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About CITY U

Founded in 1984, City University is one of Malaysia's oldest private educational institutions, now fully accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education. Offering MQA-accredited programs from Foundation to PhD, our industry-focused approach has earned us a 'Competitive' rating in SETARA-2022. Ranked 13th among ASEAN private universities, City University provides a global, diverse community across Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Johor Bahru, and Cyberjaya. We strive to empower students with skills beyond academics, ensuring they become champions in their lives.

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Why Choose City U

40 years of producing employable graduates
Malaysia Rating: VERY GOOD (4 STAR) SETARA-2019
Get Job-focused training from our industry
More than 30,000 graduates
Over 70 programmes to offer
Over 95.3% are hired by local and international companies
Best Interior Design School, Nippon AYDA Award
3rd Best Design School in Asia Pacific (Regional)
Dual Award Programmes


City University Malaysia has been awarded 5-Star (Excellent) in Teaching, Employability, Academic Development, Online Learning & Inclusiveness by the QS Stars program.

Academic Development
Online Learning
Occupational Safety & Health
Direct Pathway to UTM

UTM Programmes

City University is currently offering the following UTM diploma programmes. Our partnership with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia allows SPM students to gain direct admission to UTM without having to go through the UPU application process.

Diploma in Technology Management

MQA/FA 11664

Prepares graduates for roles like assistant administrative officer, line supervisor, and assistant executive (administrative & finance), while also offering pathways for further studies in related fields at both local and foreign universities. Equips them to solve managerial problems and collaborate within multidisciplinary teams to propose innovative solutions in management and technology.

Diploma in Accounting

MQA/PA 16864

Provides five months of practical Industrial Training with esteemed accounting and audit firms, offering real-world experience as assistant accountants or audit assistants. Facilitates additional qualifications, broadening knowledge for entry into honors or postgraduate programs, professional development, and integration of Islamic foundations into the accounting and finance domain.

Diploma in Architecture

MQA/PA 16863

Graduates demonstrate competency, creativity, critical thinking, and innovation in problem-solving within the architectural domain. Proficient in effective communication, leadership, and continuous learning for career advancement, upholding ethical values, and contributing to both organizational and societal needs in the field of architecture.

Diploma in Computer Science

MQA/PA 16865

Integrates theory, practical experience, and technical knowledge in computing, programming, website creation, and software development. Emphasizes innovative thinking, creative problem-solving, self-discipline, entrepreneurship, and industry exposure through systematic development, equipping students for success and relevance in the dynamic tech landscape.

Diploma in Property Management

MQA/PA 16874

Designed to impart both theory and practical aspects of real estate practice, encompassing property valuations, building management, and real estate agency & marketing. Offers valuable industry exposure through industrial training and maintains relevance through continuous engagement with industry practitioners. Accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents & Property Managers (BOVAEA).

More Programmes

We also offer diploma programmes for SPM, UEC, O-Level school leavers in other disciplines and area of study that will enable you to follow your passion and pursue your dreams. With more than 23 diploma programmes we are confident we have an offering that will meet your personal and professional development needs.

Diploma in Nursing

(R2/723/4/0040) (MQA/FA 2644) 05/2027

Prepares students to be competent Registered Nurses, balancing care and healthcare science to provide professional, safe, and individualized nursing care.

Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health

(R2/862/4/0036) (A 8402) 01/2024

Equips students with skills for workplace safety, including audits, procedures, and emergency plans, fostering a career in ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

(R2/725/4/0044) (A 8403) 04/2024

Train healthcare professionals to support diagnosis and disease monitoring through proficient laboratory services, addressing the demand for skilled medical technologists in lab operation, development, and management.

Diploma in Environmental Health

(R2/853/4/0028) (A 11379) 10/2025

Focuses on integrating health science with environmental conservation and rehabilitation for enhanced human well-being.

Diploma in Architectural Technology

(R2/581/4/0046) (A 10287) 07/2024

Prepares for a career supporting building design and construction with technical expertise encompassing design, building services, construction, materials, and CAD proficiency for drafting and documentation.

Diploma in Interior Design

(R2/214/4/0188) (MQA/FA 2063) 05/2029

Shapes graduates with up-to-date theoretical and technical expertise for the interior design and building industry, fostering effective communication, adaptable problem-solving skills, and strong ethical values for success in the global market.

Diploma in Accountancy

(R2/344/4/0391) (A 11298) 08/2025

Academically rigorous program, specifically crafted to train technically competent future accountants, providing a strong curriculum and practical exposure to diverse aspects of accounting.

Diploma in Management

(R2/345/4/0719) (A 6105) 03/2025

Enables seamless progression to a Bachelor's degree and cultivates practical skills, industry-relevant knowledge, and a business-focused mindset for a successful future in the global business arena.

Diploma in Human Resource Management

(R2/345/4/0770) (A 11541) 10/2025

Tailored for those keen on human resource and personnel management, emphasizing best work practices within businesses for a vibrant career path.

Diploma in Business Management

(R2/340/4/0560) (A 11544) 10/2025

Tailored for versatile career paths in business and entrepreneurship, providing a contemporary approach with academic theory, business knowledge, creative thinking skills, and analytical methodology for effective business administration and exploration of various business aspects.

Diploma in Office Management

(R2/346/4/0048) (A 11543) 06/2026

Provides academic foundation and specialized training for an administrative career, enhancing competencies in English language and formalized functional skills in office management for those seeking tertiary-level qualifications.

