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Why International Students Choose Malaysia

If this is your first time getting to know about Malaysia, this section will tell you more about its people, cultures, food, climate, economy, places of interest, and more. You will also read about Malaysia’s many achievements and how the country is continuing to gain international prominence.

Next, you can begin to explore the higher education option in Malaysia and get a better understanding of how the quality of higher education courses are assured by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency. And best of all, you’ll find out how affordable higher education in this country can be.

Need to hear from other international students? We have a special section in www.studymalaysia.com portal where current students share their experiences.

The section ends with an infographic on why you should choose Malaysia as your destination of choice when studying abroad. Start exploring your higher education options here – youre bound to find one that meets your needs!

  • Why Study in Malaysia - StudyMalaysia.com

    Why Study in Malaysia

    Read on to find out why Malaysia is your choice of study destination when studying abroad.

  • Applying & Entering Malaysia to Study - StudyMalaysia.com

    Applying & Entering Malaysia to Study

    International Students who desire to enter Malaysia to further their studies should look at this section which is filled with information on the necessary requirements for student visas and ways to obtain them.

  • The National Education System - StudyMalaysia.com

    The National Education System

    Malaysia's higher education institutions (i.e. public universities, private higher educational institutions, polytechnics and community colleges) housed more than a million students in 2011, of which about 93,000 were international students from more than 100 countries.

  • Learning English in Malaysia - StudyMalaysia.com

    Learning English in Malaysia

    Malaysia's multi-faceted make-up lies in none other more interesting aspects than in its population of different distinct races. The main races are the Malays, Chinese and Indians - all the three being easily distinguished by their different appearances and spoken languages.

  • Study Opportunities in Foreign Languages - StudyMalaysia.com

    Study Opportunities in Foreign Languages

    Read about Malaysia & the study opportunities in Malaysia in the various foreign languages, such as English, Arabic, Mandarin, Indonesian, French & Vietnamese.

  • Going Abroad From Malaysia - StudyMalaysia.com

    Going Abroad From Malaysia

    The topic ‘Going Abroad from Malaysia’ is particularly interesting if you have plans to go to another country (after Malaysia) to continue your tertiary education at bachelor’s degree level. This is possible through a credit transfer or advanced standing arrangement with foreign universities, usually at a much lower cost.

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