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Institution Profile


UNITAR International University was established in 1997, and represents as one of the first Private Higher Educational Institutions in the country. In addition to its main campus located at Leisure Commerce Square, Petaling Jaya the university collaborates with numerous Independent Regional Centres across the country with a population of more than 9,000 students in 60 academic programmes. The university prides itself in developing outstanding Foundation, Diploma, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate programmes to meet the needs and aspirations of in its diverse and highly talented student body.
UNITAR envisions itself to be the leading centre of excellence in providing quality education, research & development and training in the fields of Business Administration, Education & Social Sciences, Early Childhood Studies, Information Technology and Hospitality & Tourism Management studies within Malaysia and in the ASEAN region. With UNITAR’s mission to produce the most highly sought after graduates in the field of their specialisation, all programmes offered are developed through close consultation with the most prominent senior academia in the country, businesses and our collaborative industry partners. With a host of first rate, current and industry focused syllabuses; all programmes are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia and exceed the standards of excellence required of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency.
The University caters to a broad student body, ranging from fresh school-leavers, middle and senior management professionals, businessmen, home-maker’s and even retirees through our conventional and distance learning programmes. With a steadfast commitment to continually strive for evergreen excellence, UNITAR is fast becoming an important higher education player within Malaysia and in the region. As an innovative learning university, the outcomes of which we aspire are to produce the most employable graduates in the market for their respective fields, provide the best learning ‘ecosystem’ of which students are best able to absorb knowledge and to create a sustainable learning institution of growth and maturity.

What Make Us Special?

The differentiation is from UNITAR’s Vision and Mission Statements, Goals and Core Values.
Vision Statement
To be the leading innovative social sciences university.
Mission Statement
  • To provide widen access to learning locally and internationally.
  • To nurture wholesome graduates through a holistic learning environment.
  • To build a sustainable institution. 
  • To produce high caliber graduates and professionals preferred by employers
  • To provide contemporary knowledge, skills and competencies with best practices as an integral part of human capital development
  • To develop university-industry relations in selected areas of management and technology
  • To establish international and professional collaborations towards quality education and training in Malaysia and abroad

Core Values

  • Universality of educational opportunities
  • Commitment to excellence and professional ethics
  • Customer focus
  • Embracing teamwork

Faculties and Schools

The university offers foundation, certificate, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes covering a wide array of disciplines in social sciences which include the following faculties and schools:
  • Faculty of Business and Information Technology
  • Faculty of Education and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Faculty of Early Childhood Studies
  • Asia Graduate School of Business
  • School of Foundation and General Studies

Campus Facilities

Lecture Halls and Classrooms

Our lecture halls and classrooms are complete with electronic teaching facilities such as projectors, sound systems and instructor’s PC with internet access for effective learning environment for the students.
The library’s collection consists of print and electronic formats. There are more than 30,000 print volumes in our collection. The library user may search the printed materials from the library catalogue. The collection covers many interesting subjects such as Business, Management, Information Technology, Hospitality, Tourism Management, Education, English Language Literature among others. The electronic collection consists of e-book and e-journals. The library user may retrieve the electronic materials effectively through a search engine available from our reliable online database. Our library also has an area for group discussions as well as multimedia zone.
Computer Laboratories
Our computer laboratories are well equipped with the latest computer systems to facilitate teaching and learning. Our campus is now wireless to enable students to study not only in the classroom, but anywhere on campus.
Language Laboratory
Our language laboratory apply the latest technologies to help student in mastering the English language among others.
Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Facilities
Our three different kitchens range from preparation, pastry and culinary will entice student to show off their creativity. We also have a mock-up housekeeping suite, training restaurant and cafeteria to enhance practical skills training as required by the industry.
Early Childhood Education Laboratory
The lab serves as a mock-up of an early childhood education learning centre which aids in assessment and development of student’s skills.
Counseling Laboratory
Student Lounge and Graduate Lounge
We provide a conducive learning environment for students. Student lounge is designed to create a dynamic, collaborative environment to foster informal, cooperative and social interaction among students with free wireless internet access.

