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Department of Higher Education

by on July 10, 2015 | Higher Education Governing Authorities


The Department of Higher Education is one of the two departments under the Ministry of Education which regulates the nation’s higher educational institutions’ affairs (both public and private).

The department is headed by the Director-General of Higher Education and made up of two sectors – the public university management sector and the private higher education institutions management sector. There are 12 divisions in all that manage the processes vital in gearing Malaysian higher institutions towards excellence through the coordination of policies, funding and activities. These divisions play their respective roles in improving the quality of education services and ensuring that programmes offered by the public and private higher educational institutions in Malaysia are of high quality and international standards.


To develop Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia into world class centres of knowledge by 2020


To strengthen higher education institutions as eminent centres of excellence that generate competent, innovative and responsible individuals who can fulfill national and international aspirations


  • To ensure at least two national universities are ranked in the top 200 world universities list with one listed in the top 50 world universities
  • To develop 10 internationally reputable Centres of Excellence in research, patents, publications, research collaboration and commercialisation of research output
  • To ensure that 75% of HEIs academics possess a PhD qualification or its equivalent
  • To produce competent graduates for both local and global job market with a target of 75% of graduates securing employment within six months of graduation
  • To have an enrolment of 200,000 international students at the diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels by 2020
  • To enhance the strategic relationship between local and international HEIs and renowned local and international research institutions in the fields of research, development and commercialisation
  • To implement policies and regulatory systems to be in line with the national higher education policy and vision
  • To target a minimum of 40% of the 17-23 year-old cohort to be enrolled at the tertiary level
  • To ensure that student development programmes produce outstanding individuals who are well-balanced

Functions of The Department

  • To plan, implement, monitor and evaluate policies, programmes and activities of higher education institutions (HEIs) towards excellence in higher education
  • To develop an efficient and innovative system in managing HEIs
  • To plan the establishment of HEIs and to ensure that their facilities are conducive and comparable to international standards.
  • To plan and coordinate HEIs’ Centre of Excellence (HICoE)
  • To ensure the academic workforce of HEIs possess excellent qualifications and expertise in their respective fields
  • To formulate, revise and enforce statutory acts relating to higher education
  • To plan and coordinate policies to encourage a research culture towards the strengthening of research, development and commercialisation activities through collaborative networking between industries and the government
  • To develop, monitor and supervise academic programmes to fulfill the demands of the job market and achieve international recognition
  • To draft, implement and coordinate the entry policy of local and international students
  • To oversee student welfare and implement programmes towards the holistic development of both Malaysian and international students
  • To plan, promote, and coordinate the internationalisation of the national higher education system via various strategic approaches
  • To market higher education programmes and to promote Malaysia as a preferred destination for higher education
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