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Tenby International School Setia EcoHill

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Institution Profile

Our Story

Established in 2016, Tenby International School Setia EcoHill is part of the Tenby Schools group, one of the pioneers of international education in Malaysia with nearly 60 years of heritage in the country.

As one of the newest schools in the group, our 14-acre purpose-built campus is equipped with state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities that help students explore their full potential. Our beautiful campus offers a full sports complex, design and technology laboratories, a modern auditorium and much more, providing ample room for over 100 co-curricular activities where students have room to pursue subjects and areas where they have a passion.

Our true value, however, lies in our focus on the whole child. Both inside and outside the classroom, we want to create a supportive learning environment where your child is given every chance to reach their potential, in line with our philosophy of Amazing Learning. By giving students the space and opportunity to own their learning process, they might surprise themselves at what they are able to achieve. This will build their confidence and enable them to achieve local and global success.

Why Choose Us?

At all Tenby Schools, we apply a holistic, evidence-based philosophy designed to build the character of students and empower lifelong, independent learning. With our extensive experience in providing international quality education, our educators are able to challenge students on a personal, individualised basis, enabling exposure to repeated experiences that push students towards true breakthroughs in learning.

Here are four more reasons to choose Tenby International School Setia EcoHill for your child’s education:

A School that Maximises Potential

At Tenby International School Setia EcoHill, we provide students with the resources, facilities and freedom to learn and get better at a purposeful pace. We are constantly monitoring and realigning our strategies to ensure their constant growth and improvement.

Our 14-acre purpose-built campus is equipped with modern facilities for educational, recreational and sporting pursuits, including a sports complex and a performing arts annexe complete with an auditorium. We aim always to foster a learning environment where all our students can explore and push the boundaries of their potential.

More than just grades

The real art of education is nurturing the confidence and sense of self-worth of young persons. Our focus is on developing the whole child, and we take a holistic approach by offering many different learning experiences inside and outside of the classroom. In this way, we are creating a supportive environment so that our students are given the best opportunity to maximise their potential.

Part of a Global Network

As part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), we benefits from the wisdom, research and rich educational experience of a group with 50 schools in 15 countries worldwide.

A Place for Amazing Learning

In everything we do, we aim to bring to life moments of Amazing Learning. Amazing Learning is all about going beyond the level a student thinks possible, and it happens when children are provided opportunities for “good struggle”, where they are exposed to repeated experiences that develop character in perseverance and learning.

We believe that with struggle comes the opportunity to experience breakthroughs. Ultimately, we want children to surprise themselves (and their teachers and parents), so that they can say, “I didn’t realise I could do that until now!”

School Facilities

Our campus is an impressive landmark in the fast-growing suburb of Semenyih. Our 14-acre purpose-built campus boasts a comprehensive range of modern teaching and learning equipment, as well as a host of facilities that allow students to enjoy activities that develop their minds as well as their bodies.

Here, we emphasise the holistic development of a child. As such, we offer over 100 co-curricular activities to enable our children to gain diverse experiences, supported by our wide range of facilities.

  • Aquatic Centre
  • Sports Hall
  • Early Years Play Area
  • Science Laboratories
  • Music Rooms
  • ICT Suites
  • Football Field
  • Art Rooms
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Special Activity Rooms
  • Basketball Courts
  • Library
  • Design & Technology Laboratories
  • Drama Rooms

Extra-curricular activities

All students from Early Years upwards are required to take part in at least one of our many co-curricular activities (CCAs) per week. This is a vital part of the school experience as it helps them develop friendships beyond their year group, while giving them the opportunity to nurture interests that could become career choices in their futures. 

All CCAs are taught by experienced instructors, some of whom come from our teacher community and others who are hired as external experts. All external instructors are fully qualified to teach students and take every precaution to ensure a safe yet enjoyable learning environment.

Please download the full list here.

School Achievements

We offer an adapted English National Curriculum from the UK, suitable for international students. This study programme leads to the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in Year 11. 

A rigorous assessment system and teachers who watch vigilantly to ensure students learn effectively, combine to create an environment that is conducive for student success, as seen by our students’ achievements year after year. We want to take a moment to recognise their achievements in 2021.

Tenby International School Setia EcoHill is proud of the IGCSE results which our students have produced over the past five years! We are extremely proud of all the students who sat Cambridge examinations in the May/June 2021 series and congratulate them wholeheartedly on their performance. Due to the hard work of our teachers and support from parents over the years, students at Tenby Setia Ecohill have consistently achieved results above global averages in many crucial subjects, including Maths and the pure Sciences. This is a testament to the strength of the whole school community and we once again congratulate all the students on their success.

2020/21 IGCSE Results

  • 90% A* - C (English, Maths & Science)
  • 85% A* – C
  • 68% A* - B

Courses Offered

Click on a programme name for full details.

International / Private School Education
Early Years (Preschool) 3 to 5 Yrs Old
Fees (Local): RM 4190 to RM17,700 per term
Duration: 3 terms per year
Primary (6 to 11 years old)
Fees (Local): RM 4190 to RM17,700 per term
Duration: 3 terms per year
Secondary (12 to 16 years old)
Fees (Local): RM 4190 to RM17,700 per term
Duration: 3 terms each year

Key Personnel

Martin Shelley

Campus Principal, Tenby International School Setia EcoHill

Our Vision here at Tenby International School Setia EcoHill is centred on the 8 Learner Attributes we developed as a whole school community, and these are instrumental in the day-to-day life in our school. Our Learners are at the forefront of everything we do. We are a school that is amid significant growth, which a very exciting period for us!

As the school grows, we can frequently upgrade facilities and offer new and exciting opportunities to our students and their families, just recently we have opened a state-of-the-art cookery room and are embarking on several digital developments such as our Drone Academy, introducing Augmented and Virtual Reality to our curriculum, 3D printers and the exciting new E-sport – HADO.

Learners here in Malaysia, and those abroad, can look forward to relaxed and peaceful way of life here at Tenby SEH and in the leafy community of Semenyih, but we are also just a short drive from bustling hearts of Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur where families have access to all of the wonderful amenities that a vibrant 21st century city has to offer. [>

Student Testimonials


Year 11 (IGCSE)

Here at Tenby, I really enjoy learning and consolidating the knowledge with my peers. The teachers never fail to make each and every single lesson fun and engaging for us, and in return, we always try our best and strive for great progress as well. Besides my studies, I’m also part of the Prefect Leadership Team, which is an excellent opportunity for me to improve and grow as an individual. As a prefect, I’ve gotten better on skills such as communication and time management, which will be especially helpful for me in the future. I look forward to improving and getting closer to my goals each and every day!


Year 7

Hi, my name’s Dain and I joined Tenby SEH last August in 2021. I noticed that there are a lot of opportunities to join a team or programme at school, which was exciting. I am now a part of the Eco Committee, Prefect Team and Street Child United, a programme designed to support children less fortunate. These programmes and clubs have been a great way to explore what I am passionate about. Moving forward I’m really excited about my time at Tenby SEH and the new experiences ahead for me.

Tenby International School Setia EcoHill Videos

Tenby Schools - Amazing Learning. Global Success
Learning is about getting better. Getting better through good struggles. In our latest video we've captured some of those special moments in our students' learning journeys. Experience Amazing Learning with the Tenby Schools family.

Contact Details

Tenby International School Setia EcoHill

No. 6, Jalan EcoHill 1,
Mukim, Setia EcoHill,
43500 Semenyih

Type: International School

Tel: 03 87255625, 016 216 5625
Website: https://tenby.edu.my/setia-ecohill/

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