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Combating stress know-how

April 4, 2013 | Campus News

While stress cannot be avoided in life, it can be managed to alleviate its harmful effects on people.

 International speaker and business coach Lynn Leahy addressed the issue during her public workshop on ‘Managing Stress in Self and Others’ held at DISTED College recently, which was organized by the Penang Association of Counselling and Psychology together with the college.

On keeping a balance with stress, Lynn pointed out: “Many people think of stress as a negative problem without realizing that a certain level of stress is needed to keep us motivated at work and in life.”

"Hence, the key is to keep stress at an optimum level to avoid being overstressed,” she said.

Among the participants were the college’s psychology degree students who had the opportunity to enrich their learning beyond the classroom and interact with the practitioner in psychotherapeutic approaches.

Student Mak Chan Wai said: “The workshop was enlightening as the facilitator imparted wider insights into the inner workings of stress and helped the participants to relate stress management to everyday life.”

“She gave us a better grasp of maintaining optimum stress as a motivating force at work.”

His course mate Mornisa Thayagaraja commented: “The speaker shed light on how old habits could affect our actions and how we could start to make small changes in our lives by thinking before acting.”

“I not only learnt about stress coping strategies but also, to be more aware about my own way of thinking to maintain a positive outlook in life,” she noted.

An accredited mediator and trained relationship counsellor, Lynn has spoken in over 20 countries, throughout Europe, Asia, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

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