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Looking for information on issues on Malaysian Education System, Education Routes, Cost and Study Opportunities, Quality Assurance and other education related development issues?

Browse the following topics below for a comprehensive guide to studying in Malaysia.

    • Higher Education in Malaysia - StudyMalaysia.com

      Higher Education in Malaysia

      Learn about the Malaysian Education System, Private Higher Educational Institutions, Study Options and Routes and more.

    • Private Education Routes - StudyMalaysia.com

      Private Education Routes

      Read more about The Private Education Route To Bachelor's Degree and Professional Qualifications, Pre-University Studies, Certificate & Diploma Qualifications.

    • Public Higher Education Routes - StudyMalaysia.com

      Public Higher Education Routes

      Read on article such as Public Universities, Route To University Degree Foundation & Diploma, Bachelor's Degree Qualification For STPM Qualification holders, Polytechnic And Community College Route To Certificate & Diploma Qualifications For SPM Qualification Holders.

    • Going Abroad From Malaysia - StudyMalaysia.com

      Going Abroad From Malaysia

      The topic ‘Going Abroad from Malaysia’ is particularly interesting if you have plans to go to another country (after Malaysia) to continue your tertiary education at bachelor’s degree level. This is possible through a credit transfer or advanced standing arrangement with foreign universities, usually at a much lower cost.

    • Pre-University Programmes & Foundation Studies - StudyMalaysia.com

      Pre-University Programmes & Foundation Studies

      Discover the different types and pathways of pre-university or foundation programmes you can take as an SPM, UEC, or IGSCE O level school leavers en route to universities Bachelor's degree programmes.

    • Technical & Vocational Training - StudyMalaysia.com

      Technical & Vocational Training (TVET) Education

      Find out about Polytechnics And Community Colleges : Certificate & Diploma Programmes For SPM Holders.

    • English in Malaysia - StudyMalaysia.com

      English in Malaysia

      Read about Learning Of English In Malaysia and the Malaysian University English Test (MUET).

    • International School Education in Malaysia - StudyMalaysia.com

      International School Education in Malaysia

      Learn about International Schools and what you need to look for in an International School and their curriculums offered.

    • Useful Topics - StudyMalaysia.com

      Useful Topics

      For additional information, do not miss the Quality in Education and ISO 9000 article, The Open Certification System, Academic point calculation For SPM & STPM, Tax Incentives for Private Education Institutions and more.

    • Higher Education Governing Authorities - StudyMalaysia.com

      Higher Education Governing Authorities

      The Department of Higher Education is one of the four departments/sectors under the Ministry of Higher Education which regulates the nation's higher educational institutions affairs (both public and private).

    • Other Government Agencies - StudyMalaysia.com

      Other Government Agencies

      This section features the various agencies in Malaysia that provide international education promotion and support to the country's education industry.

    • Associations of Educational Institutions - StudyMalaysia.com

      Associations of Educational Institutions

      Read about the associations of the educational institutions here.

    • Career Guide - StudyMalaysia.com

      Career Guide

      Choosing a career can be a daunting decision particularly when you do not know how to begin. This section provides a step-by-step guide to exploring career options most suited for you.

    • Useful Tips - StudyMalaysia.com

      Useful Tips

      Here you will find articles & contributions from colleges, counsellors and educationists on useful tips - from choosing what, to study to where, to studying in college.

    • Who's Who in the Malaysian Education Industry - StudyMalaysia.com

      Who's Who in the Malaysian Education Industry

      Here are some Key Personnel in the Malaysian Education Industry.

    • SkillsMalaysia INVITE - StudyMalaysia.com

      SkillsMalaysia INVITE

      International Technical Education and Vocational Training Programme in Malaysia (or better known as INVITE) is a government initiative designed specifically for international students.

    • Top Stories - StudyMalaysia.com

      Top Stories

      Studymalaysia news and trending articles on education issues, survival tips, ongoings in the education industry and about studying in Malaysia.

    • Latest News - StudyMalaysia.com

      Latest News

      Read about latest happenings in the Education scene in Malaysia & some of the achievements and milestones of some of your favourite colleges & universities.

    • Event Calendar - StudyMalaysia.com

      Event Calendar

      View latest happenings & events all around Malaysia in the Education Industry. Open Days, Road shows, Exhibitions, Fairs, Talks, Seminars.

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