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Advertising & Graphic Design Graduate Shares her career-expansion in Animation

August 28, 2013 | Campus News

Ng Yuen Sin, a graduate from The One Academy Advertising & Graphic Design, is an inspiring creative individual that challenged herself to set off to international waters to strive forward in a career in Digital Animation instead. Ng settled down in United Kingdom where she furthers herself as an animation artist from Malaysia with an opportunity to contribute her talent in famous gaming titles.

Ng started out like any other creative aspirant and built her foundation as a student at The One Academy. Back then, she pursued Advertising & Graphic Design as her preferred major. She was a dedicated student, and practiced her drawing techniques while putting in extra hours working on her assignments. “The One Academy was the place where I refined my drawing techniques. It was a good experience for me because I learned in depth on how to improve myself, and it motivates me to practice my drawing every day. It was fun!”

Upon graduation, Ng pursued a local animation company and started off as a graphic designer, followed by a degree in UK majoring in Graphic design. According to Ng, pursuing her studies abroad has been an eye opener for her, “I was given the opportunity to study abroad and I seized it! It wasn’t just for the academic experience, but I wanted to learn how to be independent in a foreign country.”

Ng stayed on in the UK to build a career in the creative field as a graphic designer in a creative agency, but because job opportunities were few at that time, Ng decided to expand herself in the animation field instead. “Looking for a job in the UK was difficult; I strived to look for a job as a graphic designer. I was very fortunate to be given a chance to showcase my portfolio to a humble game design studio, and from then on, my career in the creative field begun.”

Thanks to The One Academy’s practical coaching approach picked up by Ng, she has never stopped moving forward both in work and creative expression. Ng’s education background in advertising and graphic design didn’t limit her at all; instead, she unraveled career boundaries by seeking for opportunities in the game design field instead.

Today, Ng has built a career in animation as a Senior Character Artist. Not only did she learned how toughen herself as a team player, but Ng acquired the importance of being an enthusiast in the field. “You need to be enthusiastic in this field, without it, it is really hard to survive.” Ng described her experience working in the game industry as a lesson learned for her; she learned never stop learning and always continue developing- according to Ng, this is true to Microsoft and Sony’s philosophy in constantly releasing new generations of game consoles.

While Ng was given more and more opportunities on projects, her portfolio was also growing and she was working on various famous movie licenses such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Ice Age, Rio, James Bond and more. With society constantly evolving in trends and technology, it has upkeep the game industry too, especially in the release of upcoming popular consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The current game industry is keeping at par with the film industry, creating more opportunities for animation designers and artists.

When it comes to creativity, there are no boundaries. Students may be trained in certain areas such as illustration or visual design, but the creative field is wide, therefore students will be able to expand themselves in the vast creative field. This is the uniqueness of The One Academy’s teaching approach, to help students realize that their techniques and talents can be incorporated in the field of animation, interior design, graphic design, advertising, fashion and many more.

To all aspiring creative students who wish to pursue the similar path, Ng shares that no matter where you are in the world, it is always important to plan your workflow ahead before you start. “Always think ahead, especially in digital animation. As your character moves around in the virtual world, remember to check your references regularly and always stay inspired,” Ng advices, and this simple advice goes a long way.

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