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Y.Bhg. Dr. Mohamed Rashid bin Navi Bax

Deputy Director-General, Private Higher Education Management Sector, Department of Higher Education
Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia

It is indeed gratifying to witness a robust growth in the Malaysian private higher education sector during the past one decade. With a population of around 26 million, Malaysia has 17 private universities, 16 private university colleges, four foreign university branch campuses and 500-odd private colleges and branches. These private-funded educational institutions offer a wide range of tertiary qualifications to more than 300,000 students; of which more than 40,000 are international students from 100 different countries. Various higher educational institutions from the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, France and New Zealand offer twinning and '3+0' foreign university degree programmes through partnerships with Malaysian private colleges and universities.

Private Higher Educational Institutions (PHEIs) have a definite role in making Malaysia an exporter of educational services. PHEIs also help to reduce the financial burden of the government in meeting the nation's needs for tertiary education.

As Malaysia endeavours to position itself as a centre of educational excellence, the PHEIs must contribute effectively towards the realization of this goal. Among others, it includes the introduction of high technology courses at competitive fees, increase overseas university collaborations, appointment of lecturers and researchers with master's and doctoral qualifications and expanding the capacity to accommodate more students.

To remain competitive as an educational destination of choice, the Private Higher Education Management Sector of the Ministry of Higher Education has the role of ensuring that the programmes offered by PHEIs are relevant, marketdriven, and are of international standards.

I would like to congratulate Challenger Concept (M) Sdn Bhd for complementing the Ministry's effort in disseminating useful information on higher education to both the local and international student markets.

Thank You.

Private Higher Education Management Sector
Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia
Ground Floor & Level 5, Block 1, PjH Tower, Precinct 2
Federal Government Administrative Centre, 62100 Putrajaya, Malaysia
Tel: 603-8884 4600
Fax : 603-8884 4794

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