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TAR University College Students Shine in Cambridge GCE A Level Examination

September 27, 2013 | Campus News

9 September 2013, KUALA LUMPUR – Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (‘TAR University College’) students wowed again with their outstanding results in the recent June 2013 Cambridge GCE A Level examination which was released recently.

Phung Cheng Shyong, an A Level Science student, attained 5’A*’s, and was recently awarded Best Overall Performance in A Level (Science) by TAR University College for his excellent results. Cheng Shyong aced in Biology, Chemistry, Further Mathematics, Mathematics and Physics. A researcher wannabe, he believes in paying attention in the class and understanding well the subject matters instead of rote learning in order to do well in the examination. He says: “I usually pay attention in the class so that whatever is taught can be absorbed and retained easily. I try to understand the concept instead of just remembering the facts. When in doubt, I will seek out my lecturers in the University College to help me understand fully. The lecturers are always there to assist and all we need to do is to come forward and ask”.

He is quick to give credit to TAR University College in providing a conducive environment and excellent teaching that spur him to perform well in the A Level examination. With his results, he has successfully been accepted and offered MyBrain Science scholarship to read Chemistry in Australian National University and will be leaving for Down Under next year.

Goh Cher Nian, an A Level Arts student, achieved 3’A*’s, 1’A’ in Accounting, Business Studies, Economics and Mathematics and was awarded the Best Overall Performance in A Level (Arts) by TAR University College. A young man with entrepreneurial streak, Cher Nian has a different way of preparing himself for the examination. He reveals that prior to the examination, he attempted the past year questions to familiarise with the syllabus. He also read the examiner reports to gain some insights and tips on how to handle certain questions. Besides this, he would try creative ways to help him in his revision to understand and memorise the subject matters. He shares that he even resorted to trying out a variety of study skills online to see if they could be of help.

Nevertheless, Cher Nian agrees that the key factors in helping him to achieve such outstanding results are the copious reading materials available and the dedicated lecturers in TAR University College. He adds: “TAR University College library has the most resources for my A Level studies. Most of my important A Level reference books are readily available there. The lecturers too are friendly and willing to help me in my studies”.

As for AS Level, Darel Loud E-Ren scored 5‘a’s in subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, General Paper, Mathematics and Physics, making him the best performing AS Level (Science) student in TAR University College. Meanwhile, Tee Sue Anne is the best performing AS Level (Arts) students with 3’a’s in Accounting, Economics and Mathematics. TAR University College has registered an impressive A Level pass percentage of 93.4% and 32% of the students obtained excellent results of AAB and above in the June 2013 Cambridge GCE A Level examination. This is a testament to the quality of the education in TAR University College. The University College has an illustrious track record of producing world-beating A Level high achievers for over 40 years and many of the students have successfully entered some of the top universities in the world such as University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Imperial College London, Hong Kong University and National University of Singapore. 

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