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Asian Tourism International College Sdn Bhd (ATI College)

Asian Tourism International College Sdn Bhd (ATI College)

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Institution Profile

About the Institution

Asian Tourism International College Sdn Bhd (ATI College)

ATI College had a humble beginning in the year 1996. Back then, it is the only college specializing in Hospitality and Tourism studies in Sabah. The management and team saw that there is a need to provide education and qualification for the young generations in the hospitality and tourism industries. Ever-increasing national and international contacts with businesses and industries ensure that our programmes stay parallel with the real world. The college has welcomed many students from various nationalities and all walks of life who seek to enter college.

Why study in our institution

  1. More than 25 years experience
  2. 5-Star Rating in Malaysian Quality Evaluation System (MyQuest)
  3. Recognized by Higher Ministry Education (MOHE)
  4. Fully accredited by Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA)
  5. ISO 9001: 2015 Certified
  6. More than 20 university partners
  7. Multiple pathways to local and international universities
  8. Scholarship & financial aids are available
  9. Accommodation & transportation provided
  10. Working exposure to compliment skills and education
  11. 90% employability within 6 months of graduation


Programme Outline


School of Business MQA/FA0334 Diploma of Accountancy
MQA/FA0359 Diploma in Business Management
School of Culinary A7864 Diploma in Culinary Arts
A6070 Diploma in Pastry Arts
A10838 Certificate in Culinary Arts
School of Hospitality MQA/FA0358 Diploma in Events Management
A8519 Diploma in Hotel Management
School of Tourism A7882 Diploma in Diving & Resort Management
A8520 Diploma in Tourism Management


Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia HT-010-2:2021 Operasi Servis Makanan & Minuman Tahap 2 (F & B Services Level 2)
Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia HT-012-2:2012 Penyediaan & Pembuatan Makanan Tahap 2 (Food Preparation & Production Level 2)
HT-014-2:2011 Pembuatan Pastri Tahap 2 (Pastry Production Level 2)
Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia HT-026-3:2013 Pemandu Pelancong Wilayah Khas Tahap 3

Asian Tourism International College Sdn Bhd (ATI College)

Academic Resources and Facilities

ATI College provides a full array of training facilities geared towards enhancing students learning experience. The college is equipped with 4 culinary kitchens, 2 pastry kitchen, mock restaurant, mock front desk counter, mock guest room, computer lab, business lab, resource center, and lecture rooms. With a combine strength of more than 100 years of working experience, our academic team provides not only classroom learning but hands-on learning as well to ensure students are able to understand what is being delivered to them during their time in this college. In line with the college’s mission statement, everyone is welcome to study at this college.


Student (Local and International) Support Services

Support services such as financial assistance, accommodation, and counselling, as well as recreational activities are some of the services available for students to enjoy while studying at ATI College.

Asian Tourism International College Sdn Bhd (ATI College)

Student Development Activities for Employability

Part of the preparation to prepare students for actual employment, all programmes were designed with a 6-months industrial attachment to be done at the end of their studies. This is to ensure students upon graduating from this college will be ready for employment. Career talks, seminars, and facility visitation are part of the activities organized every semester for students to participate to enhance their understanding on the field they are majoring in as well as to strengthen their soft skills to prepare them for full-time employment. In other words, by the time students are ready to join the workforce, students will already know what is expected of them as an employee.


The Student Experience

Students can expect to enjoy the best of both world; unconventional learning and industrial exposure while pursuing their qualification at this college. The hybrid learning employed by this college will ensure students are engage in face-to-face classes, online lectures, hands-on classes, and real-time industrial exposure to increase students’ employability. With more than 50 industrial collaboration at various parts of Malaysia, students are ensured of learning the latest techniques applies by the industry and have the opportunity to undergo industrial attachment beyond Kota Kinabalu City.

Asian Tourism International College Sdn Bhd (ATI College)

Recognition and Accreditation

  1. MyQuest 2018/2019 – 5 Star (Very Competitive)
  2. MyQuest 2016/2017 – 5 Star (College Based Category)
  3. MyQuest 2016/2017 – 5 Star (Cluster Based Category - Services)
  4. MyQuest 2016/2017 – 5 Star (Cluster Based Category – Social Sciences, Business, and Law)
  5. MyQuest 2016/2017 – 5 Star (International Student Services Category)
  6. BrandsLaureate Awards 2021-2022 ; Corporate Excellence in Education – Hospitality & Tourism


Scholarships and Financial Aid

All the courses at ATI College are offered at very affordable fees. Students who are in need of financial assistance and sponsorship have several options to choose from; either from the government or private sectors.



