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Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar (KTJ) aims to give students of all nationalities equal opportunities to excel in a British style boarding school that offers high quality learning, resources and extra-curricular experiences in a caring, secure and stimulating British style co-educational boarding school.

KTJ was founded by the Negeri Sembilan royal family - YAM Tunku Naquiyuddin ibni Almarhum Tuanku Ja’afar, YAM Tunku Tan Sri Imran ibni Almarhum Tuanku Ja’afar and YAM Tunku Dara Tunku Tan Sri Naquiah binti Almarhum Tuanku Ja’afar - who wished to establish a first- class educational centre based in Malaysia. They clearly succeeded as in 2011, KTJ celebrated 20 years of success.

The Boarding Experience

All KTJ students live in comfortable, fully air-conditioned boarding houses. The boarding houses help foster a close- knit community by offering a caring home environment which is led by experienced and dedicated Houseparents who are assisted by House Tutors. This professional team guides and motivates the students in their care to achieve the best academic results, whilst encouraging them to make the most of the many opportunities for personal development offered during and outside school hours. The newly-built medical centre staffed by full-time nurses ensures students get the very best of health care when they need it.

Living amongst contemporaries in a friendly environment is not only fun but also helps to develop the important qualities of self-awareness, respect and teamwork. The inter-personal skills and emotional intelligence displayed by KTJ students are some of the reasons why they make such a success of their education and their future lives.


The Diverse Community

A blend of approximately 21 nationalities is what gives KTJ its special atmosphere, enabling us to promote and develop cultural harmony as the centre of our educational ethos. Students from many areas of south-east Asia such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea and Taiwan join with students from around the world, exploring different languages and cultures as part of their daily life - an excellent start to understanding globalisation.

Academic Strengths

We believe in the ‘Pursuit of Excellence’, and one of our main aspirations is to contribute towards making Malaysia a centre of academic excellence. In practice we offer high quality education, delivered by experienced and dedicated teachers who use a mixture of modern and traditional pedagogical strategies to enable high achieving, independent learners to flourish. The proof is seen in the continuously improving examination results and the confident young people who find success beyond school.

Programme Outline

The curriculum is designed to maximise choices for the students whilst ensuring a full and thorough grounding in the core science and arts subjects. Students are also prepared for the challenges of the entrepreneurial world through social science subjects like economics, accounting and business studies.

Secondary (Forms 3-5)
KTJ runs two parallel streams for Form 3 and Form 5; the KBSM Malaysian stream and the international stream. In the Malaysian stream, students follow the national syllabus and sit for SPM examinations at ages 16/17 respectively. The international stream students work towards Cambridge and London O levels or International GCSE examinations in Form 5.

A Levels
Students from both the Malaysian and international streams study A levels in the Lower and Upper Sixth forms and in addition they can study for SAT and IELTs qualifications.

English Language Unit (ELU)
Students who lack English proficiency can enrol in this course, which is specially designed to offer maximum exposure of the language to a small number of students.


Academic Facilities & Resources

KTJ enjoys facilities unlike those in any other school in the country. The range and quality of the facilities are aimed at providing the best, all-round education for students and to enable them to explore their abilities and build on their strengths, be they academic, artistic, musical, sporting or personal. Most classrooms have SMART boards and wireless access.

Societies, Clubs and Sports

Of vital importance in a school like KTJ is what happens after the end of lessons. With the vast majority of students boarding, the scope for sport and extra- curricular activities is extensive. Team sports, including rugby, cricket, football, basketball, hockey and netball, are offered alongside many individual sports. Students can opt for a choice of all the racket sports, swimming, athletics and many more. Alongside the opportunity for outstanding sportsmen and women to represent the school or state, there is also the chance for others simply to play an informal game with their friends. Music and drama are also enthusiastically supported by the students who take full advantage of KTJ’s outstanding new 700 – seater auditorium.

Student Support Services & Student Development Activities

A comprehensive academic support service ensures individual attention for academic or personal concerns and students are encouraged to support each other through Peer Counseling called “Listening Ears”.


Scholarships & Financial Aid

A Level and Post-PMR scholarships are offered which cover tuition fees for five terms and six terms respectively. In addition, a small number of awards are available from Form I.

Recognition & Achievements

A total of 36 students (14-18 years of age) have successfully completed their bronze level of the International Youth Award, which is a development programme of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award comprising three levels, namely, bronze, silver and gold, and is open to young people between the ages of 14 and 25.

Students from KTJ have consistently been accepted by many prestigious and blue chip universities around the world. In public examinations, our students also show outstanding overall results.

KTJ has been accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS). It is a member of the federation of British International schools in South East Asia (FOBISSEA) and is the first Malaysian school to attain a silver Eco-School award.

Key Personnel

Dr. Simon Watson

Principal, Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar

Dr. Simon Watson graduated from the University of Warwick before taking a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Bristol. He has taught in the UK, the Czech Republic and New Zealand, before becoming the Secondary Principal of Copenhagen International School in Denmark. He was appointed Principal of Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar (KTJ) in 2011.

