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Institution Profile

Han Chiang College

Han Chiang College in Penang offers trendy, industry-driven courses that fit today’s fast-changing working environment. Through its home-grown diplomas and international degree qualifications from partner universities in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and China, the College has built a strong reputation for affordable quality education.

Well-known for producing graduates who have gone on to work with leading media organisations, the School of Communication offers diplomas in Mass Communication with majors in Broadcasting, Journalism and Public Relations & Advertising. Courses are practical as students complete a 10-week internship during the programme with many ending up securing jobs with employers.

Han Chiang College

Former Public Relations graduate Maggie Chooi, who is now a travel and lifestyle marketing and media specialist, owes her success to Han Chiang College’s strong and comprehensive diploma programme and the College’s dedicated lecturers.

“Even though it has been nine years since I have graduated, I still keep the notes from my College days. They are all bound properly and once a while, I would refer to them because a lot of things taught were practical and can be used in strategic campaign planning,” said Chooi who recently set up her own Hong Kong based boutique travel and lifestyle marketing and media agency, Spice Marketing.

Running just a very fine line next to public relations, students who are interested in journalism have the opportunity to work closely with Han Chiang News, the College’s news department run by experienced editors and journalists. Those interested are trained to become 21st century journalists, as they are exposed to covering stories within the community, publish packaged multimedia stories on Han Chiang News’ website, work in a professional TV studio and use various new apps and tools for reporting.

Han Chiang College

One former student who has benefited from this was Tan Ley Teng, a well-known news anchor on ntv7. Tan regularly holds talks at the College. To date, the College has graduates working at Astro, 8tv, The Star, The Sun, Bernama TV, Kwong Wah Yit Poh, Nanyang Siang Pau and Media Corp.

Apart from being at the media forefront, Han Chiang College offers 2½  year diploma programmes in Broadcast Journalism, Business Management, Logistics Management, Accounting, Chinese Studies and Multimedia Communication Design. The 3+0 Bachelor of Communication in collaboration with the University of Southern Queensland, Australia is a popular choice for students who wish to obtain a foreign university qualification locally.

To promote lifelong learning, the Continuing Education Centre offers a variety of short courses and vocational training programmes in the automotive field for students and working adults.

Awards & recognition

Han Chiang College

Han Chiang College received a 5-star rating for the second consecutive session in the Malaysian Quality Education System for Private Colleges (MyQuest) in 2015. While the College is already reinventing itself and continuously making improvements to become a better higher educational institution, its students too are already making waves in the industry.

Han Chiang’s students have won broadcasting competitions like Kaki Lima, the Penang Green Journalism Award, Australian Press Council Prize, PSA Short Film Awards organised by Youth Creative and Youth In Charge Campaign (T-Shirt Design) Award organised by Magnum Corporation.

The College is also a playground for students to harness their talents, with over 13 societies and clubs to choose from. Here, students who are talented in singing, dancing, deejaying, staging musicals and plays, or even skating are encouraged to express themselves in ways so that they can build their confidence.

Raising bilingual students

A truly thriving bilingual environment for students, Han Chiang College is committed to producing students who can speak in English and Chinese. While all lectures are conducted in English, students can opt to study journalism in Chinese.

With vast job opportunities in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, there is a huge demand for bilingual communicators and often, Han Chiang College students fill that gap.

Work, learn & earn

Han Chiang College

There are opportunities too for students to work, learn and earn on campus. Students who receive bursaries spend time working with different departments within the College. Under the guidance of experienced mentors, students are able to put theories into practice and at the same time, pick up valuable work ethics.

Other interesting activities that allow learning outside the lecture theatres include events and charity-fundraising that are normally carried out by the PR and event management students, graduate showcase and IT exhibitions by multimedia students, start-ups by the Business Society and the expansion of Chinese culture and literature by the School of Chinese Studies.

