Advanced Curriculum

In order to maintain the rising creative & digital industry, The One Academy continues to host international masterclasses & talk series, bringing students and local animators together to meet with the world’s best in each field: To be the best, you need to learn from the masters.

Partner Universities

We have forged academic partnerships with various leading art, design and creative institutions of higher learning in the UK, Australia and the USA. After completing their art and design diploma education, our graduates can easily transfer into our partner universities' degree programmes.

Industry Collaboration

Across all faculties, we continuously initiate collaborations to provide students the opportunities to learn and experience working with experts in the industry, by bringing inspiring projects such as elite lectures, masterclasses, workshops and portfolio reviews to let them get a feel of industry life.

Graduates Success

With a legacy spanning over three decades, we have nurtured thousands of world-class graduates. Here, we feature some of the most recent winners who have gained a fruitful education in communication arts and creative arts at the institute and have made an impact in the abundant creative industries worldwide.

Diploma & Degree Programmes


Foundation in Communication Design

Students acquire the building blocks for skills and knowledge which will prepare them for their advanced art & design programmes in Year 1, 2 and 3.

Foundation in Interior Architecture Design

Students will equip themselves with the building blocks for skills and knowledge development which will prepare them for their advanced learning in interior architecture and design at levels 4, 5 and 6.


KP/JPS (R3/213/4/0289)11/26 (A7675)

Diploma in Digital Animation

Cultivate ideas, creativity, artistry and technological mastery; a strong grasp of art, imagination and effective storytelling skills to keep audiences engaged and entertained in the world of Animation.

KP/JPS(N/213/4/0327)10/27 (PA8826)

Diploma in Film Visual Effects

The integration of live-action footage and generated imagery to create environments which look realistic but would be impossible to capture on film in reality.

KP/JPS(R3/213/4/0317)11/26 (A7674)

Diploma in Illustration

Visual representation of an idea or storytelling which offers artists the opportunity to transform their thoughts, feelings and emotions into inspiring visuals.

KP/JPS(R3/213/4/0290)11/28 (A7609)

Diploma in Digital Media Design

Aims to nurture talents to keep up with digital trends and contribute to the rapidly evolving economy of today’s technology-driven world.

KP/JPS(R2/214/4/0152)4/26 (A1826)

Diploma in Advertising & Graphic Design

A discipline that utilises artistic, innovative and strategic thinking to create creative work aimed to build brands, market businesses, sell products or promote social welfare.

KP/JPS(R2/214/4/0185)10/29 (A7587)

Diploma in Interior Design

Planning, designing and organizing the detail elements of an interior space while learning to identify, research and creatively provide quality and functional solutions.

KP/JPS(R2/212/4/0056)10/29 (MQA/FA1580)

Diploma in Fashion Design & Pattern Making

Emphasizing on imagination, creativity and intelligence to create and recreate the fashion culture and lifestyle in the vastly dynamic fashion industry.

KP/JPS(R/211/4/0008)3/23 (MQA/FA1738)

Diploma in Fine Arts

Nurture sophisticated talents rooted in the global art movement, centralising on concrete fine arts fundamentals to help transfer ideas and emotions into works of art.


KPT/JPS(R2/214/6/0086)10/23 (A9124)

BA (Hons) Digital Media Design

Using practice-based approaches and theory-led methodologies through subjects such as web-based content, social media systems, immersive media and experiential design, this programme aims to provide the student with the necessary knowledge and skills to become future-proof designers who have mastered creative technology and are ready to lead digital transformations.

KPT/JPS(R2/213/6/0135)11/23 (A9123)

BA (Hons) Graphic Design: Advertising & Branding

This programme aims to create designers that are skilled in graphic arts and are able to bring their skills beyond the boundaries of conventional graphic design, adapt to entrepreneurial and start-up cultures and incorporate their work in the digital and technological age to solve the design problems of today.

KPT/JPS(R/581/6/0045)2/24 (MQA/FA11216)

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design

This course helps students gain, develop and demonstrate the knowledge, understanding and skills in Interior Architecture and Design with focus on the creative improvement of existing and new buildings & spaces.

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Scholarship and Financial Aid

We believe that everyone should have a chance to receive a professional and quality education. Please refer below a range of loans and scholarships for deserving students. Our aim is to make quality education accessible to all who aspire to pursue their academic goals.

Find out more about Scholarships and Financial Aids:

For existing students of The One Academy, you may talk to our Student Services Officers or send queries to [email protected]

For students who have yet to join us, you may send your queries to [email protected] for us to assist you.

The One Academy offers one main scholarship event every year: Malaysia Top 10 Outstanding Young Artists Awards, formerly known as the Creative Art Award.

This annual nationwide competition is usually themed around the year’s main Disney-Pixar release, in which the main prizes are scholarships of various values. Literally hundreds of contestants vie to be the best in this showcase of young creative minds.

You can find out more about the latest Malaysia Top 10 Outstanding Young Artist Awards at https://www.top10.toa.edu.my.

Meet our Alumni - The Global Graduates Success

The Malaysia Top 10 Outstanding Creative Youth Awards is an annual recognition that honours the academy's graduates who have attained outstanding and substantial achievements in the international fields of creativity and personal accomplishment.

Chong Fei Giap

Founder & Creative Director
Running Snail Studio, Malaysia

Nicholas Quek Way Wern

Lead Animator
PlayStation Studios, Malaysia

Cammy Aw Wan Zhing

Co-Founder & Design Director
DOS Design Studio, Ecuador

Sia Nyuk Fung

Co-Dev Art Director
Playground Games, United Kingdom

Aston Lai Chee Yen

Co-Founder & Creative Director
Spectro Visuals, China

Seah Ze Lin

International Fine Artist & Senior Lecturer
The One Academy, Malaysia

Alex Phung Chun Chen

Vice President & Chief Creative Officer
BlueFocus Digital, China

Andrea Goh

Layout (Camera & Staging) Lead
Pixar Animation Studios, USA

Industry Recognition

The One Academy has received great recognitions and acknowledgment of our art and design education over the years of collaborating with international industry experts. Here's what they have to say.

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