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The One Academy Graduates received Industry Recognition: OWE$OME became Awesome!

November 16, 2013 | Campus News

The One Academy graduates emerged as 3rd place winners in an industry competition- probably one of the best thing that has ever happened to 3 outstanding multimedia design graduates. Tan Sue Lin, Shaiianne Ong and Lee Chien Chien were part of an app developer team to create ‘Owe$ome’, the latest mobile app that helps with managing bills and sort expenses.

Months ago, when the team submitted their app design to Malaysia AngelHack, the largest hackathon competition in the world; Project Manager Tan Sue Lin, Front-end developer Shaiianne Ong and Design whiz Lee Chien Chien, together with their other team Joann Soon, Founder & Creative Director of Owe$ome, Tech lead Gan Chu Hang and Copywriter & Marketing Zahir Mazlan contended with 30 over teams equipped with hardcore programming skills, but unexpectedly won the grand prize!

With this, the team set off to hard work for 2 months with Owe$ome app to pitch in at the Global Demo Day (AngelHack) in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, USA. Competing with 35 cities, the team won 3rd place, including a chance to meet the people behind Evernote, one of the world’s most popular utility app, who showed interested in partnering possibilities once they have put the Owe$ome app to test.

An innovative app; the Owe$ome app is a bill separator that not only scans and stores bills, but provides an option to help user collect money owed. The app include features that enable individuals to sort bills, especially for friends who share expenses in any of their activities and tracks one’s spending just by snapping a picture of the bill and tag his friends.

“The idea and concept behind Owe$ome are simple; we want to make the app to be enjoyable and fun to use for the user. The bright colours fit a joyful message better and also readability of the text against white background would definitely be better than on a dark background. Plus, the red and cream colour portrays a kid of a warning sign or sign of debt to user,” expressed the team. 

According to them, the team’s goal is to make it the most fun and comprehensive bill division app in the market! It will be furthered as a social media platform for the F&B industry by capturing business intelligence on the places you to love to eat and who you enjoy going! “So far no other bill dividers use social tagging, but it could be scaled to become the ultimate social group-sharing expenses app” said Project Manager Sue Lin, a graduate who is thankful for the intensive year of foundation at The One Academy.

When asked to share their education experience at The One Academy, Shaiianne shared that being a student of The One Academy, it has taught her how to see things differently; it has given her imagination a voice by equipping her with the relevant skills to materialize her ideas.

On the other hand, Lee Chien Chien, another graduate expressed that she is thankful for learning how to focus on her portfolio and not just do it for the sake of “passing” exams. “Explore more and keep learning! Whatever you do in life, never let the fire within you die!” she said, relating to the Owe$ome project, a result of passion. 

The One Academy graduates are not only known to execute good ideas, but known for using their creativity to improve society’s lifestyle. Hopefully this initiative will not only motivate students to start building their ideas for the next level, but to also focus more on using their skills  to contribute for the benefit of society.
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