Experienced lecturers

Han Chiang College

Han Chiang College maintains student satisfaction and high teaching quality through its highly experienced academic staff. Lecturers have years of relevant teaching experience coupled with industry-related background in public relations, journalism, business, IT, broadcasting, photography, marketing and even business start-ups.  The College works closely with different industries to find out what employers think are lacking in graduates and incorporate them into the College’s well-designed courses and syllabus.


Scholarships & financial help

With a mission to deliver a more efficient workforce to stem a better future for the country, Han Chiang College is committed to providing bursaries and financial aids that cover students’ full and partial tuition fees.

For more information about Han Chiang College and the programmes on offer, visit the website at or call 04-283 1088 / 016-207 9001. 

Courses Offered

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Pre-University/Foundation Studies
Foundation in Communication
Level: Pre-University/Foundation Studies
Fees (Local): 12450/Course
Duration: 1 Yr
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Diploma Level
Diploma in Accounting
Level: Diploma Level
Fees (Local): 22000/Course
Duration: 2.5 Yrs
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Diploma in Broadcast Journalism
Level: Diploma Level
Fees (Local): 23000/Course
Duration: 2.5 Yrs
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Diploma in Business Management
Level: Diploma Level
Fees (Local): 21000/Course
Duration: 2.5 Yrs
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Diploma in Chinese Studies
Level: Diploma Level
Fees (Local): 13000/Course
Duration: 2.5 Yrs
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Diploma in Logistics Management
Level: Diploma Level
Fees (Local): 18500/Course
Duration: 2.5 Yrs
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Diploma in Mass Communication
Level: Diploma Level
Fees (Local): 23000/Course
Duration: 2.5 Yrs
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Diploma in Multimedia Communication Design
Level: Diploma Level
Fees (Local): 18750/Course
Duration: 2.5 Yrs
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Contact Details

Han Chiang University College of Communication

Jalan Lim Lean Teng
11600 Pulau Pinang

Type: Private University & University College

Tel: 604-283 1088
Fax: 604-282 9325

Location Map

Key Personnel

Dr. Wang Yoon Yah

Principal and Chief Executive Officer , Han Chiang University College of Communication

Dr Wang Yoon Yah has been the Principal and CEO of Han Chiang College since its formation in 1999, and she is responsible for raising the status of the College to its present level by building on the tradition of excellence that the Han Chiang name is associated with. The College attained a 5-Star rating in the Malaysian Quality Evaluation System for Private Colleges (MyQuest) 2012/2013 by the Ministry of Education and to date, 85% of the programmes offered by the College are fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency. 

Under the guidance of Wang, Han Chiang College is distinctive because it provides holistic education that is not only affordable but also responsive to the needs of the students and expectations of the industries. Its programmes are forward-looking and career-oriented and classroom teaching is always complemented with real-life projects as the College is always in close liaison with the corporate sector, be it in communications, business, information technology or multimedia. Hands-on learning experience is central to Han Chiang’s approach as it helps students develop skills to meet the needs of the industries. In addition, the work placement prepares students for the corporate world and gives them an edge in the job market.

Wang’s strong academic credentials have seen her appointed to and assume many jobs and responsibilities in the Malaysian education sector. She was a lecturer at Universiti Sains Malaysia (1975-1999) and the English Language Programme Chairperson (1981-1998). She was also the coordinator of several collaborative projects on English Language courses with the British Council.

Wang has also acted as supervisor and internal examiner of master’s degree candidates. 

Student Testimonials

Puangpun Ratanawong, Indonesia

Diploma in Mass Communication Design, 2.5 Years

College life in Han Chiang brings me closer to friends from various cultures and different countries. The lecturers are friendly and helpful and the Multimedia course is interesting. Since I started studying here, my English has improved a lot because of the guidance and support from my lecturers and friends. Many students here have graduated and are working successfully.

