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January 3, 2013 | Campus News

 It was a great time to have freaky fun and play dress-up at the first ever Halloween party for DISTED College students.

 Held recently at the DISTED Hospitality Campus, the Freaky Friday Halloween Night was organized by HM Youth+ Club, a fraternity for the college’s hospitality students.

 DISTED School of Hospitality head Susie Khoo had the honour to officiate the party by pouring a magic potion into a witch’s brew. 

 Organizing chairman Gary Ong Hock Seng, who is a Diploma in Hospitality Business Management student, said: “Although Halloween is not a local festival, the celebration is gaining popularity among young Malaysians.”

 “So, we made use of the opportunity to foster fraternity and camaraderie among students and staff. 

 “Everyone had fun and the flamboyant ones even dressed up in their spookiest costumes at the party. The occasion did bring out creativity in costume designing,” he remarked.

 “Reliving the Halloween ambience, the event kicked off with all guests having to walk through the Ghost House which was a scary trail filled with hidden surprises.

 “Those who craved for more eerie experiences visited the Ghost Cinema which screened several horror movies.

 “As spooky costumes are one of the thrills at any Halloween party, we also held a scary dress competition,” he recalled.

 Hospitality student Ashley Boay Mei Ying found the Halloween celebration a worthwhile experience.

 “There was exciting entertainment too besides exhilarating games for guests to battle against each other amidst the cheers and laughter of spectators, and the delicious spread of ‘spooktacular treats’,” she said.

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