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MYUNIBUS Shuttle Tracker: The future of travel planning in Sunway Integrated Resort City

September 26, 2013 | Campus News

MYUNIBUS Shuttle Tracker: The future of travel planning in Sunway Integrated Resort City

Long waiting time at bus stops is common scenario for bus users, but this scenario could be changed, said Team MYUNIBUS.

In conjunction with Youth Leadership Academy 2013 organised by McKinsey Kuala Lumpur Office, Team MYUNIBUS has launched its University Shuttle Tracking Website portal on 9th September 2013 in Sunway University. This is the first website portal, that tracks University Shuttle Buses in Malaysia which aims to reduce unnecessary waiting time at the bus stop. 

The team collaborated with Sunway Education Group and Sunway Travel to be the country’s pioneers in developing a system that truly benefits users of the shuttle bus.

The launching ceremony was held at the Foyer, Sunway University. Aside from the participation of hundreds of students at the Foyer of Sunway University, the presence of Elizabeth Lee, Senior Executive Director of Sunway Education Group, Prof Graeme Wilkinson, Vice-Chancellor of Sunway University, Jeremiah Lim, COO of Sunway Travel, had amplified the crowd’s excitement for the launch of MYUNIBUS Website Portal.

The website portal was officiated by Lee and Wilkinson followed by an on-the-spot demonstration of the shuttle tracker service. A bus tour was taken by Team MYUNIBUS and the VIPs when the Free Shuttle bus by Sunway Travel arrived exactly as shown on MYUNIBUS website portal.

The launch of MYUNIBUS website portal excites most of the students and even residents in Sunway Integrated Resort City. Most of the targeted audience claims that the difficulties in locating a bus had led them to hiring a cab to commute around Sunway Integrated Resort City. The introduction of MYUNIBUS Website Portal is clearly a solution for users around Sunway Integrated Resort City to reduce their daily transportation cost, to cut down idle time waiting at the bus stop and reduce the probability of being a victim of crime.

Team MYUNIBUS are grateful for Sunway University and Sunway Travel’s support and are pushing forward to improve the website portal. According to Adam Malik, the Project Leader for MYUNIBUS, “We would like all of the users to provide their honest feedback on our product. Our product’s main purpose is to serve the community and we want to deliver only the best!”

Aiming to provide an avenue for the users of shuttle buses in all Universities and Colleges in Malaysia to plan their journey in a more time efficient manner, the team will welcome any form of sponsorship and partnership in order to boost this nationwide project to a higher ground and to take MYUNIBUS to the next level by introducing a Mobile App on IOS, Android and Windows platform.

 “One small step by the MYUNIBUS might be a great leap in the country’s urban development.”  - Team MYUNIBUS 

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