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Institution Profile

About Terra


Terra College is in fact, an “old college” although recently established and approved by the government of Malaysia as a private institution of higher learning (IPTS) in 2012. This is because its founders, academic advisors and some of the top management staff have long-time experience in education and research at the tertiary levels for well over 40 years before they embarked on this project. Therefore, Terra College already has a solid foundation in education and research which is of equal standing to some of the oldest institutions of higher learning in the country. It has evolved into a unique system of providing excellent academic knowledge, using state-of-the-art facilities to ensure in examinations that will empower young people to face the future with confidence.


Terra College provides quality and affordable education for local and international students with an all-encompassing objective of enhancing wholesome knowledge-based human capital development for effective nation-building.


Terra College employs qualified and experienced teachers and staff to carry out the task of providing quality education to local and international students in order to produce quality and knowledgeable graduates who will also be skilled human capitals with high employability ratings to meet industries’ ever growing demands.


Core Values

Terra College believes that its VISION and MISSION could be achieved as they are supported by its CORE VALUES which are as follows:

  • Quality is our hallmark
  • Service above self
  • Dedication and devotion to teaching, coaching and mentoring
  • Care and love
  • Friendliness and approachability

The faculty members at Terra College have been appointed based on their knowledge, experience and above all, commitment to the vision of Terra: transformation of the MIND to excel in life. Terra always places its STUDENTS at the centre of any endeavour. The college puts its focus on creating individuals with an innate desire to overcome all obstacles and challenges to enable them to forge ahead in life.

The lectures, modules and special programmes have been specifically designed to meet the needs of our students. A graduate of Terra will excel at any academic institution in the world. In this respect, Terra College has links with many prestigious tertiary institutions in Malaysia and overseas and is a gateway to success for our graduates.

Programmes Offered

Pre-U Studies

  1. Cambridge A-Levels Programme (Science & Arts Courses)
  2. Foundation Programme (Science & Arts Courses)

School of Business Management

  1. Diploma in Business Administration
  2. Diploma in Logistic Management
  3. Diploma in Accountancy and
  4. Diploma in Hotel Management 

School of Art & Design

  1. Diploma in Creative Multimedia
  2. Diploma in Fashion Design
  3. Diploma in Interior Design
  4. Diploma in Animation

The A-Level course is among our specialities as we cater for students who are particularly interested to continue their studies overseas in prestigious and reputable universities. Our recent A-Levels AS Exams results bear testimony to our fantastic achievements.

The 3-year diploma courses will prepare students to upgrade their profession or to use it as a means to gather more relevant knowledge and acts as a stepping stone to further their studies in the universities of their choice either locally or overseas. Our graduating students could continue their tertiary education in relevant courses at degree level at recognised and reputable local and overseas universities on a 4+0 or 3+0 basis or any other suitable combination either at Terra College or at reputable local and overseas universities.



Terra scholarships are awarded to students who achieve outstanding results in their SPM or ‘O’ Level examination. Scholarships are offered to students at the foundation, A-Levels and diploma levels. All scholarships applications can be made in writing to: [email protected]

Financial Aid

Student financial aid is available in the form of loans from the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) and also from the Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF).

Terra College upholds quality as her hallmark. The College practises service above self, maintains dedication and devotion to teaching, coaching and mentoring, care and love, friendliness and approachability to bring out the best in every student. Terra College’s vision, mission and core values are powered by its unique “PENTA” principles to guarantee that its teaching quality is backed by its stringent lecturer selection criteria.


Where you Share your dreams;

We Shape your destiny,

Bring out the best in you,

Fuel your passion,

Coach and mentor to fulfil your heart’s desires and

Empower to attain the peak of success.


The academic facilities available at the college include:

  • Learning Resource Centre (LRC)
  • Discussion Room
  • Smart Board Classrooms
  • Wireless Hot Spot
  • Computer Lab
  • Physics Lab
  • Biology Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • e-brary System
  • Air-Conditioned Classrooms
  • Latest Teaching Equipment


The Service Facilities available at the college include:

  • Cafeteria
  • Student Lounge
  • Surau / Prayer Room
  • Auditorium/Multi-Purpose Hall
  • Student Hostel
  • Art Gallery
  • In-Door Games Room
  • Dance Studio
  • Sick Bay
  • Transportation from pick up points

Student Clubs & Organisations

  • BEACON Club
  • Recreational Club
  • Art & Design Club
  • Sports Club
  • Baking Club 


Courses Offered

Click on a programme name for full details.

Pre-University/Foundation Studies
Cambridge A Level in Arts
Fees (Local): 12500/4 subjects ; 10950/subjects
Duration: 18 Mths (Jan intake) & 15 Mths (March intake)
Cambridge A Level in Science
Fees (Local): 15500/4 subjects ; 12500/3 subjects
Duration: 18 Mths (Jan intake) & 15 Mths (March intake)
Foundation in Arts
Fees (Local): 9950/Course
Duration: 1 Yr
Foundation in Science
Fees (Local): 10000/Course
Duration: 12 Mths
Diploma Level
Diploma in Accounting
Fees (Local): 16800/Course
Duration: 3 Yrs
Diploma in Creative Multimedia
Fees (Local): 19000/Course
Duration: 3 Yrs

Contact Details

Terra College

No 67-1, Jalan Ramin 1/KS 7,
Bandar Botanic
41200 Klang

Type: Private College

Tel: 03- 3319 4445/4545/4145
Fax: 03- 3319 4345
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