Leny Wiratan, Indonesia

Diploma in Mass Communication, 2.5 Years

I am proud to be part of Han Chiang College because of its friendly environment and helpful lecturers. It makes me feel like I’m in my own country while I am studying for my Diploma in Mass Communication. I have made a lot of friends from different countries and places.

The college also provides me with an affordable education. It is through the theoretical and practical courses that I have gained self-confidence and improved my communication skills.

Li Qi, China

Diploma in Multimedia Communication Design, 2½ years

Studying at Han Chiang College has been fun and interesting.  It is a new and pleasant experience for me as the School of Multimedia and Information Technologies has been very helpful to all international students.

The programme is informative, useful and challenging.   I learn a lot of new knowledge every minute, every hour, every day.  All courses are taught by good lecturers who are very friendly and are always willing to give me a helping hand.

My coursemates have been giving me a lot of support too.  They helped me go through all the hardships so that I can adapt myself to the college environment.

I am really grateful and proud that I have chosen Han Chiang College.

Soukpaseuth Boutdavong, Laos

Diploma in Business Management, 2 ½ years

The main reason why I study at Han Chiang College is because the environment allows me to practice my spoken and written English apart from learning a bit of Mandarin.  I enjoy the courses very much.  One of the strengths of Han Chiang College is that its staff and students are warm and friendly.  In addition, the lecturers are very responsible and helpful and willing to put extra effort to ensure that the students grasp all the necessary knowledge and skills.

Zheng Shu Fang, China

Diploma in Business Management - 21/2 years

I have chosen to study at Han Chiang College for many reasons. Han Chiang College provides me with a friendly environment where I interact freely with lecturers and students. The College is situated in a quiet, residential suburb very ideal for study. It has a lot of students from many countries and this allows me to meet new friends from different cultures. Finally, it gives us the opportunity to study in UK, Australia, etc as the College has established academic links with universities in these countries.

Worrasap Pluemsakulthai, Thailand

Diploma in Business Management - 2 1/2 years

I am very proud to be a student of Han Chiang College as it has showered me with new experiences and knowledge. All the lecturers are very kind and helpful. Whenever I encounter problems, they are always ready to give me a helping hand and advice.

Liu Kuei Hui, Taiwan

Diploma In Mass Communication - 21/2 years

I am happy to have chosen Han Chiang College for my tertiary education as the College is very established in its Mass Communication diploma programme. At the College, we are given a good balance of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in communications.

I always look forward to tutorial classes as they are filled with lots of discussions, case studies and presentations. Apart from increasing my level of knowledge, this approach is an excellent way to develop, nurture and polish my communication, organizational and presentation skills.

Ding Wei, China

Diploma in Business Management, 2 Years

Han Chiang College provides students from China with a good opportunity to study, to grow and to interact with students from different countries. English is the medium of instruction for all business management courses and this helps us to improve our English. The College offers a conducive environment for studies. All the lecturers are kind and helpful. Our course mates are friendly and we get along really well.

Mayuree Thawichartkhongkha, Thailand

Diploma in Mass Communication, 2 Years

Han Chiang College (HCC) provides me with a well-rounded education as it offers a relatively good mix of theory and practice. For me, there has never been a dull moment at HCC. The educational visits and seminars have raised my awareness of the latest developments in the print media. As a journalism student, I have the opportunity to produce Han Chiang On Campus, the campus newsletter. This has not only increased my journalism knowledge but has made me more confident in facing the challenges of tomorrow.

Byalapha Vorachith, Laos

Diploma in Information Technology, 2 Years

The main reason why I study the information technology programme at Han Chiang College is because the environment allows me to practise my spoken and written English apart from learning a bit of Mandarin. I enjoy the programme very much as I have learned a variety of new skills including multimedia which is fun and exciting. One of the strengths of Han Chiang College is that its staff and students are warm and friendly. In addition, the lecturers are very responsible and helpful and are willing to put in extra effort to ensure that the students grasp all the necessary knowledge and skills.

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