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Y.B. Dato' Sri Dr.Ng Yen Yen

Minister of Tourism Malaysia

I would like to congratulate Challenger Concept (M) Sdn. Bhd. on the release of the 7th edition of the "Study in Malaysia Handbook" which is complemented by its web portal Besides providing much needed information on where to study in Malaysia, these publications also carry comprehensive information on places of interest as well as an overview of what Malaysia has to offer for the benefit of prospective tourists, investors, as well as the family members of international students who are pursuing their education here.

I urge all international students to come study in this very hospitable and unique country. Study opportunities in Malaysia are plentiful. International students can choose from long-term quality study programmes such as primary and secondary education in private/international schools, or Bachelor's and postgraduate studies at higher educational institutions. For short-term study, students can opt for English language courses or enrol at a summer camp, or motivation and leadership camps.

The added advantage that many international students have when choosing to study in Malaysia is the simple and quick immigration and entry procedures be it for short-term edu-tourism courses or long-term academic programmes.

The country enjoys a warm climate throughout the year and is endowed with many interesting and intriguing destinations. Ranging from some of the most magnificent islands, dive sites, world-heritage sites and national parks to 'Asian' flavoured cities, students will undoubtedly have a memorable stay here. The multi-racial population of Malaysia means that there is a multitude of interesting customs, craft and architecture; colourful festivities; and exciting culinary fare waiting to be discovered. I welcome you to Malaysia for an enriching experience.

Thank you
Dato' Sri Dr.Ng Yen Yen

Source: Study in Malaysia Handbook 7th Edition
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