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Connecting the Dots between Passion and Purpose

November 29, 2013 | Campus News

Approaching the threshold of their working lives and generally uncertain about their future, many university students need all the inspiration and guidance they can get as they venture forward. TEDxINTIIU, an independently organized TEDx event at INTI International University, proved to be a great source of motivation and empowerment that provided helpful direction to the students.

The common trait binding nine personalities who shared their experiences and insights in the event was a passion for doing what they love and believe in. Jonathan Yabut, The Apprentice Asia 2013 winner; Kavin Jay, stand-up comedian; Jamal Raslan, spoken word poet; Zlwin Chew, magician and mentalist; Navin Muruga, social entrepreneur; Dawn Cheong, theatre practitioner; Anisha Sasheendran, Chief Talent Officer at Groupon; Deborah Henry, Miss Universe Malaysia 2011 and refugee rights advocate; and JJ Fernandez, radio DJ shared their perspectives on passion-driven purpose in the event with the theme “When Passion Meets Purpose”.

Know what your passion is and invest in it,” advised Navin. “Don’t chase after money, chase after passion.”

Be a dreamer, but be realistic,” urged Dawn Cheong. “In the process of pursuing your dream, you might be hungry and you might fail but always be prepared for success.”

The audience appeared to be completely at ease due to the informal nature of the event and was delighted to be able to interact with the presenters on a face-to-face basis during and in between the talks. They also appreciated the opportunity to learn how these earnest role models who were not very much older than themselves pursue their dreams.

TEDxINTIIU teaches me to be true to my dreams and to pursue them with passion; having passion in what you do empowers you with a strong sense of purpose to overcome any hurdles in the way,” said Prashun Kumar Choudhury, a third year business information technology student and curator of TEDxINTIIU.

Many of the presenters shared their personal experiences as students while others like Jonathan Yabut related their learning through competitions and events. However, it wasn’t all seriousness as Kavin Jay lightened the mood by performing his antics, while Zlwin Chew awed the audience with his mind tricks.

Some of the presenters seemed to have grasped the key to success. “The secret to success is grit,” said Yabut. “Unwavering faith will get you through.”

Anisha Sasheendran urged the audience to ask the simple question of “What if?” to overcome a reluctance to leave their comfort zone. Arguably the most convincing was Chew who claimed, “Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

Individual development through events such as TEDxINTIIU is emphasized at INTI to bring out a student’s full potential, and this involves the student’s journey of transformation to become a competent graduate via a self-discovery and development plan that includes learning experiences beyond the classroom. In the process, students develop soft skills that lead to strong leadership ability, confidence and the ability to analyse and strategise, in addition to being decisive and resourceful.

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