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Part 3: List of Possible Careers for You - Its Description and Important Attributes

by on June 1, 2024

Now that you have a better understanding of your own personality and interests, and how to begin planning for your career, let us explore a list of possible careers for you. Each career featured here has a job description and explains the attributes needed for the person to do the job well. It also gives some details of specialisations or sub-specialisations within that field and career progression opportunities.

The sources of career information for this section are linked to the following websites:

My Next Move

This website provides a list of occupations arranged in alphabetical order.

O-Net Online

You can search for a list of occupations within a career cluster on this website. A career cluster refers to the list of occupations in the same field of work that require similar skills.


On this portal, you can explore hundreds of different career videos. These careers are organized into 16 clusters. In these videos you are able to view career details such as tasks involved, work settings, education requirements and lots of other useful information.

Every occupation featured in these three websites contains a job description that includes details like tasks, tools and technology, knowledge, skills, abilities, work activities, work context, job zone, education, interests, work styles, work values, related occupations, and wages and employment trends.

Click on to search the occupation(s) you are interested in to find out more!

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Source: Studymalaysia Research Team

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