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Multimedia University (MMU), Cyberjaya Campus

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Institution Profile



Multimedia University (MMU), a tertiary education institution set up through Universiti Telekom Sdn Bhd (UTSB), a wholly owned subsidiary of TM, fulfils the noblest of corporate social responsibilities – taking up the challenge of educating the next generation the nation’s leaders and knowledge workers. As the first private university in Malaysia, MMU developed the pioneer model for the successful establishment of private universities in the nation, paving the way for the growth of the private tertiary education sector. As the university at the heart of the MSC, MMU also serves as a catalyst for the development of the high tech ICT industry of the nation, parallel to the Silicon Valley-Stanford model in the United States.

As part of TM’s initiative to further develop the ICT industry in the nation as a whole, MMU serves to fulfil the nation’s human resource needs as it grows into a knowledge economy. The establishment of MMU as a research university also serves to benefit the nation’s ICT industry to be a creator and not just a consumer of technology. Through the establishment of a local private university, the nation can train its required human resources within its borders, a sound strategy from the economic management perspective.

MMU’s continued growth and sustainability is a clear indication of TM’s strong commitment towards the development of the field of education and research in the nation.

Programmes / Services Outline

The quality of our lecturing is one of the highest among Malaysian universities. All academic staff in MMU use the multimedia mode of instruction. Course materials of all subjects are stored online and are accessible via the intranet at any time and place in the world.

We look forward to meet the nation's demand for excellence in education through multimedia technology. The approach combines classroom instruction, computer-based interactive multimedia learning mode as well as open interaction among academic staffs, students as well as the industry communities. We hope to create a learned community that collects, preserves and disseminates state-of-the-art knowledge in multimedia-related areas.

List of Academic & Non-Academic Facilities

mmu-premise-3.jpg          Melaka-Hostel.jpg

mmu-premise-1.jpg     mmu-premise-2.jpg

Outline of Facilities & Resources

Comprehending the needs of community within the surrounding area. The facilities available vary from basic equipments (chairs, tables, sofa set, etc) to halls and rooms (Dewan Tun Canselor, Multipurpose Hall, Mini Stadium, Exam Hall, Main Hall, Lecture Hall, Theatre Hall, Classroom, Tutorial Room, Labs and Meeting Room).

List of Programmes / Courses Offered

Diploma Programmes

  • Diploma in Electronic Engineering (Melaka)
  • Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering (Melaka)
  • Diploma in Information Technology (Melaka)
  • Diploma in Business Information Systems (Melaka)
  • Diploma in Information Technology (Cyberjaya)
  • Diploma in Accounting (Melaka)
  • Diploma in Business Administration (Melaka)

Foundation Programmes

  • Foundation in Engineering (Melaka and Cyberjaya)
  • Foundation in Information Technology (Melaka and Cyberjaya)
  • Foundation in Management (Melaka and Cyberjaya)
  • Foundation in Law (Melaka) – Malaysians only
  • Foundation in Life Sciences (Melaka)
  • Foundation in Creative Multimedia (Cyberjaya)
  • Foundation in English (Cyberjaya)

Engineering Programmes

  • BEng (Hons) Electrical (Cyberjaya)
  • BEng (Hons) Electronics (Cyberjaya)
  • BEng (Hons) Electronics majoring in Computer (Cyberjaya)
  • BEng (Hons) Electronics majoring in Optical Engineering (Cyberjaya)
  • BEng (Hons) Electronics majoring in Telecommunications (Cyberjaya)
  • BEng (Hons) Electronics majoring in Nanotechnology (Cyberjaya)
  • BEng (Hons) Electronics majoring in Robotics and Automation (Melaka)
  • BEng (Hons) Electronics majoring in Telecommunications (Melaka)
  • BEng (Hons) Electronics majoring in Bio-Instrumentation (Melaka)
  • BEng (Hons) Mechanical (Melaka)

Information Technology Programmes

  • BIT (Hons) Data Communications and Networking (Melaka)
  • BIT (Hons) Information Technology Management (Melaka)
  • BIT (Hons) Security Technology (Melaka)
  • BIT (Hons) Artificial Intelligence (Melaka)
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) Bioinformatics (Melaka)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) (Cyberjaya)

Creative Multimedia Programmes

  • B.Mm (Hons) Interface Design (Cyberjaya)
  • B.Mm (Hons) Virtual Reality (Cyberjaya)
  • B.Mm (Hons) Media Arts (Cyberjaya)
  • B.Mm (Hons) Animation and Visual Effects (Cyberjaya)
  • B.Mm (Hons) Advertising Design (Cyberjaya)
  • B. Multimedia with Education (Hons)
  • Bachelor of Cinematic Arts (Hons) (Cyberjaya) - Malaysian student only