Type & Ranking Details:


MyQuest 5 Star Rating


MyQuest 5 Star Rating


MyQuest 5 Star Rating


MyQuest 5 Star Rating



Courses Offered

Click on a programme name for full details.

Certificate Level
Certificate in Culinary Arts
Fees (Local): 10200/Course
Duration: 1.5 years (5 semesters)
Diploma in Hotel Management
Fees (Local): 20030/Course
Duration: 2.5 years (7 semesters)
Diploma Level
Diploma in Business Management
Fees (Local): 15000/Course
Duration: 2.5 years (7 semesters)
Diploma in Culinary Arts
Fees (Local): 21480/Course
Duration: 2.5 years (7 semesters)
Diploma in Diving and Resort Management
Fees (Local): 21100/Course
Duration: 2.5 years (7 semesters)
Diploma in Event Management
Fees (Local): 15000/Course
Duration: 2.5 years (7 semesters)
Diploma in Pastry Arts
Fees (Local): 21430/Course
Duration: 2.5 years (7 semesters)
Diploma in Tourism Management
Fees (Local): 19430/Course
Duration: 2.5 years (7 semesters)
Diploma of Accountancy
Fees (Local): 15000/Course
Duration: 2.5 years (7 semesters)

Key Personnel

Datuk Seri Panglima Wong Khen Thai

Chief Executive Officer, Asian Tourism International College Sdn Bhd (ATI College)

In ATI College, it is always our guiding principle to be innovative, creative and proactive and to be ahead of others. ATI College is in fact one of the very few original Sabah based colleges that provides government recognized tertiary education since its inception 25 years ago. We are proud to be a Sabahan college that earned a 5-Star rating from the Ministry of Higher Education. We strive for excellence not just in education or academic qualification. We strive for excellence in sportsmanship, leadership, human relations and citizenship. We wish to produce global outlook graduates who can work in anywhere in the world.

Marcus Aurelius Solibun

Asst. Chief Executive Officer - Principal, Asian Tourism International College Sdn Bhd (ATI College)

Mr Marcus A Solibun is the Assistant Chief Executive Officer and Dean of ATI College with vast and in-depth knowledge of higher education policy and administration.

He is responsible for streamlining all programmes in ATI College in conformation with the strict requirements of the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) as well as the Ministry of Higher Education. One of the most notable changes he has made is to have an equal and fair assessments of students’ knowledge not only through a written assessment but also through experience learning and practical hands-on assessments. This ensures students with different learning capabilities and strengths will have a fair shot at qualifying for the qualification they have enrolled for.

His goal as an educator is to ensure that each graduate from ATI College will be industry ready by the time they graduate. “Giving you the best I can” is his mission that he wears proudly in his arm.

Student Testimonials

Sherilyn Fong Lin Yan

Diploma in Pastry Arts

Country of Origin: Malaysia
Course Duration: 2 year and 6 months
Period of Study: 3rd Semester
Year enrolled: May 2020

For the three semesters, I think the lecturers teaching is quite good, easy to understand. If there’s any questions or parts I don’t understand, lecturer will explain in detail. All the lecturers are friendly and kind. In my kitchen preparatory class, I have learned many cutting skill, different kinds of food, stocks and many more.

Dg. Zahriemaneeda Bt Pengiran Zahari

Diploma in Pastry Arts

Country of Origin: Malaysia
Course Duration: 2 year and 6 months
Period of Study: 5th semester
Year enrolled: October 2019

Signing up with ATI College, gave me my opportunity to be more in depth in the field of pastry making. I learned not only the hands-on skills, but also the theoretical parts of the field through academic subjects that in directly is knowledge that can be applied in other field as well. The learning flexibility given during the current pandemic situation through online classes is proven that ATI College is walking with their students to STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE

Goldenmarry Cariras Garban

Diploma in Culinary Arts

Country of Origin: Philippines
Course Duration: 2 year and 6 months
Period of Study: 5th semester
Year enrolled: October 2019

In my 2 years’ experience studying in ATI, I have learned many things, gain a lot of knowledge and wisdom, but most of all the college helped in expanding my capabilities, developing and enhancing my skills, and building my dreams. Friendly and approachable staff and lectures would be the greatest pleasure for a student like me. In fact, I, was never lack in my needs because the institute provided them even before I ask.

Cho Jai Hyuk

Diploma in Pastry Arts

Country of Origin: South Korea
Course Duration: 2 year and 6 months
Year enrolled: August 2019

Very good to study Diploma in Pastry Arts course at ATI College

Contact Details

Asian Tourism International College Sdn Bhd (ATI College)

6th Floor, Block C,
UCSF Building, Jalan Sanzac
88100 Kota Kinabalu

Type: Private College

Tel: 088-253731 / 088-253732
Website: https://www.ati.edu.my/

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