Regional Centres for All

A unique feature of the UNITAR delivery and administrative system is the existence of a number of Regional Centres in different locations throughout Malaysia. Currently UNITAR has ten (10) Regional Centres and more are expected in the near future. Students can choose a Regional Centre they wish to attend in different locations throughout Malaysia. To find out what programme(s) we offer at a specific Regional Centre, please log onto our website.
UNITAR welcomes aspiring students from all over the world because we believe that a multicultural and multinational campus will enrich students’ experiences in term of social and cultural diversity. Students have opportunity to meet people from various cultures and ethnic backgrounds and develop a cross cultural understanding among them.

Contact Details

UNITAR International University

Tierra Crest, Jalan SS6/3,
Kelana Jaya,
47300 Petaling Jaya

Type: Private University & University College

Tel: 603-7627 7200
Fax: 603-7627 7447
Website: http://www.unitar.my/

Student Views

Lim Chong Seng


After making my comparisons on the various MBA programmes being offered locally, I found UNITAR to be the only university / institution that had incorporated IT as part of its MBA curriculum. At UNITAR, much emphasis is given in using IT to relate, communicate, teach, learn and work. The courses that I have enrolled so far allow for the sharing of views between students and the course leader. The courses are highly practical, meaning that there is a great deal of effort by the course leaders to teach, train and advocate actual business practices in the real world instead of the purely academic work. My peers at UNITAR consist of working people like me. They have contributed in enriching my study experience by providing new insights about industries and organizations where they work to make the discussion during the face to face tutorial and the online tutorial very real for me. The course leaders are also helpful and committed although I can sense that they are busy with other aspects of work beyond teaching. The facilities at UNITAR are modern and very IT in ambiance. In fact, when I first walked into the Kelana Jaya Study Centre, I was awed by it.

Abdul Hameed Hamid Mohamed Alghabshi, Oman

Intensive English Programme

My name is Abdul Hameed Hamid Mohamed Alghabshi. I am 19 years old and I come from the Sultanate of Oman. I am taking Intensive English programme in UNITAR, after which I plan to take Business Administration degree specialising in Human Resources. I think UNITAR’s programmes are very good and the teachers are always happy to assists us. Malaysian people are very friendly and I really enjoy it here. I am looking forward to study here for four more years.

Ali M Ahmed , Sudan

Bachelor of Business Management (Entrepreneurship) (Hons), First Year

I am interested in studying and enjoying the study of entrepreneurship. I chose this course because I can see a bright and exciting future after I finish the programme. I have my greatest support from my father.

The best thing about entrepreneurship is that we will not have to report to the decision maker. Instead, we can be our own boss or business owner that gives you the authority of being in charge and the crucial role to ensure the business a success. Before I graduate, I will figure out which business that benefits me and the community.

Studying in a foreign land, one challenge is socialising with classmates and lecturers. I try to take this slowly and calmly so that I can focus and be able to deal with everyone. When I’m free, I play basketball and I love freedom.

Alpha Madhu, India

Bachelor of English (Hons), 3 years

UNITAR has a wonderful learning environment. The people of Malaysia are very friendly and make one feels right at home.  I enjoy studying in UNITAR with its unique teaching and learning model that other institutions do not provide. Through UNITAR, I have gained experiences and confidence besides the academic knowledge.

Jennifer Joyce Simanjuntak, Indonesia

Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Hons), Graduated

Knowing that the tertiary education in Malaysia offers reasonable tuition fees and vast options in educational institutions for hospitality management programmes, I began my studies in the Bachelor of Hospitality Management (BHM) at UNIRAZAK in January 2007. The reason why I chose BHM with a specialisation in Tourism at UNIRAZAK is that the programme prepares and grooms me to be who I am now and where I will be in the tourism industry. The lectures were conducted by a combination of elite academics and real case studies which opened my eyes to the happenings in the tourism industry.

Prior to my study, I worked as an executive at the government funded Jakarta Tourism Office. My main task was to create a holistic tourism experience which includes inspection, revision and recommendations of famous tourist destinations in Jakarta into reports and submitting them to the Chief Director. Though the deadline for report submission could be unreasonable, I like the job as it is challenging and allows me to travel frequently.

My advice to hospitality management students is to have adequate paper qualifications and experience. A relevant paper qualification is the first thing a most Human Resource Managers look at. The employment market is highly competitive hence one with relevant work experience will surely be an advantage.

Nancy Phuong Bui, Vietnam

Bachelor of Management, 4 years

Studying in Malaysia is one of the best choices for me because it has progressive education environment with the certificate recognised by US, UK and Australia. The fee is also very reasonable. So, I love to study in Malaysia.