Diploma in Islamic Banking

(R/343/4/0124) (MQA/FA 3630) 03/2024

Tailored for comprehensive understanding of Islamic banking principles compared to conventional banking, providing insights into operations within Islamic banking institutions, guided by experienced academics and industry professionals.

Diploma in Corporate Communication

(R2/321/4/0038) (MQA/FA 2076) 01/2029

Aims to prepare learners for mid-level roles in corporate communication industries through foundational knowledge and vocational skills, providing a pathway for further studies at an advanced level.

Diploma in Fashion Design

(R2/214/4/0085) (MQA/FA 2071) 08/2028

Prepares students with versatile professional and transferable skills for careers and advanced studies within the fashion and creative industries.

Diploma in Graphic Design

(R2/213/4/0074) (MQA/FA 1949) 06/2029

Offers a structured studio approach, fostering design thinking and problem-solving for effective visual communication in a dynamic professional setting, covering diverse aspects from visual concepts to specialized areas like graphic design, typography, and authorship considerations.

Diploma in Mass Communication

(R2/321/4/0057) (MQA/FA 2008) 11/2027

Equips learners with pedagogical and technical skills for utilizing electronic media in Mass Communication, integrating fundamental theories of the field.

Diploma in Early Childhood Education

(R/143/4/0072) (MQA/FA 3571)

Comprehensive and practical program preparing students for a fulfilling career in early childhood education, focusing on knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for the holistic development of young children.

Diploma in Early Childhood Education - ODL

(N-DL/143/4/0167) (MQA/PA 11926)

A comprehensive and practical Open and Distance Learning (ODL) program designed to equip students for a rewarding career in early childhood education, emphasizing essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes for the holistic development of young children.

Diploma in Civil Engineering

(R3/526/4/0008) (A 6750)

Aims to produce proactive technicians well-versed in tackling challenges of a dynamic technical landscape, offering comprehensive lectures, tutorials, projects, and industrial exposure to develop skills for designing cost-effective, eco-friendly engineering structures.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

(R/521/4/0107) (MQA/FA 5290)

At the forefront of technology, this program integrates physical sciences and engineering education to empower learners to innovate, design, manufacture, operate, and maintain mechanical solutions crucial for various industries like transport, healthcare, construction, and robotics.

Diploma in Culinary Arts

(R2/811/4/0264) (A 11542)

Offers innovative, hands-on training in hospitality and tourism, integrating culinary skills, emphasizing practical experience through curricular activities and internships, to equip students with critical decision-making abilities. Proudly collaborates with Vatel School, a leading worldwide business school in Hospitality and Tourism Management based in Paris, France.

Diploma in Hotel Management

(R2/811/4/0085) (MQA/FA 1942)

Provides a strong foundation in computer applications, giving students an excellent start for a challenging career in the information technology field, arming them with the essential skills to succeed in the information sector and support IT needs within organizations.

Diploma in Information Technology

(R2/481/4/0610) (A 6106)

Provides a strong foundation in computer applications, giving students an excellent start for a challenging career in the information technology field, arming them with the essential skills to succeed in the information sector and support IT needs within organizations.

Cambridge CGE A-Level


Fast Track Your Success Affordably

A-Levels are highly regarded by universities and employers, as they demonstrate a high level of academic ability and readiness for higher education. They provide a strong foundation for students to pursue further studies in their chosen field, or to enter into the workforce with a solid academic background. A-Levels also offer students the opportunity to develop important skills such as critical thinking, research, and independent study, which are essential for success at university and in professional life.

1 Year Pathway:

Fast track programme, Choose any 2 subjects from:

  • Business
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Mathematics
  • English Literature

Normal Programmes:

Complete in 1.5 years.
Both Arts and Science subjects offered.

January, May, September


City University Malaysia is proud to announce on the achievement received by Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) recognise as an IPT that demonstrates the ability to compete at elevated level. Institutions rated “Competitive” are those that has been assessed and classified within the category of excellence, meeting the evaluation criteria set forth by the IPT Rating Malaysia (Penarafan IPT Malaysia).


In our continued efforts to Inspire Champions, City University Malaysia annually grants scholarships of up to RM20 million to support students to champion their lives such that they become the best they can be. The University offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships in recognition of outstanding academic achievements, leadership qualities and special talents. We welcome all students who are high achievers to apply for scholarships and study awards. Scholarships are defined to include prize winners, study awards, bursaries and fee waivers.

Malaysian Students

  • City University High Achiever Scholarship
  • i-Scholarship
  • Foundation to Degree Scholarship
  • National Grant Bursary
  • Post Graduate Promotion for School Teachers

Financing Options for Malaysian Students

  • Perbandanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN)
  • Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA)
  • Employees Provident Fund (EPF) or (KWSP)
  • Bank Rakyat Education Financing
  • Affin Education Financing
  • HRD Corp Claimable

All Students

  • Pro-Chancellor Scholarship
  • Vice-Chancellor Scholarship
  • CityU Scholarship for Outstanding Student
  • Leadership Excellence Scholarship
  • CityU Industry Scholarship
  • Sports Scholarship
  • Post Graduate Research Scholarship

What Our Students Say About Us

Contact Us

City University Malaysia (DU049 (B))

Menara City U, No. 8, Jalan 51A/223, 46100 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.


Phone: 03-7889 3881 / 03-7949 1633
WhatsApp: +60 18-2843 633
Email: [email protected]


Phone: 03-7889 3881 / 03-7949 1633
WhatsApp: +60 18-2843 633
Email: [email protected]