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C. Career Videos

by on May 22, 2015 | Career Guide

Part 1: Exploring a Happy and Fulfilling Career


Part 2: Know Yourself Well and Career Assessment


Part 4: Choosing the Best Study Route


Part 5: Fields of Study - Find out which one matches your interest



There are more than 500 career videos that you can watch to better understand the types of work people do in each occupation. These videos are grouped according to the career clusters below.

  1. Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Videos
  2. Architecture and Construction Videos
  3. Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications Videos
  4. Business, Management and Administration Videos
  5. Education and Training Videos
  6. Finance Videos
  7. Government and Public Administration Videos
  8. Health Science Videos
  9. Hospitality and Tourism Videos
  10. Human Services Videos
  11. Information Technology Videos
  12. Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security Videos
  13. Manufacturing Videos
  14. Retail/Wholesale Sales and Service Videos
  15. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Videos
  16. Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Videos









Let’s get started. Click on the clusters below to view the career videos in each cluster.


Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Videos


Architecture and Construction Videos


Health Science Videos


Manufacturing Videos


Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Videos



Source: CareerOneStop

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