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Sunway CIMP student wins Apple iPad for best essay

January 22, 2013 | Campus News

The music and lyrics to Black Eyed Peas’  ‘Where is the Love’ was what inspired Farhana binti Farhan Menon’s essay on climate change that won best essay in the Monash Prize Essay Competition. “This is the song that touches my soul every time someone talks about climate change,” Farhana wrote in her essay.

“This war of human against nature has to stop. Most people think that the earth is going to be around forever. But what they fail to realise is that the more we take from earth, the more we lose something, especially when no measure has been done to replace it. We must stop wastage and take responsibility of our own actions,” said Farhana who is currently in the Canadian International Matriculation Programme (CIMP) at Sunway College. Conscious of the environment, Farhana regularly recycles, reuses, and repairs in her daily life.

Farhana’s winning entry won her an Apple iPad. Although she was set on her dream of becoming a Doctor since the age of seven, she realised that there is only so much medicine can cure. As her main goal is to help people, she realised that a career in Psychiatry encompasses the best of both worlds, Medicine and Psychology that will be more suitable in fulfilling her dreams in helping people.

In her spare time, Farhana volunteers. “I have previously worked with Yayasan Salam, a non-profit organisation that believes volunteer work is a meaningful way to bring about change. Last year, I was involved in a camp that involves building confidence in Orang Asli children especially in public speaking. I mentored two children and taught them how they can develop more confidence speaking socially or in public,” shared Farhana.

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