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Why Study at TOA?

The One Academy is a leading art, design, creativity and technology college where students’ achievements and providing quality education has always been our topmost priority. Receiving international recognition for our efforts, we provide unmatched creative education through our “Masters Train Masters” teaching philosophy and an exceptional team of educators.

Strategic Location

When it comes to providing an international quality education, TOA believes that a recommended location should come with good infrastructure, wide amenities & conveniences and a reference hub strategically surrounded by a balance of tranquillity and thriving creativity.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The One Academy provides international industry-standard facilities so that students can experience and explore the variety of state-of-the-art media, properties, techniques and surfaces to develop their cutting-edge skills.

Advanced Curriculum

In order to maintain the rising creative & digital industry, The One Academy continues to host international masterclasses & talk series, bringing students and local animators together to meet with the world’s best in each field: To be the best, you need to learn from the masters.

International Profile

The One Academy leads by working closely with international universities with formal affiliations to ensure a promising future of international quality.

Industry Recognition

The One Academy is recognised by the professional industries and is highly recommended by big industry players! Today, our students have joined renowned international & local companies to serve the creative art & design industries with their professional skills.

Career & Result Oriented

The One Academy is all about careers and results with student's award-winning works & graduates’ career successes on local and international level while reflecting the academy’s true ability in delivering the real outcome -- YOUR achievement!


Foundation Courses

Foundation in Communication Design

Students acquire the building blocks for skills and knowledge which will prepare them for their advanced art & design programmes in Year 1, 2 and 3.

Foundation in Interior Architecture Design

Students will equip themselves with the building blocks for skills and knowledge development which will prepare them for their advanced learning in interior architecture and design at levels 4, 5 and 6.

Diploma Courses

Diploma in Digital Media Design

(KP/JPS(R3/213/4/0290) 11/28)

An innovative learning environment to develop knowledge & skills in various digital media curriculum ranging from time-based, online & interactive media to digital fabrication and production.

Diploma in Advertising & Graphic Design

(KP/JPS(R/214/4/0152) 4/26)

Engage in more industry-driven briefs with the focus on professional design practices, branding, advertising strategies & various creative content published in both print & digital.

Diploma in Digital Animation with Game Development

(KP/JPS(R3/213/4/0289) 11/26)

Develop creative & artistic senses, foster own ingenious techniques, build own demo reels by screening different genres, styles, formats & animation approaches.

Diploma in Illustration, Movie & Game Art

(KP/JPS(R3/213/4/0317) 11/26)

Create intriguing illustrations for commercials, publications and entertainment in animation, video games, films and theme parks, bringing out the truest artists in them.

Diploma in Interior Design

(KP/JPS(R2/581/4/0185) 10/29)

Learn the best of both residential and commercial interior design ranging from site study, space planning and interior concept development to lighting and furniture design.

Diploma in Fine Arts

(KP/JPS(R2/213/4/0008) 3/28)

A monumental programme that centralises on the importance of concrete fundamental fine arts studies to help students develop the ability to transfer their ideas into works of art.

Diploma in Film Visual Effects

(KP/JPS(N/213/4/0327) 10/27)

Featuring a full spectrum of intensive hands-on curriculum designed to equip the students of the program with the art and science of VFX by bringing Hollywood best-practices into the TOA classrooms.

Diploma in Computer Science

(N/481/4/0836) 10/26

The Diploma in Computer Science programme establishes a solid foundation in game design theory, supplemented with computer science, mathematics and physics.

Diploma in Game Design

(N/213/4/0373) 8/26

The Diploma in Game Design programme is a combination of theory and practice of game design and user experience, with coursework delving in the humanities, social sciences, art, mathematics and computer science.

Degree Courses

BA (Hons) Digital Media Design

(KPT/JPS(R2/214/6/0086) 10/23)

The course places users’ experience at heart & focuses on design & content creation in mobile apps, games, websites, interactive installations, digital comics, next generation advertising & social media.

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

(KPT/JPS(R2/213/6/0135) 11/23)

Equipped with core graphic design skills, design principles and drawing fundamentals, creative thinking and learn to handle image making technologies before getting involved in professional projects like high profile live projects.

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design

(KPT/JPS(R/581/6/0045) 2/24)

In this programme, students gain, develop and demonstrate the knowledge, understanding and skills in Interior Architecture and Design. We focus on the creative improvement of existing and new buildings & spaces.



We concur that The One Academy's creative education and industry-driven teaching methods that have produced extraordinary graduates with professional standards for the international creative industry! Well done!



The One Academy offers one main scholarship a year : Malaysia Top 10 Outstanding Young Artist Awards, formerly known as the Creative Art Award.

This Award is a contest usually themed around that year’s main Disney-Pixar release, in which the main prizes are scholarships of various values. Literally hundreds of contestants vie to be the best in this showcase of young creative minds.

You can find out more about the latest Malaysia Top 10 Outstanding Young Artist Awards at

The One Academy of Communication Design



We help our students liaise with external agencies to secure study loans. There is an option for everyone, and we recommend researching what is available before speaking to our student officers. Whatever your choice is, we will be glad to help.

This service is currently only available to local students in Malaysia.


You may either seek financial assistance from your own banks or call one of the largest global banks for financial assistance: Call OCBC Bank Officer at 011-26348726 (for TOA Sunway) or 010-370 5815 (for TOA Penang)

You may also talk to our student officers or send queries to [email protected] for us to assist you.

For more information:

The One Academy of Communication Design


There are several scholarships available locally for needy students to pursue their tertiary education. We recommend that you read through all the terms and conditions of those that you are interested in, and select the one that best suits your needs.

For more information please email to [email protected]

The One Academy of Communication Design

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