Dr. Watson is undertaking a major review of the academic provision and pastoral care at this leading Malaysian school. There are ambitious plans to accelerate rapidly the provision of ICT in teaching and learning. Students at KTJ have an outstanding opportunity to pursue their studies in a superb environment which provides them with the space and resources to participate in a wide range of sport and extra-curricular activities. He is committed to enhancing the facilities at KTJ to enable it to maintain its position as a first-class boarding school serving Malaysians and other young people from the South-East Asian region.

Student Testimonials

Michael Alexander Burley, U.S.A.

Lower Six

My father is based in KL and I have been at KTJ for almost 6 years that is since Form One. I am currently attending Lower Six. When I first came here, I was a quiet and shy person and spent most of the time reading but now I enjoy theatre and being on stage, taking part in sporting events and have so many friends to talk to from many different countries. KTJ has moulded my character in many good ways. The boarding environment, its close-knit society and the friendly atmosphere allows me to interact, adapt, grow and develop while becoming a sociable and matured person. The acting and stage exposure has also make me more confident and comfortable when I am with other people. I have KTJ to thank for. I am glad that I am here.

Kim Ye Jin, Elizabeth, Korea


My father heard about KTJ and its good reputation in Korea. Due to the nature of my father’s job, we moved a lot. I have lived and studied in many countries before coming here. When my father takes his new posting in Korea and the family moved back to Korea, they sent me to KTJ to continue my studies. I have been here for more than three years and I am enjoying my life, the activities and friendships that have developed in the boarding house and classrooms. I find the teachers friendly, dedicated and very experienced. I am taking English Literature, Business Studies and Mathematics for my A-Levels courses. There are also so many international students for me to have the cross-cultural experience here, which is good for my exposure because I intend to study International Relations when I go to the university.

Hiroko Wakabayashi, Japan

Form One

I am in Form One and also a student at the English Language Unit (ELU). I heard about KTJ from my cousin, who is an ex-student. Even after my cousin has left and is now studying in another country, and my family is in Japan, I don’t feel lonely and I am happy to be here. Right now, I can see myself studying at KTJ until Form 6. It is actually cheaper to study here and I can learn English in a short period of time. At the boarding house, we have students from other countries – we live, talk and attend classes together. I also enjoy games and sports that the school offers.

Raline Rahmat, Indonesia

Raline arrived in KTJ from Medan, Indonesia in August 2000. Having been here for four years, she said, “ There is no other place to grow mentally and spiritually than be in the boarding environment.” She said that KTJ gives her the opportunity to build character and communication skills. “In the boarding house, we live with people from different parts of the worlds at a very young age and we learn how to deal with them. At KTJ, we are also allowed to organize events and managed them,” added Raline, who wants to study International Relations after KTJ.

Andrew Stirling Foyston, America

4th Year

“I am very happy and I have no regret coming to KTJ” said Andrew Stirling Foyston, an American, who is presently in his fourth year. His father decided to send him to KTJ after looking at other options available in Malaysia. Andrew, who plays golf and squash, also enjoys his roles in some of the school plays and house singing events. Andrew, who comes from Vancouver, Canada, wishes to continue studying in Canada after his sixth Form at KTJ.

Kim Dong Wook, Korea

2nd Year

Kim Dong Wook, a Korean who is also known as Edward, is presently in his second year at KTJ. His younger sister, Alice, is also studying at KTJ. A keen basketball player, Kim also enjoys golf and other team games like soccer. He finds living in the boarding house and away from parents had taught him to be more independent, but responsible, self-confident, as well as having increased his level of tolerance towards others. He feels that KTJ offers more than his academic needs but more importantly, his personal and mental development.

Ms. Carina Isabella Cerosio, 18 years old, Italy

‘A’ Levels

I like it here. My sister was here, too. My friends are from Malaysia and as well as from other countries. There are a lot of activities here and there is no time to feel bored or homesick. As Sixth Formers, we get to go out on weekends too, so we do get to go to the malls and eat out as well.

Arshad Chowdhury, 15 years old, Form 4, Bangladesh

I heard about KTJ from a friend who has studied here before and my father decided to send me here without even having to see the Kolej first. I am glad that he has made the right decision. I like it here. I play cricket for the school and enjoy the wide range of sporting facilities available at the school. I want to be a computer engineer and I hope to do well in my ‘O’ Levels. The teachers are experienced and I get good support from the tutors, too.

Jonathan Frank Lawn, 13 years old, Form 2, England

I have been at KTJ for almost a year, but home is Malacca where my parents have been since I was one year old. Actually, we are from England. I like being at KTJ because I have a lot of friends from different parts of the world and I can learn so much from them and also from my tutors and houseparents who live in the same house. It is good to know that boarding school is actually quite fun and we have no time to be bored because there are so many activities and so many things to do, even on weekends. I am taking up golf now.

Contact Details

Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar

71700 Mantin
Negeri Sembilan

Type: Private College

Tel: 606-758 2995 / 758 2561
Fax: 606-758 1139 / 758 2953
Website: http://www.ktj.edu.my

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