Management/Business/Law/Accounting Programmes

  • Bachelor of Law (Hons) (Melaka) – Malaysians only
  • Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) (Melaka)
  • Bachelor of Business and Knowledge Management (Hons) (Melaka)
  • BBA. (Hons) Human Resource Management (Melaka)
  • BBA. (Hons) Banking & Finance (Melaka)
  • BBA. (Hons) International Business (Melaka)
  • BBA. (Hons) Marketing Management (Melaka)
  • BBA. (Hons) Management With Multimedia (Cyberjaya)
  • BBA. (Hons) Marketing With Multimedia (Cyberjaya)
  • BBA. (Hons) Finance With Multimedia (Cyberjaya)
  • Bachelor of Financial Engineering (Hons) (Cyberjaya)
  • Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) (Cyberjaya)
  • Bachelor of Economics (Hons) Analytical Economics (Cyberjaya)

Distance Education

  • Bachelor of Management
  • Bachelor of Management (Hons) Human Resource Management
  • Bachelor of Management (Hons) Marketing Managemnt

Courses Offered

Click on a programme name for full details.

Contact Details

Multimedia University (MMU), Cyberjaya Campus

Jalan Multimedia
63100 Cyberjaya

Type: Private University & University College

Tel: 603 8312 5000/5570
Fax: 603 8312 5022
Website: http://www.mmu.edu.my

Other Campuses

Multimedia University (MMU), Melaka Campus

Jalan Ayer Keroh Lama,
75450 Melaka

Type: Private University & University College

Tel: 606 252 3411/3997
Fax: 606 231 5604
Website: http://www.mmu.edu.my

Multimedia University (MMU), Johor Campus

No. 5, Persiaran Canselor 1,
Kota Ilmu Educity @ Iskandar,
79200 Nusajaya

Type: Private University & University College

Tel: 607-5092177
Fax: 607-5092010
Website: http://www.mmu.edu.my

Location Map

Key Personnel

Y. Bhg. Prof. Dato’ Dr. Muhamad Rasat Muhamad

President, Multimedia University (MMU), Cyberjaya Campus

Professor Dato' Dr. Muhamad Rasat Muhamad was appointed President of Multimedia University in 2011. Previously, he worked at Universiti Malaya heading several departments, viz. Chairman of the Advanced Fundamental Research Cluster (2009-2010), Deputy Vice Chancellor in Research& Innovation (2006-2008), Director of the Institute of Research Management and Consultancy (2001-2005), Dean of the Faculty of Science (1991-2000). He has many years' experience as a physics lecturer and tutor.

He is a Fellow of the Malaysian Academy of Science (FASc), Malaysian Institute of Physics (FIPM) and Malaysian Association of Solid State Science and Technology(MASS). He is also a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineer (MIEEE) USA.

Among his achievements are the Public Services Department Scholarship for BSc Program (UKM) and PhD (University of Durham), the Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellowship at Electrical Engineering, visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge, England (1987/88), fellowship at the Physical Electronic Department of the Asian Development Bank, and visiting scientist at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (1993).

Professor Dato' Dr. Muhamad Rasat Muhamad received the Excellence Services Award from the University of Malaya in the years 1993, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005 and 2006. He was also conferred the title Darjah Dato' Paduka Mahkota Perak (DPMP) by His Majesty DYMM The Sultan of Perak (2008) and Pingat Johan Mangku Negara (JMN) Award by His Majesty DYMM Yang diPertuan Agong (2007).

Student Testimonials


Software Engineering

The classes consist of lecture halls, classes, tutorial classes, and laboratories. The lecture halls are in a block of their own, and temperatures within range from "autumn chill" to "frostbite". Sounds bad, but not really. A mere sweater helps. And it's a good opportunity to show off those hip but warm threads. A student here can do lots of things. You can join in the existing groups, or make a new one. Just get the paperwork done. You'll get a budget and everything. Organize carnivals, fiestas, sport meets - if you want to do it, you can. Hold an expo if you want to It's been done before, but who cares? Do it again. It's a welcome change from studying.

Ng Shwu Huey

Bachelor of Accounting (Hons)

I have been studying in this university for a mere 2 years, and yet I can safely see it as a reservoir of bubbling promises, set to provide the country with a generation of leaders and people who are not only consumers of technology but contributors to the technological civilisation of the future. Powered by its capable management team and its mature, knowledge-starved students, the university is geared up to propel Malaysia into the frontiers of science and technology, in line with the Vision 2020. Sparked with the juices of creativity and innovation, the people of MMU are driven to revolutionise the knowledge age, driven by information technology based not on muscle but on mind, to answer to society, the students here are trained to salvage the anguished cries of humanity in order to meet the very ideals of our society, and to launch the country from the threshold of the next millennium, to the very forefront of technology.

