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Fields of Study: Mathematics and Statistics

by on March 17, 2017

Do you like math, working with numbers, and learning how to apply all kinds of mathematical concepts and formulas to real life situations?

Mathematics and Statistics

What’s It About ?

This field is about the study of abstract deductive systems, numerical facts, data and their applications.

Mathematics is a field that teaches you how to describe number, form, arrangement and associated relationships, using rigorously defined literal, numerical and operational symbols. You may learn subject matters like mathematical logic, set theory, rings and algebras, real and complex functions, differential, difference and integral equations, harmonic and Fourier analysis, functional analysis, calculus of variations and control theory, geometry, topology, dynamical systems, functions of several complex variables, approximation theory, numerical analysis, operations research, and many more.

In statistics, you will analyse management problems using probability theory, distribution theory, mathematical programming, queuing theory, Markov processes, inventory models, simulation, game theory and other mathematical and statistical techniques and models. You will learn how to apply appropriate theories and techniques to collecting, describing and interpreting numerical data.

Possible Occupations

  • Academicians
  • Actuarial Analysts
  • Actuaries
  • Biometricians
  • Biostatisticians
  • Budget Analysts
  • Computer Consultants
  • Computer Programmers
  • Cryptologic Mathematicians
  • Financial/Securities Analysts
  • Mathematical Statisticians
  • Mathematics Analysts
  • Operations Research Analysts
  • Programmers
  • Research Mathematicians
  • Research Scientists
  • Software Developers
  • Software Engineers
  • Statisticians
  • Systems Analysts
  • Underwriters
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Courses Offered In This Field

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myCourse Guide: Bachelor Degree in Actuarial Studies & The Job of an Actuary

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Source: Education Guide Malaysia 14th Ed.

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