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IKIP was established in 1992 and is wholly owned by Yayasan Pahang. It comprises four campuses, offering programmes at the certificate, diploma and bachelor levels. Besides offering 14 internal programmes, IKIP also offers the franchise programmes with local and overseas universities to ensure the education opportunity is in tandem with Vision 2020 and the Higher Education Strategic Plan.

All our campuses are strategically located in the vicinity conducive for learning. The programmes offered at IKIP are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), and recognised by the Malaysia Ministry of Higher Education and the Malaysian Public Service Department.

Credits earned are transferable for degree study at universities as well as other institutions of higher learning in Malaysia and abroad.

The IKIP faculty comprises qualified and experienced educators who are continuously updated on innovative and creative methods of educating. This is to ensure that the graduates can face and cope with global challenges.

Our Mission Statement
To become one of the institutions of higher education and advanced skills training centre in producing graduates for the future.

To be one of the centres for research and development in the various fields of studies and specialisation offered at IKIP.

To achieve the Mission, we have developed the quality policies that ensure that our students gain the required knowledge and skills to achieve academic excellence. We maintain a high standard of quality throughout the organisation. Our college practises a continuous improvement

culture in upgrading our services, resources and facilities to ensure the standards in higher learning is maintained.

What Makes Us Special ?

  • Wholly owned the Pahang State Foundation.
  • Programmes offered are accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and recognised by the Malaysian Public Service Department.
  • Skilled, knowledgeable, competent and experienced lecturers who are PhD, masters and degree holders.
  • Programme syllabus comes from partner universities for all franchise programmes.
  • Certification, diploma and degree awarded and convocation ceremony by universities in collaboration.
  • Credits earned are transferrable for further studies.
  • Opportunity for accounting students to obtain additional Professional Diploma; such as LCCI, UK.
  • Opportunity for business students to obtain additional Professional Diploma; such as in Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).
  • Students will undergo 6 months of comprehensive industrial training to gain relevant industry and business experiences.
  • Third language proficiency encouraged in Mandarin or Arabic.

Programme Outline

Engineering & Science
As we are moving towards Vision 2020, well trained engineers from the field of Engineering and Science are needed at the forefront. Current engineering graduates need to be well equipped with the necessary qualifications and training in to be part of our nation’s development. The following courses will assist students to embark in their engineering related fields.

  • Diploma in Computer Engineering (IKIP’s internal program)
  • Diploma in Telecommunication Engineering (IKIP’s internal program)
  • Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering (IKIP’s internal program)
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering (Collaboration with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Power) (Collaboration with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)
  • Diploma in Electronic Engineering (Collaboration with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Collaboration with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)

Computer Science
With the establishment and the rolling out of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) development plan, Malaysia has paved the way to becoming a leader in information technology and multimedia design. Today’s graduate must be competent in their software applications in order to be part of the fast developing area. Therefore courses will prepare them for the challenges in the field of Information Technology.

  • Diploma in Computer Science (IKIP’s internal program)
  • Diploma in Information Technology (IKIP’s internal program)
  • Diploma in Computer Science (Information Technology) (Collaboration with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)
  • Diploma in Computer Science (Multimedia) (Collaboration with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)

Business and Management
Business in the globalised and borderless world today requires graduates to have a complete understanding of the “trade”. They have to be knowledgeable and resourceful in order to be in this sector. The courses offered will definitely be assistance to the business graduates to face the challenges.

  • Master in Business Administration (MBA) (Collaboration with Universiti Utara Malaysia)
  • Degree in Business Administration (Hons) (BBA) (Collaboration with Universiti Utara Malaysia)
  • Diploma in Executive Secretaryship (IKIP’s internal program)
  • Diploma in Marketing (IKIP’s internal program)
  • Diploma in Accounting (IKIP’s internal program)
  • Diploma in Finance (IKIP’s internal program)
  • Diploma in Business Studies (Collaboration with Universiti Teknologi MARA)
  • Pre Diploma in Commerce (Collaboration with Universiti Teknologi MARA)

Art, Design & Media
The field of Art, Design and Media is equally important as any engineering or business specialisation. Today’s designers, artist and journalists are at the limelight of the development of Malaysian Art and Culture.

Objectivity, creativity, innovative and attention to detail are the key components to a successful career in this field. IKIP’s Art, Design and Media programmes will ensure graduates are well trained in their chosen fields and enable them to translate their ideas in the most innovative and creative manners. The diplomas are designed to meet the needs of the industries.

  • Diploma in Journalism (IKIP’s internal program)
  • Diploma in Art and Design (Graphic & Digital Media) (Collaboration with Universiti Teknologi MARA)
  • Diploma in Art and Design (Fine Art) (Collaboration with Universiti Teknologi MARA)

Islamic Studies
As one of the most influential member of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC), Malaysia’s participation in Islamic business development and education is conspicuous. As we head towards being the first developed nation in the OIC, the need for wellrounded Islamic Studies graduates are becoming an increasing necessity. IKIP International College, Islamic Studies programmes have been closely developed to ensure graduates are well prepared for a challenging career ahead. The following courses run parallel with the objective, to gain knowledge in Islamic principles in business and finance relevant with the current industry need.

  • Degree in Syariah (Economic & Islamic Banking) (Collaboration with Yarmouk University in Jordon (2+2))
  • Diploma in Islamic Finance (IKIP’s internal program)
  • Diploma in Islamic Institution Management (IKIP’s internal program)

Training Technical Programmes
IKIP Advanced Skill Center runs the technical and vocational educational programmes (TVET) with practical skills and knowledge taught through 80% hands-on training and 20% theory. The courses offered meet the National Occupational Skill Standard (NOSS) in areas such as;

  • Hospitality
  • Fashion Design
  • Information Technology
  • Automotive

Academic Facilities & Resources

IKIP International College at Taman Gelora lies on a beachfront of Gelora Park, 6 km away from Teluk Chempedak and 2 km away from Kuantan town. This strategic location promises a conducive learning environment coupled with the serenity and tranquility of the surroundings.

Facilities include wireless Internet access, latest learning facilities, a well equipped library, a resource center, MSC status computer labs, electrical and electronic labs, engineering workshops, an art studio, a photo studio, a news room, commuter facilities, comfortable prayer rooms, a cafeteria, student centre, a gym and also the provision of commuter services.

Student Support Services & Student Development Activities

The Student Affairs Department at IKIP offers various student activities. These include involvement in the student council, sports in activities, cultural events and other indoor and outdoor activities. The department listed 22 clubs and associations; such as the Theater & Drama Association, Nasyid Association, Music & Dance Association, Gamelan Association, Muslim Students Association, Borneo Students Association, Public Speaking Association, Indian Students Association, Chinese Students Association, Uniform Bodies, Football Club, Futsal Club, Badminton Club, Ping Pong Club, Strike Ball Club, Netball Club, Sepak Takraw Club, Bowling Club, Explorace & Recreational Club and Hockey Club. Involvement in these clubs and activities are encouraged as part of life on the campus.

Knowledge experienced gained through these activities as planned and implemented as part of the learning process.

Contact Details

IKIP International College

Kampus Taman Gelora
Taman Gelora
25050 Kuantan

Type: Private College

Tel: 609-567 8999
Fax: 609-567 7999
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