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Fields of Study: Environmental Protection

by on March 17, 2017

Are you passionate about building a sustainable way of life for the future and working with the public to create awareness in protecting the environment?
Environmental Protection

What’s It About ?

Environmental protection focuses on solving problems arising from the interaction between humans and environmental systems and includes issues related to conservation, pollution, loss of biodiversity, land degradation or environmental policy.

It involves the study of the sustainable management of environmental resources to balance uses and values for current and future generations. Many of the careers in this industry are considered green careers as they involve preserving or protecting our environmental resources.

Possible Occupations

  • Air Pollution Specialists
  • Air Quality Specialists
  • Compliance Officers
  • Conservationists
  • Energy and Conservation Technicians
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Environmental Educators
  • Environmental Health
  • Inspectors
  • Environmental Health Specialists
  • Environmental Impact Analysts
  • Environmental Journalists
  • Environmental Planners
  • Environmental Programme Managers
  • Environmental Protection Consultants
  • Environmental Protection Technicians
  • Environmental Quality Analysts
  • Environmental Researchers
  • Environmental Safety Technicians
  • Fishery and Wildlife Managers
  • Foresters
  • Forestry and Conservation Technicians
  • Geographic Information Systems Analysts
  • Water and Air Quality Engineers
  • Wildlife Conservationists
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Career Options in Environmental Protection

Careers in Environmental Protection
Careers in Environmental Protection

Environmental science and protection is a field that encompasses a range of disciplines; it includes a range of careers that require different skill sets. Previously, environmental jobs consisted mainly of scientific research roles, but the rapidly growing ‘green jobs’ sector means that there is demand for passionate environmentalists in a number of fields including law, marketing, planning and development, education and conservation.

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What is environmental protection all about?

What is environmental protection all about?

Have you always been interested in conservation but don’t know where to start? Want to find out more about what the field of environmental protection is about? How about the courses you can pursue and the career prospects in this field? Read on to find out!

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Source: Education Guide Malaysia 14th Ed.

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