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Popular Artist & Author hits The One Academy floor Again to Inspire Students

October 19, 2013 | Campus News

The One Academy students were inspired once more by best-selling author & artist of ‘When I was a Kid’. His book sharing and signing session received quite a number of responses, especially from his fans and aspiring students who are eager to follow his footsteps.

Highly-renowned in the art community in the U.S, Cheeming Boey was previously a Lead Animator in the gaming company in Blizzard. This was before he focused on his best-selling book fulltime. During his sharing, Cheeming shared his experience on how to maintain a balanced work-life as an artist- The One Academy students learn how to embraced the meaning of creating art and building a career with passion. This was a good advice for the students, especially those who are working towards pursuing an independent artist career.

According to Cheeming, being creative is more than having a talent. It is important for an artist to be able to deliver his or her message through their work of art for than creating picture-perfect paintings. “Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if your drawings are fancy; what matters most is being able to deliver your message to your audience,” said Cheeming, whose book and blog consist of simplified sketchy style drawings. This advice is not only useful, but inspiring to The One Academy students.

The One Academy students also realized that every up and coming artist had to start small and work their way up, just like Cheeming. He shared that every artist should also learn to identify his or her own uniqueness in his or her own talent too. When an artist is able to recognize his or her own style, others would eventually learn to appreciate their work too.

Students also received a tip or two about Cheeming’s working experience as an animator in Blizzard, a topic that caught a lot animation students’ attention. Cheeming spoke about how he started off in the studio, coping with the working environment and culture and working his way up to Lead Animator position.

“It is important to love what you do, because it reflects in your performance,” said Cheeming on the importance of maintaining the creative passion in us. “The more you enjoy what you do, the more you will be eager to improve yourself, therefore, do what you love doing most.” Apart from sharing about his experience as a self-made success artist and author, Cheeming emphasized on the importance of foundation; anyone can be a self-taught artist, but you can also refine your artistic skills in an art school. “Art schools like The One Academy will teach you everything you need to know and the foundation you should acquire for you to be on your way to pursue a creative profession,” Cheeming encouraged The One Academy students. 

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