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X’perience Paris Fashion with ESMOD Kuala Lumpur

December 7, 2013 | Campus News

It's a wonderful field day for fashionistas in Malaysia! Many have come to witness the grand occasion of ESMOD Kuala Lumpur's inaugural fashion show ‘X’perience Paris Fashion’, embroidered with an air of artistry and sophistication in the atmosphere.

Among the VIPs who graced the extravagant event included Mr. Jean-Pierre Galland, Cooperation and Cultural Action Attaché of the Embassy of France in Malaysia, Ms. Lyslie Legendre, Trade Commissioner and Commercial Counsellor, Ms. Anne Viallon, International Director of ESMOD International, Mr. Tatsun Hoi, Principal of The One Academy, Mr. Tan Chin Wee, The One Academy Group Executive Director, as well as Mr. Yong Chi Yen, Head of ESMOD Kuala Lumpur. Staying true to its emphasis in fashion, the show was launched with VIPs signing on a ‘Lavigne Bust’ draping mannequin.

In her opening speech, Anne emphasised that ESMOD International was very excited about the collaboration with The One Academy, since students would be learning more sophisticated practical knowledge about every segment of the industry. As a result, the standard of fashion design industry in Malaysia as well as the region would improve by leaps and bounds with the introduction of ESMOD’s high quality Fashion Design and Pattern Making course. As she spoke, snow began to fall in the main concourse of Pavilion.

As a weekend devoted to fashion, the talented fashion students from ESMOD Kuala Lumpur brought a brilliant new concept to the mass - Sustainable Fashion Design. Injected with boundless creativity, this show was aptly named 'When Recycling Meets Couture Fusion', refering to the ‘Haute Couture’ (high fashion) prevalent in France, where students showcased their own designs as models in the catwalk. With pieces of clothes torn apart, restyled, sewn together, patch worked and intelligently reconstructed, Sustainable Fashion poignantly reminds us that fashion is mundane without creativity!

Leading the interpretation of trends with various handmade elements such as flowers, these outfits were repurposed from pre-owned garments, used advertising banners, even carton boxes and shopping bags. Highlighting what can be done with the instruction by experienced international lecturers, it truly exemplified the highly acclaimed Masters Train Masters teaching philosophy practised here in ESMOD Kuala Lumpur - The One Academy.

Right after the models retreated, a troupe of white-masked dancers emerged, taking the audience by surprise. What’s more, they appeared with life-sized replica of vintage street lamp posts, as those commonly found in artistic neighbourhood of Rive Gauche in Paris.

Kuala Lumpur was certainly ESMOD's turf this sunny weekend. The celebration kicked up a notch when gorgeous models stormed the runway with dazzling outfits from ESMOD International. Specially brought to Malaysia for this exclusive fashion event, the garments overwhelmed the crowd with their exceedingly glittery style and cutting. Sporting these elegant outfits, the models strode on with pride and confidence.

Striking a chord with the general public with their bold and delicate artistry, these amazing costumes offered a sneak preview of what ESMOD Kuala Lumpur students guided under the practical coaching method are capable of, since all 24 ESMOD schools in 16 countries around the world share the same fully tried and tested syllabus. With a white Christmas tree towering at the background, the models rocked the audience with the vibrant designs and splendid colours envisaged by the fashion experts from ESMOD International.

Catered for those in pursuit of a successful career in the fashion industry, the highly-acclaimed programme provided by the world’s first fashion design school is now capturing the attention of every fashionista in Malaysia. In 1841, Alexis Lavigne, the master tailor in the royal court of Empress Eugenie (consort of Napoleon III) created ESMOD, the first fashion school in the world. As an innovator, Lavigne invented vital tools for the fashion industry, including the soft metric measuring tape, draping mannequin (the ‘Lavigne Bust’), rulers, set squares and more.

In 2012, the internationally renowned, top notch art and design institute widely acclaimed for its 'Masters Train Masters' coaching philosophy, The One Academy joined forces with ESMOD to establish ESMOD Kuala Lumpur, in a mission to nurture young fashion entrepreneurs who will capture the global fashion industry by storm one day. The prestigious fashion education from ESMOD towers over the rest as students will obtain first hand French fashion knowledge directly.

Earlier in the morning, visitors were greeted with various entertaining programmes at the main entrance of Pavilion. The dream to appear on fashion magazines as highly admired cover models were realised when visitors were invited to pose with a gigantic magazine cover. The morning session also comprised of funky magic show, as well as portrait drawing for elegant and gorgeous fashion models by talented illustrators from The One Academy. Two gold mime artists also appeared among the crowd, entertaining the audience in an authentic French way.

In the cyberspace, two campaigns were also held to raise the profile of this prestigious fashion event, namely the recently concluded ‘Tag & Win’ as well as the ongoing ‘Looking for Street Stylers’ online contests, with fashion vouchers given to the lucky winners.

With X'perience Paris Fashion held successfully in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, more and more fashion lovers are exposed to the unlimited opportunities as well as the glitz and glamour made possible with a prestigious fashion education in ESMOD Kuala Lumpur. For those who wish to launch a fruitful career in the industry, what is a better platform than the one that has pioneered in the industry for the past 170 years?

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