Toh Beng Hooi

Multimedia Engineering

Multimedia University has been one of the most unique places to live and learn. One of the most impressive things about the university has to be its learning facilities. The computer laboratories are perhaps the best I've ever seen and so are its engineering laboratories. Also, lecture theatres are fully equipped with the latest multimedia teaching aids like DVD players and multimedia projectors. Apart from that, even our examination results, tuition fees, time table can be accessed online! Overall, life goes fully online in Multimedia University.

Abdulrahman Abdi, Somalia


Studying in Malaysia is really an eye opener for me, where people from around the world come to visit this beautiful country. And MMU itself is a bona fide example of students from different backgrounds coming together here. MMU’s richness in diversity of cultures gives a great opportunity for all new students to have a sense of belonging and feel connected while they display with pride the cultural variety they bring to the Malaysia.

Alireza Ardestani, Iran

Creative Multimedia majoring in Virtual Reality, 4 Years

Malaysia provides various choices of study for international students. People are friendly, food is enjoyable, and weather is pleasant. Furthermore, studying in Malaysia and at MMU in particular allows me to meet and make friends with students from around the world. This helps me to prepare myself before stepping into the career world. With the world-class educational quality and well-equipped facilities in MMU, my study in Malaysia has been truly enjoyable.

Anne Fernando, Sri Lanka

Bachelor of E-commerce, MMU Cyberjaya, 3 years

I’ve been doing my bachelors degree at MMU for a year now. I feel that MMU offers some very unique choices in degree courses. How often would you find a university that offers a bachelor’s degree in ‘Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship’? Most of the courses offered enhance students’ knowledge of the use of multimedia components in their particular subject area. As for the staff and student body, they are friendly especially when it comes to helping out a lost foreign student.

Cheryl Shingai Handitye, Zimbabwe

BBA (Hons) International Business, 3 Years

Worldwide, there is no other place that is as welcoming as Malaysia. People are very friendly. You are welcome from the first step you take in the airport and more welcome from the first step you take in MMU. Another attractive feature is the affordability of tuition fees and the living expenses in Malaysia. It makes the stay more interesting and comfortable. Lastly, MMU is an international university that welcomes not only international students but international lecturers as well from all corners of the world.

Edith Makungwa, Malawi

Engineering (Electrical)

Malaysians are a peace loving people and are always ready to help when they see that one is stranded. This makes MMU a conducive place for study. I have never felt out of place.

Elizabeth, Zimbabwe

BBA (Hons) Banking & Finance, 3 years

I have benefited from excellent teaching and innovative course delivery. Courses offered by the university have been developed to be relevant, practical and up-to-date, which help students to be well equipped with the necessary tools for the growing business environment. MMU has also given international students the opportunity to grow and become global citizens and develop a richer cultural perspective of Malaysia as well as other cultures. MMU offers good academic support, has an international focus and sophisticated range of audio-visual equipment to enhance each student's learning experience.

Eunice Nhlapho, South Africa

Faculty of Information Technology

"Combining computer, web-based, on-line courses and interactive teaching, the University offers interesting and innovative programmes."I believe that changes play a vital role in the maturity process of a human being. Hence, when the offer came for me to further my studies in Malaysia, I accepted it without having a second thought at all as I felt that the offer gave me an opportunity to experience new changes in my life.True enough, coming to Malaysia has brought about a change of environment, society, culture and many more. Although the transition was not particularly easy, I felt that it was worth it. So far, it has proved fruitful to me.Life being a student of Universiti Telekom -Universiti Multimedia is exciting. Combining computer, web-based, on-line courses and interactive teaching, the University offers interesting and innovative programmes.I personally feel that I have substantially improved in various aspects of my life. My stay in Malaysia has enabled me to experience cultural diversities. It has also taught me tolerance. Throughout my stay here, I have encountered friendly, helpful and courteous people. This country is conducive for studying as it provides high standards of quality education.

Faris Khaled, Jordan

B.Eng (Hons) Electronics majoring in Telecommunication, 2008-2012

“Studying at MMU has added value to my life… It has helped me to focus on my goals and showed me how to achieve them.”

Kazi Rubaiat Imam, Bangladesh

Undergraduate studies in the Faculty of Information Technology

"I am impressed with the University. The computer-based technology is really up-to-date."Malaysia was not really in my mind when I wanted to go for my studies. However, I know that it is one of the countries in Asia which is going through a rapid development and progress. When I received an offer to study in Malaysia's first private university, I was confident that I had made the right choice . To date, it has been almost a year since I stayed here. In the beginning, it was quite tough. However, things are so much better now. As for the University, I feel that it provides quality education. The students are well equipped with specialised knowledge and multi-skills in the area of modern technology and multimedia. I am now doing my undergraduate studies under the Faculty of Information Technology and this is where I am impressed with the University. The computer-based technology which the University has to offer is really up-to-date. I could not have received such modern advancement from any of the universities back home. Living in Malaysia has been different at first. Now, I seem to like it being here. Come and join me here and experience it for yourself.

