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As a foreign student, the International Student Section of Study Malaysia Online is your essential guide to studying and living in Malaysia and serves to get you acquainted with our Malaysian environment and education system.

  • Why Study in Malaysia - StudyMalaysia.com

    Why Study in Malaysia

    Read on to find out why Malaysia is your choice of study destination when studying abroad.

  • Applying & Entering Malaysia to Study - StudyMalaysia.com

    Applying & Entering Malaysia to Study

    International Students who desire to enter Malaysia to further their studies should look at this section which is filled with information on the necessary requirements for student visas and ways to obtain them.

  • The National Education System - StudyMalaysia.com

    The National Education System

    Malaysia's higher education institutions (i.e. public universities, private higher educational institutions, polytechnics and community colleges) housed more than a million students in 2011, of which about 93,000 were international students from more than 100 countries.

  • Learning English in Malaysia - StudyMalaysia.com

    Learning English in Malaysia

    Malaysia's multi-faceted make-up lies in none other more interesting aspects than in its population of different distinct races. The main races are the Malays, Chinese and Indians - all the three being easily distinguished by their different appearances and spoken languages.

  • Study Opportunities in Foreign Languages - StudyMalaysia.com

    Study Opportunities in Foreign Languages

    Read about Malaysia & the study opportunities in Malaysia in the various foreign languages, such as English, Arabic, Mandarin, Indonesian, French & Vietnamese.