Kazi Sirajul Islam, Bangladesh

Engineering, 4 Years

As a student of MMU, I can say that my university life is going to be the most cherished experience shared with students from all over the world. This university is getting positive responses from the foreign students particularly for its outstanding teaching staff and equipment. I really feel proud to be an active and responsible participant in this journey towards excellence. I am fully confident that MMU shall take me to greater heights in life. I wish for MMU, every success in the near future.

Lejla Pljevljak, Bosnia Herzegovina

2nd Year, Degree in Information Technology

"The University is equipped with the latest technology, state-of-the-art facilities and experienced academic staff."After I had completed my fourth grade in secondary school, I was thinking about going overseas. Just at the same time, I received an offer from Universiti Telekom - Universiti Multimedia in Malaysia, so I decided to enter this university.Throughout my stay in Malaysia, I have met many interesting people, both local Malaysians as well as foreigners. The Malaysians, who comprise three major ethnic groups namely Malays, Chinese and Indians are warm and friendly. I also have had the opportunity to learn new cultures, local languages and a variety of dialects. There are many beautiful places to visit in Malaysia too, ranging from mountains, beaches, islands, waterfalls to rainforests.My main reason for studying in Universiti Telekom -Universiti Multimedia is to expand my knowledge in IT. The University is equipped with the latest technology, state-of-the-art facilities and experienced academic staff. There are quite a number of international students here . We enjoy each other's company . I highly recommend Malaysia as a study destination. Not only that you will enjoy your stay here, you will also experience a rewarding university life.

Lwando Ziqhu, South Africa

4 years

Now that I am almost through with my studies in Multimedia University (MMU), I am saddened by the prospect of leaving a place that has given me four glorious years. In my stay in Malaysia, I have made many friends from various countries around the world, learnt so much, inside and outside the classroom. This has been a priceless learning experience, one that I enjoyed immensely and will forever be grateful for.

Md Sazzad Hussain, Bangladesh

IT - 3 years

“Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourth theatre”.

Students are the architects of their own future along with the world’s expansion. University is the greatest and the highest place of education to create these architects.Multimedia is a very young university but it is also the fastest growing university in Malaysia at the center of “Multimedia Super Corridor”.

Mogamat Khaalid Karlie, South Africa

Engineering (Electronics)

Studying in Malaysia has certainly been a terrific experience - one filled with ups and downs which only matures the mind. MMU has formed the foundation of my tertiary education, as it is here where I first got the true feel of Malaysia combined with its diversity in culture. These people and experiences will surely live on fondly in my memories.

Muhammad Raisuddin Ahmed, Bangladesh

Engineering, 4 Years

I am indeed very honored and proud to witness the development of MMU as a milestone in Malaysia’s bold journey towards the Information Age. Multimedia University is well endowed with high-caliber academic staff. In short, I can say Multimedia Uinversity and Malaysia, as a whole, has fulfilled my educational aspiration.

Rhodrick Junaid Kalumpha, Malawi

Undergraduate Studies in the Faculty of Management

"The University is a fantastic place, especially with its internet-based resources and on-line courses."Ever since I was in high school, I have been obsessed with the thought of studying overseas. Finally, my dream came true and here I am studying in Malaysia.Being a multi-racial country, the cultural diversity of Malaysia is unique. The country is rich with its national heritage and natural beauty. I have to admit that I love its tourist attractions especially Cameron Highlands in Pahang for its cool mountain air and lush greenery.I am now studying in Universiti Telekom - Universiti Multimedia. I am doing the undergraduate studies under the Faculty of Management and I intend to major in Accounting and Finance. Life at Universiti Telekom - Universiti Multimedia) is fun. The University is a fantastic place, especially with its internet-based resources and on-line courses. In addition, students are able to access all sorts of data and information through the University's state-of-the-art facilities.Being a member of the International Students' Society of the University, I enjoy the company of many friends from different parts of the world. During holidays, we usually go for tours around Malaysia.I enjoy my studies and I like my lecturers too. I have lots of friends who are very helpful and I know that I can rely on them. I enjoy my stay here in Malaysia and believe me, it's a great experience for me altogether.

Yousef Othman A. Linjawi, Saudi Arabia

Creative Multimedia -Film And Animation, 3 Years

Under my current major of Film and Animation, the Faculty of Creative Multimedia and Multimedia University, is well outfitted with state-of-the-art laboratories and high-end equipment, beside the studios and creative centres. The lecturers are knowledgeable and passionate about what they teach. I am fully motivated to pursue my studies to the next level upon my graduation. I really recommend this course if you wish to excel in the realm of creativity.